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  1. Jawbreaker reunion

    Good to see they're getting more shows
  2. Po: eyehategod represses

    I'd been seeing fliers around town for the upcoming BLS/Corrosion of Conformity show but I didn't realize Eyehategod was touring with them too. Same boat, not going to throw down $35 so that I can hang around a bunch of BLS fans for 40 minutes as they talk over the opener. But would have been really cool to see Eyehategod finally.
  3. Mexico

    To be fair, it's really tough to learn another language. I took French classes for like 6 years and the best I can do is name some of the colors and count to 39. Some of us just don't have brains wired for it I guess.
  4. Been looking at the local record shops but no luck yet. I figured this would be a wider release than what it seems like it's turned into.
  5. Recent purchases

    Totally just reminded me that I need to grab some A Frames albums. I had pretty much forgotten about those guys but loved them when they first got on subpop.
  6. So I'm the only one whose surprised they needed 3 lps for a best of Hanson set?
  7. What's your White Whale record?

    Not a "white whale" by a lot of standards, because it's relatively available and not very expensive. But I told myself I wouldn't order Mudhoney-Five Dollar Bob's Mock Cooter Stew, I wanted to physically purchase it. By no means the best Mudhoney out there, but I originally picked up the CD during a $1 bin sale when I was about 13 so the albums got a special spot for me. Finally grabbed it a couple days ago for a cool $25. Only took 7 years of hunting.
  8. Between this and that pressing of Yourself or Someone Like You, my moms record collection is really starting to take off
  9. Yep, picked up 2pacalypse Now for $12 and the new New Pornographers for $6, which seemed like a fair deal. The other stuff wasn't really my taste but at my store there definitely was a lot of it.
  10. Stoner/ Doom Metal Discussion Thread

    Same. And that new Sleep album we were promised in 2017 seems like its probably definitely going to be pushed until whenever never.
  11. 40% off clearance is back. It looks like you have to get them to scan your UO member QR code or it's only 30% off.
  12. Instant order, I get why a lot of these tracks ended up b-sides but I still think its some of the best work they put out. Not feeling overly optimistic on that In Reverie repress, especially with this being released first. But we'll see. Might need the band to intervene in order to make it happen. Definitely thinking its a ways off on a Can't Slow Down repress, tough to estimate but I'd assume there'd probably be a lot less demand for it. I like it, I think its a decent album, but its far from their best effort. Plus it can still be picked up for ~$50 if you really want it.
  13. Tom Petty

    This article looks like it was from hours ago, is there any update? I tried google but there are too many news organizations just now picking up the original story to get a clear picture of what's actually happening.
  14. Tom Petty

    What a shitty day. I hate to admit it, but Garlfield totally called it about Mondays