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  1. Some sold, added Demon Days...
  2. Hello all. Looking to sell off a few things that I've never played/will never play. Shipping is $5. Quickly throwing these up and listing at median discog prices, feel free to message me an offer. If it doesn't say, it's on black vinyl. Fall Out Boy - From Under The Cork Tree - 2xLP Gold Vinyl w/Maroon Splatter - 2016 Hot Topic Pressing - $35 Gorillaz - Demon Days - Euro Bootleg - 2xLP Clear or White Marble/Smoke? - $35 Botch - We Are The Romans - $10 Cartel - The Ransom EP - Off White w/ Red Splatter - $10 Best Coast - Crazy For You - $10 Fang Island - Major - $10 Father John Misty - Fear Fun - $10
  3. What's a MySpace? i didn't realize Donald Trump made an appearance in Home Alone
  4. I absolutely had to google that. Wow smh
  5. Bought two earlier. It shows as being in stock for me, just checked. If no luck still, I'd be willing to swing a trade. edit: nvm it's definitely out of stock.
  6. Dont know if anyone here is interested in these but I have a few duplicates from my collection I'm looking to sell. I priced them below what I've found on eBay. Will listen to all offers. Conkers Bad Fur Day - Box and game, no manual. $110 Super Smash Bros - Complete in box. $75 Donkey Kong 64 - Complete in box. $40 Kirby Crystal Shards - Complete in box. $30 Mia Hamm Soccer - Sealed. $15 Prices include shipping. I can send over more pictures of whatever you're interested in. Thanks
  7. How much for white?
  8. Really? I really regret selling mine a few years ago for $60.
  9. I just left Chicago today. I stopped at Reckless Records and bought a couple things. Nearly bought this too (it was $54). They have several copies there. Good luck!
  10. I really wish I could buy up all that Format.
  11. Looking to buy Apes & Androids - Golden Prize/Riverside 7". Not sure how many there are out there. There are currently two listed on discogs but they are both international sellers and Id prefer to buy within the states. https://www.discogs.com/Apes-Androids-Golden-Prize-Riverside/release/1717023 pm me if you have it!
  12. Wish I could buy that Beach House stuff.