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  1. It's during debacles like this, I wish The Meathead Perspective were still active.
  2. It's definitely an interesting take on Black Metal.
  3. As was said, very interesting mix of old and new. I didn't find myself not caring much for the new characters so far...maybe with given more time to get to know them, I'll be more into them. I couldn't help but smile widely any time any of the OG folks were on screen. I was starting to lose a bit of patience on figuring how the events of Missouri are tying in with Twin Peaks. Now, we know. Sorta.
  4. When I go to Subway, I don't like my sub toasted. Does that mean anything?
  5. So said fuck it. Ordered the ALIEN 4xLP box set (with $5 shipping which worries me). And the enamel pin set (separately). The proper 2xLP set will be available to order later still, right?
  6. LOL at n00b with barely 100 posts dictating at how Admins do their job. GTFO.
  7. It's a cassette...for now...the LP will be out end of month. New Baby Shakes - Turn It Up. http://burgerrecords.11spot.com/baby-shakes-turn-it-up-cassette-pre-order.html
  8. If anyone is keen on it...ETR says they found some additional overrun copies of the White w/ Black Spots version /100. Up for grabs. http://enjoytheride.storenvy.com/products/10748163-the-honorary-title-anything-else-but-the-truth-2xlp-vinyl-re-issue
  9. Today is the last day to order the ALIEN 4xLP box set. For those who already have ordered...how much was shipping?
  10. Bought 'Broken' when it first came out...and had no idea that there were 3" CDs. Still have it to this day...and surprisingly still in tip-top shape.
  11. Just read the announcement email. It definitely bums me out. While I was not much into a lot of their releases, I truly appreciated the few I've gotten throughout the years. I should be getting the new Black God 7" tomorrow, and it'll be bittersweet to open that package.