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  1. Thanks everyone, I was skeptical since UMG was distributing these. Sounds like TR/AR made sure that there were no compromises.
  2. The Third Man Records Thread

    I haven'theard much buzz about the Vault Novelties shop. It looks like the LP from Vault 26 is up in the shop. Live at the Gold Dollar Vol. III EDIT: Vault 33 has shipped!
  3. A few reports over at ETS that TVW comes with a DL card. The poster said the card reads "full fidelity audio files"
  4. The pathetic thing is I've been streaming via Tidal. You have a great point, maybe I should just cool the engines, buy cheap and stream via Tidal until the library gets copies of the CD.
  5. Now, do I buy in store at Amoeba, rolling the dice on a digital DL code (the hype sticker does not indicate if it is included or not), order from JackBag and get a high res DL, or buy from Amoeba and order the CD from Amazon and rip that in ALAC? Choices.......
  6. PO: Metallica Live Shows

    The only play you're going to find them now is on eBay or Discogs.
  7. Dude, I've been in the Hollywood store when web orders come in, they announce it to employees and get it taken care of with the quickness. Now....does it come with a highres DL....?
  8. The Weezer Thread

    The album art is the best thing about this release.