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  1. Just received UPS confirmation for Best buy order. 2.60lb package so it's seems this will actually be the LP set!
  2. And this is why it's great to check this board over the weekend. Thanks for the Best buy link. They always ship vinyl in those weird corrugated cardboard sandwich mailers but at that price I'm in! Thanks!
  3. Just a heads up. It's also available on SSD and 20% off no tax for us California folk and they also know how to pack properly.

    SCORE! Glad they added the Season of the Witch early so I could combine purchase! SWEEET! Great way to start the day at work and thanks for the heads up on this onsale OP! Did someone get one for Satan or was he able to score himself??

    Just lmk. I will be purchasing one and can easily order two! Literally sitting in a cubicle that day twiddling my thumbs!
  6. Phew! Thanks! Glad I pulled the trigger! Looking forward to hearing this one on vinyl!
  7. https://dreamcatalogue.bandcamp.com/album/2814 This is first time on vinyl right??? Or did they change artwork?
  8. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!! Hoping Billy Breathes and Farmhouse come sooner rather than later as they did skip RSD this year.... Pricey but its the only band I fly around the country to see so definitely preordering now!
  9. Relapse Vinyl Grab Bags

    23 3xLP left...get in if while you can!
  10. This is the same way mine arrived. Outer box was mashed to shit but inside stayed ok and also can report spine has a crease! HAHAHA! TOO FUNNY! It is 1000 times better than the original version that arrived months ago. Now I just will wait for the other releases to hit my local shop. Already have originals of everything so just want to get new clean copies while I can. They finally came through but could learn a lot from sound stage direct or elusive disc when it comes to shipping and packing properly.
  11. Thanks for the heads up on the tour! Got an early bday gift with meet and greet! Now to decide which album to get signed...
  12. Personally I login early... Use an incredibly fast network... And have my CC info pre programmed so I just need to enter the CVV code. I don't buy prints that often but have had damn good chances when I buy. Good luck. I got one at SDCC so I'll be skipping this week. Still can't believe I forgot to buy the tiki mug and blind bought the madballs. And as for the Edmiston eyes releases, I wish I would have known those we're going to be hard to buy as I could have easily grabbed extras....I grabbed a set on Sunday and saw a stack so I figured he made a bunch. Glad I decided to pick them up for the mass eyes framing project coming soon. I did get some time to speak to Mr.Edmiston and finally glad to meet him in person and thank him for his beautiful designs. Good luck everyone on the upcoming drops....
  13. Did anyone that asked for a replacement jacket for Deviations receive it yet? I was told it was on its way "in a few days" That was on July 4th....
  14. Iron Maiden Reissues!

    I have been following the thread on the Steve Hoffman forums and there does NOT seem to be a difference in pressings between the RSD release and the new repress. The difference is the hype sticker on the front packaging as far as I can discern. Although if you buy a UK pressing it will be from parlophone which is not the same as the US pressing of BNW RSD.
  15. Primus-Desaturating Seven-9/29

    EXCELLENT NEWS!!!! HOMETOWN FAVS! Looking forward to that end of Summer Greek show!