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  1. More opportunities will hopefully open for you soon! Come be my sassy bff.
  2. I turn on my house from under the covers in the mornings. It's fucking crazy. I already see myself trying to talk to non-connected lights soon, too.
  3. I was gifted an Amazon Echo Dot and a couple of Phillips Hue light bulbs that can be controlled with it this week. I feel like I'm living in the Jetson's house.
  4. @Gumbo72203 She is scared and attempting to assert control over the relationship. She wants to break up with you, not you break up with her, even though she most likely doesn't want to break up at all. She isn't getting what she needs and that's either a reflection on her and her expectations or on you. It's probably the former but with the way that you talk about her as an aside as opposed to someone you respect and adore, it's probably both. If she is a 'whatever' to you, just fucking tell her that. If she means a lot to you, just fucking tell her that, but feeling inadequate and insecure in a relationships sucks at any age but it especially sucks worse when you're that young. Probably don't waste her time.
  5. And we definitely all have wild mood swings which we exclusively use to test the men we are with. Psychology, man.
  6. The way Gumbo talks about his girlfriend bums me out.
  7. You're all wrong and you would know that if you paid attention to the email subject line. They are pressing boobs to vinyl, for the first time, for your listening pleasure.
  8. Definitely no CDs for Gumbo. Accidentally drop a CD on a marshmallow and your favorite song is unplayable. He might spontaneously combust.
  9. I started using Plex since I got a Roku. I like it (other than the remote option not working anymore). I just need a dedicated media server I can plant behind my TV instead of using my main laptop, and I'll be able to get more use out it.
  10. Sold. The crackles and pops are the only reason why I listen to records.
  11. 2017 seems to off to a fucking incredible start for a lot of you.
  12. The addition of flipping was just for funsies. A lot of first pressings are black, which means literally any other color that gets repressed will (subjectively) be prettier. A lot of second and third pressings are more limited than the first. I have witnessed on more than one occasion a second press put up the same hour a first press sells out, or a bump in numbers on the first press. My dumb stupid brain comprehends collector culture. It does not comprehend the whining entitled culture.
  13. I assume you would still scoff at the repress if you were one of the many that very much enjoy the record(s) but were unable to grab the first press? Of course you would. Why would you be excited to just be able to grab this at all when all Mae fans have been so viciously deceived. Keep fighting the good fight.
  14. This would be a great ad for a credit card.
  15. but music sounds better on the prettier records.