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  1. Just playing devil's advocate, but maybe because no one bought these albums upon release, unlike No Code and Yield.
  2. Awesome! These are the only studio releases I don't own on vinyl. Very excited.
  3. Oh damn, I hadn't seen a price listed.
  4. Looks like Volume 3 of this series will be an LP of some sort. Set to release on blue vinyl on Record Store Day. No word on actual content, but my best guess is some of the leftover/demo material from the early Calexico sessions.
  5. Sell it VG on Discogs.
  6. Vinyl on amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01MUC2MIU/
  7. Loser Edition is available through bullmoose
  8. Dr Dog shared it on their social media pages yesterday and the PIAPTK mailing list just arrived.
  9. http://piaptk.limitedrun.com/products/584705-soild-gold-scott-mcmicken-in-your-dreams You probably know Scott McMicken as the songwriter/singer from Philly Psych-Pop modern day cult legends, Dr. Dog. If you don't know them, well... that sucks for you. If you love great songwriting and amazing hooks, this is your guy. We were extremely happy to release his first solo album, "IT" a couple years ago (They sold out in 8 minutes!). Now we have the great pleasure of releasing his second solo album, "In Your Dreams", an album that was written and recorded, entirely by Scott (on every instrument) in 48 hours. But this is far from some weird avant garde throw-off record that stat might infer. This is a cohesive pop masterpiece. Limited to 200 copies on "Soild Gold Gold Vinyl". 35 randomly inserted copies are on Soild Gold Gold with Brown Splatter Vinyl".
  10. Uncle Tupelo webstore is 35% off what little inventory they have left. Looks like only March 16-20, 1992 is left