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  1. I got this free trash panda on the way to work today.
  2. PM me and I'll hit you up after work.
  3. Thanks Allen, it's appreciated. I'll see if I can get a chance to hear how this pre can sound.
  4. Hi Allen, Thanks much for the input. The only new stuff is the Planet, the Number Cruncher and (you're right) Pass Labs X2. The cassette deck is a Technics M6 that I picked up for $10. Pretty sure the speakers are KG 4.2s. I've done some listening to the Planet and am very impressed. To be fair, I've really only listened to CDs in my vehicle or through a gaming system so I have a new appreciation for how they can sound. I had to order a new power cord for the DAC, so once that comes in, I'll start playing around with the stuff.
  5. I was gifted some older but nicer gear, but some of it is stuff I've never played with, so I'm not sure how or if I can use it with my current system. I more or less understand what they do, but I also don't want to damage anything because I'm an idiot. I have a Marantz TT-15S1 into a Marantz 2250B. There's also a shitty Technics tape deck. It all goes into about waist high Klipsch speakers that sound pretty good, but will hopefully be replaced soon. I got a Rega Planet CD player. I know what to do with that. But there's also a Phase Labs X2 preamp and an Entech Number Cruncher 205.2. So is there a place for the preamp in this setup or should I save it for a second setup I'll be doing in the future?
  6. I believe in you!
  7. Jesus Christ...people complain about shit threads getting bombed with cat/tswizzle/shaq.gifs.
  8. I waited as long as I could.
  9. FYI, if anyone is on the fence about the Relapse exclusive 3rd LP, there are less than 100 copies left.
  10. Sorry bruh, couldn't remember how to clear drunk quoted posts. New Beastmaker stream:
  11. If I'm reading it correctly, I think the 3rd LP is exclusive to Relapse.