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  1. The part of me that nerds out over the most limited variant is the (your quotes) "hobby" in me. Take that out of the equation and rekkids is how I enjoy listening to music. So the only way a burst affects me is if it shuts down pressing plants. Actually, if the bubble bursts, we'll probably get better music, since pressing plants won't be choking on RSD bullshit.
  2. I actually went through my stuff cuz I thought I had dupes that I could send you to resolve the issue, but sadly, I do not. Maybe we can grandfather you in somehow. I'll check Fenriz' "Rules for Metal Membership 2017 edition" when I get home.
  3. Sorry, just saw this. Turn in your metal card sir.
  4. I can't remember...with the last round of reissues, weren't the folks that got the UK versions saying the sound was much better than the US version?
  5. Finally, a chance to get some of the newer stuff in a form other than picture disc!
  6. I got mine last week.
  7. Just wow.
  8. I hope you can find a copy. This was my introduction to Agalloch and I still listen to it once a month.
  9. Nah, bruh. The janky smear variant is a exclusive.
  10. I went blue. I don't have a pic, but it's a nice sort of semi-translucent blue.
  11. All of you should have ordered this two weeks ago! So fucking good.
  12. This leaked and it's damn good.
  13. Really want that box, since I sold my OG stuff years ago. Boy, this has been an expensive week!
  14. And don't forget the new Forseen! Looking very much forward to that.