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  1. The official Horror fan topic

    Pyewacket : Not a bad movie, just not an original one. I'm sure everyone in this thread has seem something pretty similar. There's some embarrassingly bad teen angst in the first thirty minutes too. Made for an ok Friday night watch I suppose. Dead Shack : Should've been called Dud Shack. Completely agree with everything @KingTacoMunster said about this, even though I think he might have been a bit easy on it. One kill in the middle was decent, but past that, this was all around awful. The Bar : Watched this last weekend and forgot to mention it. I thought it was real enjoyable. It becomes a bit of a mess in the 20-30 minutes, but nothing so bad that it ruined the movie.
  2. The official Horror fan topic

    I'll probably watch it this weekend and report back. I'm on call until Monday, which usually means I spent the bulk of my time watching movies at home, haha. I finished Butcher's Block last night and mostly liked it. I still think the first season is my favorite, but Block was much better than season two.
  3. The official Horror fan topic

    I've been keeping my eye out for that. I'll probably still watch it at some point, but hearing it's not great doesn't make it nearly as much of a priority.
  4. I kind of assumed it was a one-off thing too.
  5. Totally get that, it's very much a "you don't know what you were missing" thing for me. Glad to hear you like that Dragonfly too!
  6. The official Horror fan topic

    Went to The Strangers : Prey at Night yesterday and thought it was great! They did a nice job doing something different from the first w/o being unfaithful to it. Definitely recommend it.
  7. The official Horror fan topic

    I really wanted to love The Final Girls and I thought it was just ok. Didn't hate it, but I wouldn't go out of my way to watch it again. At least that's what I remember of it. I was a bit distracted when watching the previous episode of Channel Zero, so I plan to watch that and the finale this weekend. Watched Annihilation last night. Definitely a sci-fi movie, but it has some heavy splashes of horror in parts. It's real heady at the end and I'm not sure if I picked up all of, but I enjoyed it quite a bit.
  8. PO: Neko Case - Hell-On (6/6/18)

    Thanks! I've been checking every few days, haha. Edit : Why the fuck is Anti- charging $30+ dollars for this? That's a bit unreasonable.
  9. Shoegaze/Dream Pop Thread

    I thought this was quite good, thanks for sharing!
  10. Got mine in today. It's a natural progression from Crow, but it seems to be a bit less of a bummer. Quite pleased with it all around.
  11. The official Horror fan topic

    I watched Muse ofter the weekend and it was full on bad. The premise didn't seem that good to me, but the guy directed Sleep Tight and I figured I would give it the benefit of the doubt based on that. I'd say don't bother.
  12. The official Horror fan topic

    I know a lot of you are Zombie fans http://bloody-disgusting.com/movie/3488387/rob-zombie-begins-filming-devils-rejects-sequel-3-hell/
  13. I got an Aune T1 MK2. I work on a laptop, but rarely leave my desk, so portability wasn't as much of a concern. Dragonfly looks nice though! I work remotely enough that something like that would be a good purchase for me.
  14. The official Horror fan topic

    I'm hoping to see it this week. I ended up choosing Thoroughbreds over it on Friday due to start time.
  15. If you're referring to codec, then definitely.