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  1. I'm really hoping CCM gets my copy out in a reasonable time span. For what they charge for shipping, I expect some Amazon level turn around.
  2. This is the first weekend in a while where I'm almost completely devoid of plans and I'm stoked about it. I have a hefty record order showing up on Friday too
  3. I got one, but fuck if $12 slow shipping isn't a gouge. I knew there was a reason I didn't like ordering from CCM, now I remember why!
  4. That Kindling / Kestrels split is available on their bandcamp.
  5. Constellation Tatsu has it's spring batch up.
  6. I have for the most part, yeah! Still a bit behind on everything, but I'm feeling rested up finally.
  7. Yeah, it's ridiculous. If there was some fancy packaging like that other live CS they did, I'd understand the price point. This just looks like gouging to me.
  8. That's so shitty. It's not acceptable at all, especially for something as trivial as a piece of plastic. How'd the spawn enjoy RSD overall?
  9. I really liked it too. I was looking forward to it a lot and it didn't disappoint in the slightest. I've been excited to watch that, glad to hear you thought it was good! I don't know if I'll have time for it until next week though.
  10. I'm not so sure what's good for RSD anymore. I always used to go to Easy St. Records in Lower Queen Anne, but it closed up a 4-5 years ago. I'm guessing Sonic Boom in Ballard or Every Day Music on Capitol Hill would be solid bets. Easy St. Records in West Seattle would probably be good, but you're looking at a trek.
  11. You Are Beneath Me was the one that hooked me too. You Are Beneath Her is an excellent companion to that record as well.
  12. Not sure on that. Their customer service has always been great for me, but I've never tried to use a code after the fact. No harm in trying.
  13. Unless another good sale pops up, I think my one order with Deathwish takes care of all my RSD actives for the year.
  14. RSD2017 for 20% off your order. Seemed to apply to everything I ordered except for that SDF 12". Guessing it won't work for those LP and 7" bundles either.
  15. Grabbed it and that last 7" (as well as some non-SDF stuff).