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  1. I'd love to get the Aus pressing but at $75 shipped is a spicy meatball.
  2. It was a typo. And corrected it. The single is out tomorrow night. No specific time but presumably midnight.
  3. For being 5,000 pressed...that indie store exclusive is being a pain in the ass to track and nail down.
  4. I saw that. I just eyerolled.
  5. I'm wondering if having chosen Media Mail for the limited vinyl is what may be holding up the CD. Hmmmmmm.
  6. Now...if there was a way to swap out the Interiors shirt for the Silhouette one in the bundle...that'd be awesome. Always wanted that shirt.
  7. As much as I want the clear, I do not need a shirt. Ordered the peach then.
  8. I had pics uploaded to Photobucket which I linked on here but since they changed their 3rd party hosting rules...they're not showing. I have them all posted so far on my IG though: https://www.instagram.com/jhulud/ Go through...it's not private...and you'll see pics of the Deviatons damage and the just recent NTAE.
  9. Too soon to post? I mean...everyone else does it based on rumors on a new single dropping (on Fri 8/25) and cryptic teaser videos posted (all across her social media). ---------------------------------------------------- Reputation out on 11/10. First single drops 8/24 at midnight.
  10. I find it frustrating that Mr. Reznor went on and on and on about the quality control over vinyl and attention to detail and care in these reissues and releases in the "mission statement", and yet it's been nothing but disappointments across the board. From the clusterfuck that was Firebrand to the disaster in handling that is Sandbag to the actual reissues and releases being complete letdowns, this honestly makes me not want to order anything anymore from nin.com.
  11. I wondered the exact same thing when I got the notification to approve the post being a n00b account. Will closely monitor for possible spam.