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  1. post your set-up thread

    You must be new here.
  2. post your set-up thread

    Rotel RT-12 have a different color LED/background? Or is it just the photo? I'd go mad.
  3. Did doug s. post that last post? I can't tell.
  4. Glad to see this board is catching up to AudioKarma 15yr later.
  5. If you aren't spending at LEAST $500 on a ground wire, do not even post here.
  6. Biggest sub?

    Fine tuning a bass to a 2 channel system is not an easy task. I took about two weeks with making minor adjustments every other day, to find my preferred setting. It needs to enhance the music, without being bass overkill. Find the frequency ranges of your speakers, figure out how low your sub needs to go. Buy a sub that meets those requirements. 15" sub is stupidly overkill for a living room. I use a 10" sub and its more than enough.
  7. We are printing tonearms. Maybe across the pond you are all stuck in a time warp?
  8. I typically stop caring about people's opinions once they say anything about vintage audio in 2017. Audio has come leaps and bounds in the last 40 years, I would never want to purchase anything older than me again. Unless you're poor, then sure, buy a 30 year old table for $200 that was amazing for its time.
  9. http://us.marantz.com/us/Products/Pages/ProductDetails.aspx?CatId=referenceseries&ProductId=TT15S1 A lot of members of this board would disagree with you.
  10. There's very few electrical components in a turntable. Mainly the motor. You could have fried it. http://www.nodevice.com/manual/6300-235251/get125605.html
  11. post your set-up thread

    Oh boy another flea market set up from Shaizada
  12. As that aforementioned member; it's a damn good fix. But I would recommend not using the AT95E but the AT95SA as it has the shibata shape and will more closely resemble the Virtuoso.
  13. post your set-up thread

    Yeah nice Crosley chump.