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  1. And ordered from Madovia. Thanks for the link!
  2. ^^ YES!!! That guy was intense! I felt so much for him and his selfless-ness. It moved me. I've met and known a couple of family friends who were and involved in the Vietnam war and sitting down hearing their stories...esp. as I got older and understood and grasped things better...it all shook me to the core and jarred me. Same goes for some older friends who have dealt things in the middle east militarily.
  3. I've been watching it so far and it's very fascinating. I'm a sucker for history overall and this is has me at attention. Esp. given that TR+AR are involved. I gave the soundtrack/score a run-through tonight and it's fantastic. Definitely falls somewhere in between the sounds & textures & feels that they've done with TGWTDT and Gone Girl. Very subtle and background-ish and disturbing in a "is it really there?" feel to it.
  4. ^^ WHOA!!!! Where did you order it from? I am really digging that variant!
  5. Mine arrived today. Yeah, the BB LP mailer sucks balls. Even worse than the ones used in the UK which I'm always bitching about. It was beat to hell but thankfully the records are OK. The "box" jacket was not severely damaged thankfully. Minor crimp at top right where the opening for the sleeves and records are. There are seam splits happening though in the sleeves. Overall though...not going to complain much considering the price snafu from BB. I have a copy coming in from Amoeba so once it gets here, I'll decide which to open.
  6. Who would've thought these were such hot releases? Indifferent about her and her music but man...nostalgia is a real bitch, I guess.
  7. As posted on ETS: And also brief note about the packaging: "it's three (sturdy cardstock(?)) picture sleeves in a sturdy outer slipcase. side F is blank but still has an image printed label. nothing too fancy but a vast improvement over, say, the fragile deviations. it also sounds pristine, just like all the recent pressings. "
  8. Watching TVW and so far I haven't been able to pick up on any new music. The score so far is comprised of tracks from TSN and TGWTDT. At least what I'm able to really hear.
  9. OK. So said fuck it and also ordered off that Best Buy link. Let's see how it plays out. The first episode side of the series is already DVR'd. I'm a bit drunk right now so will watch later. I want to pay attention and absorb the music.
  10. Just saw the Riot Fest set list. It's pretty varied & concise as it's been in past few years and accommodates new stuff. But goddamn, I wish they would drop "Closer" from it. It was a great song but as a jaded gazillion years NIN fan, sure it's the song that "broke them" further into the mainstream, but it makes me feel it's when the Joe lunchbox meatheads got hip & jumped on the NIN bandwagon. Plus it got insanely overplayed. So much so that I've come dislike & almost hate it. Even so much so that in all latter day times I seen NIN live (all 50+ times), as soon as they start playing it, I've turn around with my back facing the band in protest. I'm surely alone & silly in the sentiment, but hey that's me.
  11. In case anyone is wondering...the actual The Vietnam War special mini-series is airing on Sunday 9/17 on PBS. I'm going to set my DVR for sure. I'm a sucker for documentary films anyways. Having TR+AR doing the soundtrack is an added bonus.