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  1. Go back a page and you can see screenshots from Enjoy The Ride where they posted pictures of the actual records
  2. You know, I didn't even realize it when I clicked on the video. I was too prepared for the cringe that was about to happen.
  3. I know I'm late to the party, but oh lordy was this a doozy to watch. My girlfriend and I took bets on which albums she would put out with the description she gave before it. I knew the Lana Del Rey would definitely be in there somewhere.
  4. I can send anyone the .wav files if they want to hear how it sounds (minus the "remastering" of it)
  5. Ross said they couldn't find high-res images of the originals. (Sorry for posting a bunch - I've been excited for this since 2014 when Casey announced it LOL)
  6. The one used is the re-released version with the added tracks. Two of the songs weren't on the original release.
  7. Okay! With this release coming up, I need some money so I'm selling some of my extra YMAEWK collection stuff. I figured in here would be the best spot post this. I can always delete it y'all want me too. I apologize if the prices are too high. I'm not really sure what to price them. I just know I need money haha Some Things Don't Wash Out: handmade books ($30) - these were made by Ben during the Kickstarter and talk about each song. There are two sets of them. Both are the same thing except for the first are /7 with green string and the others are /19 with red string. I have four extras from the second set. James Brown is Dead: handwritten lyrics to the song ($100) - they're written on white paper. I think it has a small fold in the corner from the post office bending the package a bit. Other than that there's no tears or anything. I also have lyrics to The Next 20 Minutes, but my girlfriend likes that song a lot so she'd be mad if I sold it (unless the offer is nice LOL) I also have a ton of other records / tapes / CDs that aren't band related if anyone is interested in seeing that list. Thanks a bunch!
  8. BTW that wasn't aimed at you personally. I was just saying that label who do large runs of just plain black and call it a "test press" is kinda lame on their part. The covers for these are neat looking.
  9. I feel like once you go past 20 test presses, it should just be considered a normal press LOL
  10. Release date is next Friday (March 17th) - $17.99 each Ross said that's "cheap" for the label LOL
  11. He messaged me about it as well and sent me a bunch of pictures. All the pressings look real nice. There's four variants for each one and the test presses with alternate covers. They come with a two page insert that has all the lyrics and what looks like a message from Ben about the album. I asked about the audio. It originally came from the CDs I own, but he said the label's sound engineer cleaned up the tracks and remastered it so it sounds better. They're pressed at 45rpm. There will be bundles of all ETR web variants and test presses for sale. So Young, So Insane: (original artwork) Red w/ white swirl White w/ red / yellow splatter Red / White split w/ white / yellow splatter Red / White / Yellow split w/ blue / black splatter Party for the Grown & Sexy: (updated artwork) Clear w/ grey swirl (/300) Clear w/ beer color-in-color Red / Beer split Clear w/ green stripe down middle and white splatter (edit: if I knew how to upload pictures from mobile I would but I don't so I can't) (edit 2: bonus track on So Young, So Insane is the Max Bemis cover of Livin' th' Dream)
  12. I'm going to be so broke. I'm going to be so broke.