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  1. F/S Paramore - Riot (White /1500)

    Actually would pay you $65. I sold my copy on the board here years ago and would like to own it again. oops this is your only post. nvm
  2. Got a few to let go to board members Paramore- All We Know Is Falling splatter anniversary edition MINT, PLAYED ONCE $30 twenty one pilots - blurryface (black) $25 Weezer- white album $15 Fun- Some Nights $15 Touche Amore- Is Survived By- opaque blue $10, light trans blue $12 These are PPD. Thanks!
  3. PO NOW : PARAMORE - After Laughter

    Holy shit this takes me back. Thanks for that. I was off that day but missed the teal. I don't suppose someone's got one to part with... I'd even settle for pink- fuckin missed out on that too. My paycheck came in a day late
  4. FS: Touche Amore- Is Survived By

    Got the translucent light blue and the opaque baby blue for sale. Kind need to make some bucks but not looking to gouge it, so i'm doing these for $15 shipped each (friends and family, if not please add $2). PM me and I can ship next day! Thanks!
  5. FS: Thrice - Sea Change RSD $18

    Thanks, this is sold!
  6. FS: Thrice - Sea Change RSD $18

    Got this for the board. Some guys seem to have fallen through. $18 gifted or $20 goods. http://imgur.com/a/bbvLi There's a strange crease on the jacket only visible in light, see pics. Record is immaculate. Thanks!
  7. Record Store Day 2017

  8. Record Store Day 2017

    I think you'll be satisfied with what I show you
  9. Record Store Day 2017

    Yo! I'm PMing you pics of Thrice now!
  10. FS: La Dispute- Wildlife 2xLP coffee haze $22 PPD

    Sold how do i close
  11. FS: RSD2017- David Bowie BOWPROMO box set

    Tremendous, you and your 90 posts can fuck off at your home. You people are fucking daft sometimes. Not all users on this board, just the ones who contribute nothing but shitting on people. I bought 3 items and the other two have been fucking sold at cost + a little ALREADY to two great CONTRIBUTORS to this board. This is the last piece I bought. Just waiting to get it to somebody on here.
  12. FS: RSD2017- David Bowie BOWPROMO box set

    Dude, I waited 3 hours for this so somebody could buy it from me here and not eBay. I'm not asking for $100 or anything close to it. Rather waiting for somebody to offer me the difference plus whatever they want for going to the store and getting it for them. I'm not ripping anyone off so don't waste your time commenting that I am.
  13. FS: RSD2017- David Bowie BOWPROMO box set

    I don't prefer to.
  14. FS: RSD2017- David Bowie BOWPROMO box set

    I'm not here to flip, I'm here to share the spoils so go elsewhere.