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  1. It's still $80 I don't want to spend
  2. Yeah but I remember prior maybe like Feb you could sign up for just one month and get the record you want it was like $35. It's not worth $80 becuase most of the records don't appeal to me and I doubt I'll get return on investment if I sign up unless they press another Thug or Demon Days.
  3. Can I really not sign up for one month?? What is this trash? I don't wanna pay $80 for the record, at that rate I might as well buy it off discogs
  4. Of course! I just figured it was some kind of leak in retrospect as the LP was super nice quality for a boot. But now I just saw the video this is amazing quality I'm glad we have this
  5. Does anyone know if this is the same as the Japanese boot that sold on the bay back in Jan?
  6. New Alex G The album is called rocket and is due out May
  7. No longer available
  8. Bump, still trying to sell this, very very quick
  9. I'm willing to do less, just PM me offers.
  10. This is will include Threads, Cars and the Neighbors EP I'm asking for $110 shipped for all 3 as I need the money, I'm trying to get this gone in the next 24 hours
  11. Hey sorry I'm super duper late. I opened mine on christmas, and completely forgot to make a thank you post. My guess for my secret santa is ianmonsta. I got Psychotic Acid Freek's Pawnshop Blues Asobi Seksu's Hush No Joy's More Faithful A pocket book about dating and some other tips and a few pins
  12. I'm so glad you like it!!! Sorry I couldn't give mix CDs I don't have a disc drive on my laptop, also sorry about the box size it was the only one I could fit everything into!!
  13. Yes, SS I have you package, but I haven't opened it!!! Just a heads up for ya
  14. When you find that perfect gift
  15. Lil Yachty's Lil Boat tape is getting released