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  1. Moving in a week ~ buy this shit so I don't have to move them / the mailers.
  2. I accidentally ordered the wrong tape lengths and then storenvy deleted my store. Moved to limitedrun and put them back up for pre-order.
  3. Quality Time's Boston Pizzeria tapes are now on sale! Listen here: Purchase here:
  4. Nine Lives is proud to be releasing Quality Time's Boston Pizzeria. This three-piece from Greenville, SC is about to be your new favorite band. As a follow up to their first EP, Neil, Quality Time puts it all on the table with Boston Pizzeria. Over the course of 11 songs Pearson Parham sings of friendships, remnants of lost loves, and the emotions that come with growing up. The highs and lows complement each other almost seamlessly. It's the perfect mix of emo and rock with a bit of twinkle in there. This album will make you want to clean your room and tell your ex to stick their grapes in the fridge. I've had it on repeat for awhile now. It's fantastic. Listen here: FFO: Modern Baseball & Marietta On sale 5/13 @
  5. Jarrod is currently interested in it but can't pay yet. So if you can, then it's yours. Shoot me a message!
  6. Hey y'all! Some of you might remember back in 2014 when I did the live tape recording of Sorority Noise & The Hotelier. Well, I'm happy to say that I've finally stopped being lazy and will be putting work into making this label an actual thing. I have a few releases planned and just ordered tapes for the first release. I'm excited for it and hopefully you dig it. I know I do. If y'all are interested in seeing what's happening you can follow here or on Twitter/Instagram/Facebook @nnxlvs Thanks for reading and being cool. Love, andy.
  7. THESE ARE 7" RECORDS Congential Death From My Hands First Black 1000 Fever Haze, The Nose Rings / Love Song For A Modern Twenty-Something First Black 203 FOUND Magazine FOUND Audio First White fun. At Least I'm Not As Sad (As I Used To Be) First Black 1000 Goodtime Boys Every Landscape First Green 700 Jessica Paré Zou Bisou Bisou Second Red Transparent Kevin Devine / River City Extension Split First Green 500 Pea Green Killing Thing Closed Casket First White w/ Black 150 Splatter Punchline / Over It Split First Red 2000 Transparent Random Holiday / Batten Down The Hatches Split First Black Say Anything / Eisley Split First Black 1000 Single Mothers Self Titled Third Gold 1000 Transparent Sink Tapes Mattress Cowboys First Black Sink Tapes Please Touch First Black Sink Tapes You Sulk When You Sleep First Black Sirs / run, Walk! Split First White w/ Blue 500 Splatter Taking Meds Demo First Yellow 500 Transparent Triple Deke Records 4-Way Split First Pink 11 Bubblegum Triple Deke Records 4-Way Split First White 3 Cloud Triple Deke Records 4-Way Split First Blue 13 Deep Sea Youth Lagoon Ghost To Me / Bobby First Black THESE ARE 10" RECORDS Apes, The Street Warz First Picture Disc 500 10" THESE ARE 12" RECORDS Andrew Dost Columbus First Maroon Awe Howler Living With Spiders First Orange w/ Black 50 Splatter Big Awesome Birdfeeder First Black #4/15 Test Press Cloud Mouth That Ghost Is Always With Me First Clear w/ White 400 Splatter Converge Axe To Fall Fourth White 1000 Drowning Men, The ...Beheading Of The Songbird First Black Format, The Dog Problems Second White / Etched Picture Disc 1000 2x12" Garry Schymam I Am Rapture, Rapture Is Me: Bioshock Score First Black Jonah Matranga's onelinedrawing Me And You Are Two First Blue #280/500 Transparent Mansions New Best Friend Second White w/ Black 318 Splatter Mixtapes How To Throw A Successful Party First Blue 200 Transparent Mixtapes Ordinary Silence First Pink 300 Postal Service, The Give Up First Black 2x12" Pswingset All Our False Starts First Clear 258 River City Extension ...And The Unmistakable Man First Black 100 2x12" Safe To Say Sick To Death First Black 200 Say Anything In Defense Of The Genre First Gold 500 2x12" / Transparent Secret Grief / Runaway Brother Split First Clear w/ Purple, Blue, & Pink 100 Splatter Sirs Sirs First Black 308 Tawny Peaks Self Titled /// THIS HAS MY NAME ON IT (sorry) First Clear w/ Red 150 Splatter Their / They're / There Analog Weekend First Blue / Etched Picture Disc Wild Flag Self Titled First Black XO Heart First Black 500 Youth Lagoon Year Of Hibernation First Black THESE ARE CASSETTE TAPES Acab Rocky Disgusting First Green #7/25 Ali Koehler Dateland First Purple #91/155 Andrew Jackson Jihad Christmas Island Second Purple Andrew Jackson Jihad Knife Man Fourth Green 250 Animal Logic The Stars Do Not Recognize You First Purple 100 Anzio / Wanderer Split First Red #3/50 Awe Howler Living With Spiders First Green #11/25 Awe Howler Living With Spiders Second Yellow 50 Baseball Cap Saving Vase First Blue #29/50 Batwings Catwings Coast To Coast First Black Beach Community Life's A Beach First Gold 100 Big Awesome Birdfeeder First Blue 10 Black Tar Heroines Summertide First Black 25 Blare Meant Well First Green 50 Boy Rex The Bloodmonths First Red #33/150 Boy Toy Demo '14 First Green 25 Boy Who Could Fly, The Kindergarten First White Boysin Siding First Blue Brightside Good Enough First Clear 60 Broken Beak Curse Burner First White 27 Camera Shy Self Titled First Blue Casper Elgin Grow Up, Dave First White #14/25 Casper Elgin It's Just A Fucking Demo First Green / White 25 Citizen Everyone Is Going To Heaven First Black Citycop Loner First Brown 78 Cold Waste Primitive First Purple Cymbals Eat Guitar Lose First Black 300 Dandelion Hands Bleak Week First Blue 50 Dandelion Hands Bleak Week Second Gold #2/15 Dandelion Hands Is Dead!!! Vol. 1 First Black #13/25 Dandelion Hands Is Dead!!! Vol. 2 First Silver 25 Dandelion Hands It's All In Your Head First Black / White 75 Daniel Field In The Violet Hours First Clear 100 Dead Rigner Enjoy The Ride First Yellow Dead Ringer Demo 2010 First Black Deathdealer Tragically Human State Red #21/50 Dogbreth Sentimental Health Second Yellow 150 Dude Japan The Things That Matter First Yellow 100 Elvis Depressedly Holo Pleasures / California Dreamin' First Blue Elvis Depressedly New Alhambra Second Green 100 Epitaph Records Fall Sampler 2014 First White Fake Blood Lame Death First Blue #19/25 Father John Misty I Love You, Honeybear First White Flashlights I'm Not Alone First Blue 1 Flatsound Four Songs For Losing You First Purple Fog Lake Holy Cross First Clear 100 For Everest No Jazz Rock First Blue 100 Fox Academy Luxury Beverage First Red #75/100 Front Seat Dream Be Polite First Pink #11/20 Funeralbloom Petals First Purple 100 Ghost Gum Demos First Green Ghost Of A Dead Hummingbird Sin Forma First Clear #6/25 Great Thunder The Sounds Of Great Thunder First Black 100 GRYSCL Finding Comfort In Obsolescence First Black 100 Handwriting! 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All Ages First Yellow #7/26
  8. Messaged Nicole on Instagram about the mixtape: ME: Hey there! This is super late but I figured I'd ask anyway. Whatever happened to the personalized mix tapes that were part of the cassette club thing? Did they ever get made and sent out? I saw some posts about not getting tapes from the current sub and it reminded me about the mixtape. Thanks a bunch! HER: Been having a lot of health problems, been in and out of the hospital, haven't kept up with anything
  9. Why is this in the "Sale/Trade/Wants" and not the "Vinyl Record Turntable & Audio Equipment"?
  10. Me either adn I was looking forward to it
  11. A STATEMENT FROM KATIE DVORAK and THE WORLD IS A BEAUTIFUL PLACE & I AM NO LONGER AFRAID TO DIE: In light of all of the recent call-outs that have been made against abusers in the music community, there has been a resurgence of people wanting to know what happened with our ex guitarist, who we kicked out last year. I have been trying to avoid making a public statement not for her sake, but for my own. My life isn't anyone else's business if I don't want it to be, and absolutely no one is entitled to details about my personal life that I don't want to give out. I understand that people want to know why they should avoid any one person, or that people are just straight up curious, but I refuse to put myself in a position that I don't want to be in just to satiate the wants of strangers. - Katie
  12. I assume with everything going on regarding them getting kicked from the band and a bunch of bands dropping from the label they won't be doing too much now.