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  1. Grabbed the yellow. These don’t seem to be moving as fast as the other one, but I’ll gladly pay $30 if it’s going to SPLC.
  2. RSD Black Friday 2017 thread

    I’d like Harvest Moon, but seems like that will be readily available. Also, Big Star is one of my favorite bands, but holy shit, do they need to keep pushing out something every RSD? I’m all set with the alternate takes and live versions.
  3. I am VERY excited for this, but will also wait for stores. Learned my lesson after immediately preordering mbv.
  4. I will get this at some point because Mountain Goats. Weird that it’s a double-LP though, AHWT isn’t a particularly long album.
  5. Looks like next month is St. Vincent. Glad I didn't preorder yet.
  6. Husker Du - Savage Young Du

    RIP Grant. Fuck, this hurts.
  7. Ha, me too at first, but it's pretty solid on there! And I've bumped into it a bunch.
  8. A work in progress, but here's what I got going on in my new place.
  9. Exact same thing happened to me. Have no idea where it is.
  10. Husker Du - Savage Young Du

    Listening to my download now. Holy shit, it sounds fantastic. REALLY hoping for them to do Zen Arcade and New Day Rising now. Fucking Greg Ginn...
  11. PO St. Vincent- Masseducation

    From the email: "it’s been a while. (yes, i did mean to put nickelback in all of your heads.)" How dare she forget about Staind? The Scotts are not pleased.
  12. I forgot about this! Just ordered now, but not counting on colored. Will be glad to just have a copy though.
  13. Nice! Where can I get this? I don't have Slaughterhouse for some reason so this is a perfect opportunity.
  14. PO SOON: U2 - Songs of Experience

    I'm just blue turtling here, but I do think this could be their best album in a while.
  15. PO SOON: U2 - Songs of Experience