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  1. LE got delivered today. Liked the mailer it came in. Saved it from destroying the corners. Overall looks to be OK. Will open it all up later.
  2. "Dear Juan, We wanted to let you know that your order from Procrastinate! Music Traitors was delivered via USPS, according to the tracking information..." Let's see how mangled this thing got while in transit and delay in Jacksonville.
  3. Pic Disc 2xLP from B&N received yesterday. It's not too too bad. Sounds pretty alright for a pic disc.
  4. Well hell. My LE order got "delayed" for some reason and now stuck in Jacksonville. No delivery date at all. So I'm pretty confident it's going to arrive eventually all kinds of fucked up & thanks to Procrastinate's bullshit disclaimer I'll be shit out of luck in the end.
  5. Was going to wait til later in week. Ordered the clear before too late.
  6. My LE order should arrive today. I'm already prepped for the disappointment. And damage.
  7. This is fuckin' stupid then. No wonder they warned about damages and shit.
  8. So wait. The wrapping is the jacket?!?! There's no proper jacket on this thing?
  9. Posted on FB: Available from us on this tour: @converge “Jane Doe” 2XLP on Red and Blue vinyl (swipe for blue). #convergecult #converge #equalvision #janedoe @ Brighton Music Hall
  10. And ordered from B&N. $30.48 free shipped. Got charged tax.
  11. What's the 25% off code? I will order tonight! I found it...got a pop-up for it. GETGIFTING
  12. Some folks on the Deja Entinder FB group are saying it's 180g.
  13. Posted on the FB group: SPOILER: The "limited edition" bundle includes: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Black Vinyl Small satchel of potpourri/dried roses Poster Turntable mat Booklets Pretty underwhelming for that price...
  14. Anyone going to buy tix for her stadium shows? I did the whole TM Verified Fan thing but didn't get far into it. But I know I'm very likely not even going to bother. Tix are hella expensive...and it's stadiums. I don't have the patience for that nonsense.
  15. Got shipping notice as well. Should see it on Monday 12/11 according to the tracking. And the label's disclaimer about damage is laughable. It's just their out for not only taking so long to send it but also doing so during what's typically starting to be the busiest USPS days which we all know guarantees delayed packages but also damaged no matter what. Smart move, Procrastinate, smart move.