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  1. The Vinyl Deals Thread (non-Amazon)

    FYE is running a deal right now: 50% off discount records. Looks like in-store only. Picked these up for about $60 after tax: Afghan Whigs - Gentlemen Godspeed You! Black Emperor - Asunder, Sweet and Other Distress Wolf Parade - Apologies to Queen Mary (Deluxe) HIM - Greatest Love Songs Vol. 666 Sharon Van Etten - Are We There The Get Up Kids - Four Minute Mile
  2. Lets be fair though, Phil's never really been known for writing the most up-beat songs
  3. Thanks for the heads up, I'll definitely be stopping by after work
  4. It's been a while so I don't remember any of the shops I went to specifically, but Paris is so full of really great shops to go into that you can't go wrong. Walking along the Champs Elysees is fun, hum the tune ("Oh Champs-Elysees") to yourself, it's a good time. Paris has a lot of department stores, which is a good place to pick up reprints of some of their vintage comics, like Asterix or Tintin. The French can be a little bit of a jerks to foreigners, but in my experience it wasn't too bad. Most people in Paris speak English, they just get annoyed when they have to. It doesn't have to affect your trip, just something I wish someone had told me before after studying French for 6 years, I went up to delicatessen vendor and said, "Je prende un sandwich au jambon" and he replied, "We don't serve that here, what do you want?" So, buy your sandwiches on the streets, haggle with the street vendors, and buy your wine in half carafes when you're sitting in cafes.
  5. Some insurance companies will allow you to insure your record collection. When I bought my house a couple years back I talked to some agents about this. But it often requires 1) an official appraisal (which only works for what you currently have in your collection) and 2) buying a policy that is above and beyond the normal. The gist that I got is that, unless you have a collection of Presley 78s, original Buddy Holly pressings, and 50 copies of the Butcher cover album, your money is better spent on getting an apartment that doesn't leak on your albums. Edit: Sorry, that being said, State Farm did offer to insure the records.
  6. How to Start a Record Store?

    Any new business you start is going to take a while to start being profitable, so you can probably count on not cutting yourself a paycheck for about a year or two, after that you're probably still not making much money. But that's rule of thumb, so it changes business to business. Ive never owned a store but I had a friend that opened one. He made a little extra money selling his paintings in the store, and made a lot of his money from buying cheap records on eBay and reselling them for more in his store. He overextended himself because he wanted to make the coolest shop possible and then went bankrupt after 2 years. He ended up selling the place for about half what he invested in it. But from what I gather, the new owners do okay. Probably not $35k a year, but enough that they're still open 10 years later. Surprisingly, what he told me was that more people were buying CDs than records. I don't know if that still holds up, could have been because it was 10 years back or maybe regional? Either way, something to consider. If you get serious about it, feel free to PM if you want. I worked for a small business consulting firm while getting my MBA so I might be able to help with any questions about creating a business plan, putting together projections, getting a loan, etc
  7. The Concert Thread

    Noticed that tickets for his tour went on sale, it's not till 2019 tho right? I think I could enjoy an Elton John show, not sure how he sounds these days but it'd at least be a visually entertaining show. But man, I can't imagine the level of khaki in that crowd.
  8. The Concert Thread

    It's been a really slow winter so I'm excited that concert dates are starting to get announced again - planning way out and hoping that a lot more shows get announced in the interim... 3/2 Dark Funeral 3/10 Lucero 3/18 Eyehategod 4/8 Sleep 4/10 The Queers 5/18 Godspeed You! Black Emperor 6/21 Lucero & Frank Turner
  9. Jawbreaker reunion

    Good to see they're getting more shows
  10. Po: eyehategod represses

    I'd been seeing fliers around town for the upcoming BLS/Corrosion of Conformity show but I didn't realize Eyehategod was touring with them too. Same boat, not going to throw down $35 so that I can hang around a bunch of BLS fans for 40 minutes as they talk over the opener. But would have been really cool to see Eyehategod finally.
  11. Mexico

    To be fair, it's really tough to learn another language. I took French classes for like 6 years and the best I can do is name some of the colors and count to 39. Some of us just don't have brains wired for it I guess.
  12. Been looking at the local record shops but no luck yet. I figured this would be a wider release than what it seems like it's turned into.
  13. Recent purchases

    Totally just reminded me that I need to grab some A Frames albums. I had pretty much forgotten about those guys but loved them when they first got on subpop.
  14. So I'm the only one whose surprised they needed 3 lps for a best of Hanson set?
  15. What's your White Whale record?

    Not a "white whale" by a lot of standards, because it's relatively available and not very expensive. But I told myself I wouldn't order Mudhoney-Five Dollar Bob's Mock Cooter Stew, I wanted to physically purchase it. By no means the best Mudhoney out there, but I originally picked up the CD during a $1 bin sale when I was about 13 so the albums got a special spot for me. Finally grabbed it a couple days ago for a cool $25. Only took 7 years of hunting.