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  1. I preordered The Idiot from Amazon the other day. Not sure if it's colored or not, but I'll live if it's not. Really don't need any more tote bags.
  2. Got to Newbury about a half hour before it opened, was maybe 12th in line. Wasn't even necessary because I feel like the had a shit ton of everything. Picked up Superchunk, War on Drugs (listening now and sounds great), and Jason Isbell. Saw a friend's pictures who lives in Nashville, apparently people were camping out at Third Man for two days. I'll also say, while nothing was a bargain, the prices seemed slightly less absurd this year.
  3. I'll be going tomorrow for Superchunk, which hopefully won't be too hard to get. I'm thinking the crowds at Newbury will be much smaller this year.
  4. I love this album, but yeah, a $50 picture disc is pretty disappointing. Gonna pass, but looking forward to the new album(?).
  5. Maybe I got lucky or something, but my Demon Days sounds phenomenal, as do most of my VMP pressings.
  6. Ivy Tripp was pretty good, but couldn't touch Cerulean Salt for me. I really dig this new song though. ORDERED.
  7. I'm a sucker, so I got a Switch. Overall, it was worth it though because Zelda is INSANE. Haven't felt this way about a game in a while, one of the most well thought out things I've ever played. I'm generally not even a huge fan of open world games, but this just does everything right for me.
  8. I usually hit up the Harvard Newbury Comics in the morning, then another smaller shop (Somerville Grooves) later in the afternoon. Newbury is expensive, but you'll likely be able to find everything you want there.
  9. Shipped yesterday, showed up today, nice! Echoing everyone that this sounds HUGE. Wow...sorry neighbors.
  10. Just got this guy done:
  11. And it's live:
  12. Wolf In White Van was great! I went to a book reading for Universal Harvester the other week, I haven't had a chance to start it yet, but this is how JD signed my book since I was wearing a Propagandhi shirt.