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  1. anyone know what heartworm prints their shirts on?
  2. have they updated the list on what stores are going to have the direct and indie variants?
  3. I had one in my cart and I decided to check this thread when I went back to check out it was removed :/
  4. Anyone wanna do me a favor a grab me the purple one? I'll PayPal you couple extra bucks
  5. i need some extra money to help pay off a dentist bill and also take a a look at my list and see if anything tickles your pickle the story so far - while you were sleeping (purple /200) https://deadformat.net/collection/wh0ad00d
  6. want: superheaven/daylight

    bumpity bump bump
  7. want: superheaven/daylight

    finally got my hands on the record release version. still looking for the alternate superheaven cover they had on tour. please help
  8. want: superheaven/daylight

  9. want: superheaven/daylight

  10. want: superheaven/daylight

  11. want: superheaven/daylight

    i have a complete first press collection of jar including a test. it would be really awesome if i could get my hands on the record release version and the alternate cover they recently have since the name change. any help please
  12. FS: Converge and DW Test Presses, etc.

    would love a live at the bbc test and root beer float varient of jane doe
  13. only thing needed to complete my collection
  14. WTB: SNES and N64 console/games

    i just found a box of a few of my old games. i have starfox, mario kart. war gods, pokemon stadium 1, wwf attitude, and hexen if you're interested