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  1. New 7" shipping now, looks like the pink is already sold out (was able to grab one, luckily). It's exepnsive for a single, but hey, think of it as a Planned Parenthood donation. Plus a Tom Robinson Band cover!
  2. OOF. Went to check out the presale: $100 to see them in Boston. Couldn't pull the trigger.
  3. SO PUMPED. September is actually earlier than I expected. I hope Little Smug Supper Club is on it:
  4. Didn't The Suburbs have a million different covers too, or am I making that up? Song isn't doing it for me, so I'll be holding off for now.
  5. Did anyone else who ordered this just get a mysterious postcard in the mail? I'm going to GUESS we'll be getting a new album announcement soon.
  6. I got some weird email from Ticketmaster that had me register as a VERIFIED FAN so I can maybe get presale tickets on Monday. Never seen that before. I also haven't preordered anything yet.
  7. Cool song! And yeah, I can't think of another National song at the moment with a guitar solo. The blue looks nice, but I have a feeling there are a shit-ton of them, so I might wait to see if there will be a VMP version.
  8. Dinosaur Jr is the only other one that came to my mind too (I think Beyond might actually be their best album).
  9. Yup, this album is unreal. I saw them back in 2014 when they first got back together, so they didn't play any new material. Would love to see them again for that reason. Having a hard time thinking of a band that's reunited that I would want to play MORE new stuff.
  10. Ugh, I really hope this isn't one of those obnoxiously drawn-out teaser things. Just let me hear something! I will pay you!
  11. I'm in Austin for work and took a walk to Waterloo today and picked up the silver whole there. Haven't listened yet, but I'm sure it's fantastic. On another note, I don't know what the reason is, but I was amazed at how cheap it was. $16 for a new release!
  12. Like I'm sure many people here my age, I dug this album as a teenager but would probably cringe a bit listening today. Am I underestimating how many people still give a shit about them? They're playing a 1000 capacity room in Boston.
  13. I preordered The Idiot from Amazon the other day. Not sure if it's colored or not, but I'll live if it's not. Really don't need any more tote bags.
  14. Got to Newbury about a half hour before it opened, was maybe 12th in line. Wasn't even necessary because I feel like the had a shit ton of everything. Picked up Superchunk, War on Drugs (listening now and sounds great), and Jason Isbell. Saw a friend's pictures who lives in Nashville, apparently people were camping out at Third Man for two days. I'll also say, while nothing was a bargain, the prices seemed slightly less absurd this year.
  15. I'll be going tomorrow for Superchunk, which hopefully won't be too hard to get. I'm thinking the crowds at Newbury will be much smaller this year.