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  1. Pretty irritating there is still no update. I didn't check myself as to when I made order but isn't this going on three months now?
  2. Thanks, picked this up.
  3. Some Cheap Vinyl at Amazon

    It's not worth $8?
  4. Some Cheap Vinyl at Amazon

    Got Killers, RATM and FJM but missed out on LCD and Queens. Dammit..
  5. Some Cheap Vinyl at Amazon

    Band of Horses went up to $18.23.
  6. FYE Exclusives

    I had no idea FYE was still a thing.
  7. It's random. I always order multiple records a month so that's probably why they don't give me one
  8. PO: Angels & Airwaves Discography

    Wow I can't believe there were Copies of The Dream Walker on green/black....
  9. PO: The National - Sleep Well Beast

    Yes I just live chatted in.
  10. PO: The National - Sleep Well Beast

    Cancelled that shit.
  11. What variant is Avalanches - Wildflower?

    I could've sworn I read that it was a one of a kind vinyl record. I saw the CD and was very confused.
  13. PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    Theres an option that says "MUST USE FOR ALL VINYL" and that's $10.00.
  14. Marantz TT140 worth $25?

    I ended up buying it, got it for $20. It works, it's clean. Don't know what I'm going to do with it now though...