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  1. The upstairs has always been odd there, it wasn't so open before the remodel though. Used to be a few bathrooms up there, a little bit of seating and the bar. Now it seems like they expect people to sit up there and drink and watch the show on the TVs. There were a few bars on the floor that got removed too. They used to do a lot more 21+ shows, but I'm wondering if they're focusing more on AA shows now. And yeah, show was great. I would've gone for any of the three. I guess Emma Ruth Rundle lives in Portland now, so I'm hoping her playing here becomes a regular thing.
  2. That's a bummer. Keep at it, something'll show up!
  3. What'd you think of Neumos? They just did a remodel and I'm not sure if I like what they did to the upstairs. Downstairs is about the same. Also, show was real good all around. It was cool to see Deafheaven do that CODY cover.
  4. Bumping this because the next lathe remix 7" should be up in a day or two (if the email I got is correct). I'll post when it's up if no one beats me to it.
  5. That's how I feel when I visit my brother. I usually get some post-trip blues afterwards too. Edit : It's usually a strong week of drinking too, haha.
  6. Had a great time drinking with a friend of mine who I don't see much (had a kid ~8 months ago, so she's pretty busy). Only problem was I kind of feel like I ruined my whole weekend, since I've been bumming around the house with a hangover all day today. Seeing Deafheaven, Emma Ruth Rundle and This Will Destroy You tonight. Such a solid lineup.
  7. I really liked Baskin! It gets wild in the back half. I recommend it as well.
  8. Yeah, even with Nadja's output slowing down, he seems to still be doing a fair amount under his own name.
  9. I'm still waiting on mine, but I'm not worried. Is it at a distribution center? The Jersey City one seems to take forever.
  10. I watched it with a friend tonight. Some of the plot threads (mainly the gallery stuff) where a bit useless and I have some other small complaints, but overall I found it to be a fun Friday night movie. I definitely agree that a few tweaks would've been beneficial, some of the dialogue was pretty cheesy. Sunn O))) music being used was a big plus for me and it fit SO well!
  11. I listened to the leak a few times this week and was very impressed, going to order it soon. The album seems more mellow than their previous output. Not really a bad thing, just wasn't expecting it.
  12. I'm glad this is finally getting a reissue. I've been wanting a copy for years, but couldn't justify the second hand prices.
  13. I have the 45 of Blood Mountain and it sounds fantastic. Leviathan is in dire need of that treatment. I would probably buy a copy of the 45RPM Crack the Skye if they ever repressed it, but yeah, those current value of a used copy is way more than I want to spend. Seeing the positive posts in the thread for it did pique my interest significantly.
  14. I think Crack the Skye is the last very good Mastodon album (Blood Mountain would be their last great one imo). I've enjoyed everything since, but I don't find myself getting excited over them anymore. Wouldn't say your necessary missing much with the last few, but there are some good songs on both.