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  1. Thanks for sharing this! Haven't ever had an issue where I'd need it thus far, but it's great to know about it and be opted in.
  2. I need to give this a listen before ordering. Used to love PTW, but I'm not sure how they sit with me these days.
  3. It'll be nice to have those all in one place for sure.
  4. Same here. Cool they're releasing the soundtrack too, but I'm fairly certain I only care about the score.
  5. I land somewhere along those lines too. I've only had time to listen to it a few times and enjoyed it a fair amount. I'm planning on tacking it onto an order when I have a chance.
  6. I recommend both too. I liked Vacation a ton. Here are my Seattle recommendations from another thread.
  7. That'll probably be the last thing I order from them.
  8. Mine showed movement starting this morning. Guessing it'll be here mid-week. On a different note, got a ticket to see them in August
  9. Up at Bullmoose. No mention of color and more expensive than 4AD by a few dollars.
  10. I know I have mine sitting around somewhere, both sleeves are pretty beat up now though
  11. Hey just wondering what price rang you are thinking on The Fall 

  12. Trying to slowly get rid of things I don't think I'll listen to. Figure I'd throw them up here before discogs. I'm the original owner on all of them. US buys only please. Make offers and I'll get back to you when I have a moment. Picture are available upon request, just might take me a day or so. I should be able to ship out within a few days. Gorillaz - The Fall - #4817 Sleeve has some light ring wear and normal shelf wear, one very mild corner bump. It has a ~2.5 inch seam split on the spine, was that way when I bought it new. Printed inner sleeve has the same split, but is in good shape past that. LP looks fantastic and has been listened to 3-4 times. Gave it a listen before posting and it played through great. Thrice - Beggars - Third Press - Clear with Blue Splatter - /500 Opened and still in shrink, but unplayed. Bought it to keep my collection up to date, but never got around to listening to it. I don't see any seam splits or obvious damage to the sleeve. Thrice - Major/Minor - First Press - Clear with Blue Splatter - /4000 Light ring wear along the bottom edge of both front and back cover. No seam splits, a few very minor corner bumps. One of the printed inner sleeves has a split in it. Noticed a pop between tracks on the C side, LPs play great past that. Thrice - Anthology - First Press - 2xLP on 180 black, 2xLP on 180 gram white - 0025/3000 Box is in excellent shape. No wear that I could see and the corners are good as well. Inner sleeves and booklet are in excellent condition. LPs have been listened too and played without issue if I'm remembering correctly. They all look quite nice and only a few had minor marks. Download code hasn't been used, but it's hard to say if it's still valid. Keep in mind that this'll be a bit more expensive to ship when you make your offer I do have some stuff listed on discogs that I'd take offers on as well, those prices are negotiable (especially if you're buying a few things)
  13. I was listening to Mess yesterday, album grew on me significantly. I don't know if they'll ever top Drums Not Dead, but I've enjoyed everything since and look forward to this.