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  1. I wonder if the 200 signed postcards are already gone. earlier this morning I was going through the checkout process and it added a second line item at $0.00 for the signed postcard. Thats no longer showing up.
  2. WTB:Veruca Salt,The Matches,Cartel

    If you’re a VMP subscriber, there’s someone with a sealed copy for $60.
  3. WTB:Veruca Salt,The Matches,Cartel

    I’ll sell you my red copy.
  4. Shipping is more than half the cost of the record! ordered still...

    Thanks for the reminder. Had it in my cart but stopped checkout when I saw $5.99 shipping. Forgot Redcard holders got free shipping.
  6. Tyler, The Creator - Flower Boy

    Gimme some of those stickers. I didn’t get any.
  7. They cancelled without notice. sent a customer service request and was issued a $15 credit within two hours. No biggie, doubt i would’ve ever played it
  8. Yes the option is there, same as last month. so as of right now, it shows me swapping for UGK for St Vincent.
  9. I have no interest in the St Vincent ROTM. I’m hoping they will approve of my swap for UGK. I’m only a monthly member but was able to swap last month, but it was for a previous ROTM so I’m a little unsure of this one.
  10. Tyler, The Creator - Flower Boy

    Pretty irritating there is still no update. I didn't check myself as to when I made order but isn't this going on three months now?