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  1. If it means reasonably priced vinyl, I'm all for it. Metal Blade LPs always seem to be way to much.
  2. Swans Vinyl Reissues

    Fantastic news! I've been quite pleased with the reissues so far.
  3. Yeah, same here. It's really frustrating that I pay for one type of shipping and get a different. My UPS person leaves a lot to be desired, where I've never had a problem with FedEx and picked them for a reason.
  4. Black Metal Discussion Thread

    Hoping they don't go super fast. I don't get paid for another week.
  5. Digital only acoustic album https://nadja.bandcamp.com/album/stripped
  6. PO: Godflesh- Post Self- Nov 17

    I was looking for this at a local shop the weekend it came out and they said they hadn't received there's yet either. Wonder if there was some sort of distributor delay?
  7. The official Horror fan topic

    Watched Super Dark Times last night and thought it was just ok. Nothing really wrong with it, mainly didn't jump out at me as anything I hadn't seen before. As someone mentioned earlier, the cinematography is gorgeous though.
  8. Black Metal Discussion Thread

    I've been getting some mileage out of this. No vinyl or tape release that I could find though. https://talv.bandcamp.com/
  9. Finally got time to give this a listen and I like it quite a bit. Very nice album to end the year with.
  10. I'm fairly certain I've only ordered once from them and I didn't get a shipping confirmation. At least I don't see anything in my gmail that indicates they sent one.
  11. Ceremony - L Shaped Man - Demos

    Ah cool, I don't use Spotify and didn't know that! Hopefully I can find it elsewhere!
  12. Ceremony - L Shaped Man - Demos

    I'm curious to hear this, but I don't know if it's a must-have item for me. Also hard to pay $20 for demos, haha.
  13. Nice, glad this was painless. I have an original pressing, but I couldn't resist with that price point!
  14. Black Metal Discussion Thread

    I'm really stoked for it. I think the only thing I haven't liked this year was that False 7" and that's more because I just don't care for them in general.
  15. Black Metal Discussion Thread

    Awesome, thanks for sharing this!