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  1. This definitely has my interest, but cost is a huge factor. Hospital releases are usually pretty expensive as is.
  2. I'm real excited to here that. I love Carpenter's work and I feel like they'll do something interesting there.
  3. PO Soon: TWIN PEAKS

    They could also hold back X copies of some releases in the event something gets damaged / goes missing.
  4. This has my interest, but I'm going to wait until I hear it before making a decision on purchasing it.
  5. It's a bit of a departure from the sound of the EP for sure. I'm a sucker for 80s synth, this is right up my alley.
  6. Had to listen to the single first and missed out on the clear, haha. Red it is!
  7. It was pretty amazing all around. London was a bit of a disappointment, but I think that was more to do with high expectations than anything else. The Scandinavian countries (Norway, Denmark & Sweden) were incredible. Some of the most gorgeous cities I've ever seen.
  8. I was surprised by how much I saved by cutting back. I knew I spent a fair amount, but it really added up. Guess this is what people feel like when they quit drinking or smoking
  9. I'm sure I'll be more into it at some point, but I'm probably not going to hit my peak ever again. My bubble has burst, haha. Not completely related : does anyone have a good recommendation on where to order cheap mailers? I'm sure options have been posted dozens of times, but I'm too lazy to look. I'm hoping to clear out a lot of clutter in the next few months.
  10. I'm with you guys about slowing down. I cut down to purchasing absolute essentials due to saving for a trip and now that I'm back, I'm hoping to stay that way. I also think that I'm finding it less fulfilling that it used to be now as well, so I was more going through the motions than actually purchasing something I was looking forward to enjoying.
  11. PO: The National - Sleep Well Beast

    Mine showed up today and I'm really not feeling the first disc. The back half was much better, but still kind of feels like The National Lite. I'm not opposed to a band experimenting with their sound, I just really don't think the direction they went in worked worked for me. This is based one one listen though. It might grow on me and I'm more than willing to give it a more chances. Trouble never quite connected with me either, but I've grown to like it more than I initially did.
  12. Hoping they'll have this when I see them next month. Another Live 7" is a harder sell for me to order by itself.
  13. Black Metal Discussion Thread

    ^ that Ustalost album is excellent
  14. PO Soon: TWIN PEAKS

    Yeah, I think it'd be hard to digest all of this in a binge. Having a week to think about it helped a lot for me.
  15. Black Metal Discussion Thread

    I thought this was awesome, thanks for sharing!