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  1. Flotation Toy Warning - The Machine That Made Us Flotation Toy Warning -Bluffers Guide To The Flight Deck Fleet Foxes - Crack Up - VMP Blue/Gold #141 Mondo - The Fifth Element OST - Orange/White Beach House - Teen Dreams - Newbury Purple Gary Numan - Pleasure Principle Battles - Mirrored 2016 Reissue Incoming Beach House - B Sides & Rarities
  2. Two I've never come across... Sharks Keep Moving - S/T with no label. Discogs says 50 of these exist. Bear Vs Shark - Terrorhawk Picture Disc
  3. Back to the outer sleeves... Which are yalls favorites? I don't like sealable ones. I really don't like the "crinkly" ones either. I never know which ones to buy off Amazon.
  4. I paid $43 for my copy from Mondo.
  5. Selling that Bear Vs Shark White/Brown split?
  6. just went through my first listen, I love it. what I came here to comment on was that both discs had long stringy grey hair on them. I caught one but I didn't see the other and it caused the needle to jump.
  7. just listing a few things for sale. Media Mail shipping is $4.00. Nightmare of You - S/T + Bang EP White vinyl w/ rainbow splatter (Two copies, one signed by Brandon Reilly, the other unsigned. Only selling one copy.) Harvard - The Inevitable & I 2nd Press - Solid Blue w/Clear Swirl & Oxblood Splatter /100 Harvard - From The Birds Nest 1st or 2nd press - Light Blue Marble /220
  8. Happy with my first purchase from Bengans. Just ordered Beatles and Toto. Sweet
  9. Because we are all idiots.
  10. Too lazy to ship but you'll venture out to meet someone...
  11. Finally got my shipping confirmation from Bengans. I was worried there for a bit.