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  1. Hey all, idk if it'd be better to post in here or on the B/S/T but I'm trying to get a copy of the current Urban Outfitters x Sub Pop mixtape. The last time I went there they said you had to buy something from the new audio line which is all crap products. I tried to buy just the mixtape and was turned down. If anyone has a connection and can get me one, that'd be awesome.
  2. This is somewhat irrelevant to your post (sorry), but I live near Chapel Hill. Hello.
  3. I already have all their stuff that's been put out on a physical format. Just looking for odds and ends at this point. Thank you tho!
  4. CSD 2017

    Most of the time I went out to get CSD releases it seemed like another day. It just can't match the hype of RSD.
  5. Cassette storage

    Right now I have two Napa Valley wooden wall mounts (100 & 32), then six 3-drawer 14-slots holders. Slowly selling off my tapes so most of the drawer holders have been empty.
  6. Nicole / the label was definitely making some money when things were good. I was told that during the last April Fool's Day sale thing they made over $10k. They were also going to pay Mark of Funeral Sounds's rent when he was working for them.
  7. it's been awhile - i made a website to catalog everything i own - help me add to it! https://ymaewk.wordpress.com/
  8. IDK how to search threads on here anymore but did y'all see Jeff from RFC's tweet about forgetting to turn off sale notifications when he put the records up for sale? He has since deleted the tweet.
  9. I'm glad you liked it! I saw your order and will get it out (hopefully) tomorrow. I appreciate the support. I had some things planned but moving + work set me back some. Working on getting a few more things out here soon.
  10. Welcome! - Rules & Guidelines

    If you already have one FS/FT in the designated sale section, IDK why you'd want to post another in here?
  11. "The UO-exclusive cassette tape release of Kanye's sixth full-length album, Yeezus." https://www.respecttheclassics.com/products/yeezus-limited-edition-cassette
  12. $3 Mystery Tape!

    But I only see 8!
  13. WTB-your tapes

    My tape list is at the bottom of the FOR SALE tab. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/14spLV3TJdsuf6g_CHPAgXbfbh3YCSr38ED5qlgHqH1Y/edit?usp=sharing I also put out tapes for a real cool band called Quality Time (RIYL Marietta & Modern Baseball) http://nnxlvs.limitedrun.com/
  14. Unless the original case is colored or has anything printed on it, then no one would know / care. I couldn't even tell you which ones I've swapped out cracked cases on. Example would be my copy of Flashlights' I'm Not Alone. It came in a fluorescent yellow case. The label only did 1 copy that came in that color case so replacing it would ruin the rarity of it.