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  1. Heard it earlier today. So damn good. I gotta order.
  2. So it's sounding like they jumped the gun on putting them up for PO early, huh?
  3. The 7" is now showing "Not Available Out of Print" on the site.
  4. Ordered the 7" and the CD box set. Just got shipping notice now for the box set. Will NG hit me up for more money when it comes time to ship the 7"?!?!
  5. Getting that same error. Oh well. For now.
  6. Band just posted this on their FB page: Hey all, we're very sorry, but due to a conflict, the Good Apollo Vinyl won't be available for order until April 29. Join our email list for more info. http://coheed.fanbridge.com More info to come!
  7. And according to the RSD list, it's a regional release.
  8. Overall, pretty dismal list again this year. Not much that grabs me and will entice me to head out early. Only releases I'll be going for though: Coheed The Sundays White Zombie 7"
  9. Preorders went live today. Splatter color already sold out.