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  1. Getting hooked up with 70's all weekend. I am beyond excited to not have to wear my entire closet just to walk outside.
  2. Shower Farts

    I don't fart in the shower often, but when I do, I think of you guys.
  3. Dallas picked a good night to hit temps in the teens for the first time this winter. Props to all of you who do not live as far south as me and deal with single digit temperatures on a regular basis. I have no idea how you do it.
  4. Tim is a full supporter of getting plastered at shows. At least you didn't request a song they already played like someone did at one of his solo shows... multiple times.
  5. Mid Year Review

    bump for year end. It was a good year, and I'm still absorbing. Too many honorable mentions.
  6. The only 'out' I've gone in the past week is the pharmacy. I did pick up a sick black Bah Humbug santa hat, though. Now I have a permanent addition to my wardrobe that will fully expresses how much I think Christmas is a garbage holiday.

    One of my cats is just like this. She comes running when she hears a can open.
  8. Thank you for sharing this! I haven't been keeping up with instrumental music as much this year, and I have been wanting something cohesive to help me get back on it. What were the stand-outs for you guys this year?
  9. P.O. SOON: Eminem- Revival

    If I never hear Love the Way You Lie again, it will be too soon. Other than that, Recovery is pretty solid. His two new singles aren't the greatest, but I really don't get the sudden Eminem hate.
  10. Rap Discussion Thread

    I just read about Lil Peep last night. Really, really bummed. I have been way into pretty much everything he's touched. also, a lot of Eazy Mac lately.
  11. Made Everclear drinks with Sunkist and Kool-aid last night. My eyes did not want to open fully until 4 p.m. today.