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  1. The official Horror fan topic

    Haha, yeah, definitely took in some duds
  2. The official Horror fan topic

    Here's what I've watched over the last week or so. Channel Zero - Season 1 & 2 - Definitely agree that the first one was better, but I mostly enjoyed season two. I think it might've worked better as a 2 hour movie under the Channel Zero name. It didn't seem to hold my interest quite like season one did. Season one was pretty fun and enjoyable. I'll probably get caught up on season 3 this weekend. The Strange Ones - I thought this was going to be a time travel movie with some horror to it. It was neither, just a mediocre drama. Sun Choke - Right about the point where I was going to turn this off, it got very dark and much more interesting. Doesn't make up for a boring first half, but I felt less like it wasted my time. Ilsa : She Wolf of the SS - Mostly had this in the background and it was exactly what I expected. Not a great exploitation movie at all, but kind of a fascinating one to watch. The Last Girl Standing - The basic premise here was good, bad execution almost all the way through. Could probably watch the first and last 20 minutes and have a much better movie experience, the middle is a slog. Benny's Video - Not quite the punch in the gut that Funny Games is, but the coldness is definitely there. Save for it being a little long, I liked it quite a bit. The Honor Farm - I'm not sure if I'd ever watch this again or recommend it, but I thought it was an ok way to waste 75 minutes. Never Open The Door - Great presentation all the way through. It's just ruined by generic and unlikeable characters who argue with each other far too much.
  3. I was thinking about how I needed a copy of this recently, timing was too good to resist.
  4. Any comic book readers?

    I only mildly follow Marvel stuff (mostly Thor, Spider-Gwen and Mockingbird right now), but I've heard great things about that Jean Grey. Going to grab the trade once it's available.
  5. They play here constantly (usually see them ~5 times a year) and they vary it quite a bit. I've seen them with additional members, sets with no live drums. Might just be because their here a lot, but they definitely mix it up. Which is good, I'd get tired of the same set so frequently. They do play really short sets though, I'll agree on that. Also, stoked for this.
  6. The official Horror fan topic

    I watched it last night and felt similarly. It's not without it's flaws, but it does the 'lost in the woods' things fairly well. Great visuals and a cool monster too. The shift about an hour in felt a little disjointed to me, but I thought it was quite enjoyable overall.
  7. The official Horror fan topic

    I didn't realize they were already on season 3. I wasn't looking at picking up any new shows when it started, but I have a lot more time on my hands now. Sounds like it's worth my time!
  8. Ah, damn. Would've loved the deluxe, but I just got the email like 10 minutes ago and it sounds like they were LONG gone by then. Oh well, got the separate versions. I am glad they both went up at the same time instead of months apart or something.
  9. Thanks! I've been holding off on ordering these since I kept seeing some of the older reissues hit a pretty low mark, figured these would as well.
  10. Black Metal Discussion Thread

    They're farther than Yellow Eyes, subscribers got a white label version late last year. I want to say I only have 3-4 releases left to go, I don't remember, haha. Probably 1 package worth.
  11. Black Metal Discussion Thread

    Eh, I'm not too worried about it. I've had nothing, but good experiences with them thus far and I can't imagine they'll be dodgy at any point going forward. Might not show up on time, but it happens and they've been fairly on top of communicating any issues.
  12. The official Horror fan topic

    This is kind of neat http://bloody-disgusting.com/movie/3481843/something-pretty-crazy-happens-sync-cloverfield-cloverfield-paradox

    I'm with you here.
  14. The official Horror fan topic

    Probably will be. There's been BluRay rips floating around for about a week.
  15. The official Horror fan topic

    Victor Crowley - A mild let down, but overall I thought it was fun. The humor and setup fell pretty flat for me, but there were some wonderfully over the top kills.