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  1. PO: Ghoul | Wall of Death 7"

    Good looking out. I've been sick. Copped this swift with the quickness.
  2. FS: Taking offers on my list

    I tip my cap to your list!
  3. Potential mail fraud - paypal questions

    Also, @shenanigans strikes me as legit.
  4. Here Lies Man - S/T

    Very stoked!
  5. Apparently, a promoter has told two SoFla venues to save dates while they decide which one to use.
  6. Nope. Not based on where they're playing in SoFla. And a little bit of me died when I realized that lineup didn't make me as excited as I first thought.
  7. And most of these shows are described as "an evening with Ghost." Thanks dick, now I'm considering a flight to I don't know where...Ashville sounds nice?
  8. Nobody freak out if there's no date for you, this is the first leg. Round two is Novemberish.
  9. PO: Death - Leprosy reissue

    Someone sell me the box at a reasonable price!
  10. Well that's just what I needed.
  11. You suckers ordering from Nordvis are over paying by $2.50!
  12. Stoner/ Doom Metal Discussion Thread

    I saw them in Boston a few years back with Satan's Satyrs. They were great. But they have a reputation for being real hit or miss. Hopefully this is a more sober lineup.
  13. Panopticon: Kentucky Re-Press

    I know the Bindrune email said that this was at the pressing plant, so I would expect soon as well.