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  1. Happy with my first purchase from Bengans. Just ordered Beatles and Toto. Sweet
  2. Because we are all idiots.
  3. Too lazy to ship but you'll venture out to meet someone...
  4. Finally got my shipping confirmation from Bengans. I was worried there for a bit.
  5. Yes. Emailed Saturday asking about an update with no response yet. I ordered AnCo and got order confirmation right away but not it's been a week with nothing new.
  6. If anyone knows where to get a decently priced copy of Toto - Africa I'd be extremely grateful
  7. Same here. Ordered Animal Collective and got confirmation right away but nothing since.
  8. If you find a copy of Animal Collective pick it up! I'll buy it off you!
  9. Listening to my deluxe version...side three, first track "A Bigger paper Bag" skips badly between two lines. Anyone else experience this?
  10. Demon Days sold. Prices lowered
  11. Some sold, added Demon Days...