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  1. No one knows what the packaging of the TF:D1 is going to be. There's been zero tease on the packaging or anything from the NIN camp at all.
  2. Posted over at Wax Works Records' IG and repost by Sean Y. herself. What more WZ goodness would we be possibly be getting?
  3. Anyone watch Twin Peaks and catch "The" Nine Inch Nails on last night's episode? It was so good...
  4. In the item description, they'll take out the "First Pressing Of 1,500 Numbered Copies On 180 Gram Orange And Gold Mixed Vinyl" from the info as soon as they run through their allotment of it. As long as it still shows it, you should be good. So order it.
  5. The Catherine Wheel - Ferment MOV reissue is up for PO at SoundStage Direct: http://www.soundstagedirect.com/catherine-wheel-ferment-180-gram-vinyl-records.shtml Order quick if you want to snag one of the /1500. They tend to go quick when SSD has any MOV releases.
  6. Thanks for doing that, Don! Immensely appreciated. I'm going to email them soon after I've discussed it further with Austin. He's on board though.
  7. To cancel or upgrade my single-month sub? Not feeling nor caring for Davis.
  8. I didn't order it from nin.com...but I believe some people over at ETS have not received theirs either. And dude...so bummed out for you for that lack CITB book fuck-up. I hope that Sandbag straightens it out for you. After what I dealt with over my incomplete order and their resolution of it, I have some faith in them for the time being.
  9. At the end of this past Sunday's episode...right before the credits rolled...what did that guy scream into the diner as he ran in and out?
  10. ^^ Oddly enough...when I went to get the pre-sale VIP tix for the Margate show...via Ticketfly...it never asked for the code. Still got the tix as if normal sale.
  11. Secured VIP tix for the Margate show. Not missing this for nothing!
  12. ^^^ I wonder if they'd be up for working with us at MOMR to put it out on vinyl.
  13. These are shipping now. FYI.
  14. I completely blanked out DW's original post. Ha! I saw it come across my Twitter feed from DW and figured post it here. Heh.