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  1. VC Fantasy Hockey League

    Was LeagueSafe set up for this already? I don't remember sending in $.
  2. VC Fantasy Hockey League

    I have a soccer game Monday night (the 25th), but could skip if necessary. The 27th works for me.
  3. VC Fantasy Hockey League

    Sooooo... is 9.26 confirmed for the draft date?
  4. VC Fantasy Hockey League

    9/26 works for me as well.
  5. VC Fantasy Hockey League

    I'm good with that payout structure.
  6. VC Fantasy Hockey League

    In. Also, can we trade players prior to the draft?
  7. NHL Discussion

    Rangers get Shattenkirk.
  8. VC Fantasy Hockey League

    If I could've gotten just 1 win from Dubnyk last week, I advance (on tie-breakers, I believe). Top 3 goalie for the whole season and then shits the bed when I needed him most. Oh well, no 3-peat for me... at least Talbot could be a decent keeper for next year though. Good luck to those of you left.
  9. NHL Discussion

    Up to 4 now... this is unreal.
  10. NHL Discussion

  11. VC Fantasy Hockey League

    That was me, not Kyle... but, yea. My strategy was fucked too. There are still some real solid C's on the waiver wire too. Wonder if they will add more eligibility during the season.
  12. VC Fantasy Hockey League

    Anyone interested in trading for Couture or Duchene? I'm willing to take lesser value to even out my roster.
  13. VC Fantasy Hockey League

    I think 3 is the standard setting, so I'm ok with that.
  14. VC Fantasy Hockey League

    I notice the minimum goalie appearances category is still 1... Are we keeping it that way or are we changing the minimum?