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  1. Jesus Christ...people complain about shit threads getting bombed with cat/tswizzle/shaq.gifs.
  2. I waited as long as I could.
  3. FYI, if anyone is on the fence about the Relapse exclusive 3rd LP, there are less than 100 copies left.
  4. Sorry bruh, couldn't remember how to clear drunk quoted posts. New Beastmaker stream:
  5. If I'm reading it correctly, I think the 3rd LP is exclusive to Relapse.
  6. Hah! I was coming in here to say the same thing. Escapist is top notch though and this is a must buy if you don't have it.
  7. I have 700 copies of this, so there's no more room! Back to Kentucky, I love the progression from it to the next two albums in the trilogy.
  8. Space is the only thing keeping me from not grabbing another copy. Love this album.
  9. Ah, I forgot that had the fancy box! I'm jelly!
  10. What's that Integrity box on the right? Can I have it?
  11. Fuck to the yeah!
  12. See... normally, I'd find a ridiculous cat gif and post it here, but I've been drinking. Do me a solid and Google "incredulous cat.* Click "I'm feeling lucky" and think about it.