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  1. unknown pleasures

    R.E.M. - Document on gold vinyl

    I dunno, describes most people’s marriages pretty accurately in my opinion...
  2. He meant the $99 Canadian Dollar Store. That’s, like, 40 cents.
  3. Duh - of course! Now I feel like an idiot...
  4. I never understood the point of cleaning vinyl when you’re just going to frame it and hang it on the wall, anyway...
  5. unknown pleasures

    Rare Vinyl in Poor Condition

    I only buy poor records in rare condition.
  6. Sometime in the future. Possibly.
  7. unknown pleasures


    This is the way you do a limited edition: reasonably priced, a good press run, and full disclosure that a less ornate version is coming down the line.
  8. I don’t think either of you was being a gentlemen, but the hostility towards you isn’t isolated to this single member in this single thread, it’s all over this message board, so the most obvious pattern I see is you. I think some of the stuff people have said to you is pretty crass and other things just silly or amusing but they’re usually in response to things you’ve said or done and you don’t take the high road very often. I’m not trying to be holier-than-thou and I’m sure I’ve made a remark or two about you myself over the years but, again, you have to ask yourself: are these people saying these things to me for no reason or am I providing justification? As I’ve said both here and other threads, I actually like having you around, you post some good info in the Mondo threads and elsewhere and I do find some of your replies to things amusing but sometimes it’s like you’re being an ass just to rile people up and I don’t think that’s cool.
  9. Ben is ok at contributing, at least in the threads I’m interested in, but I don’t understand why he sometimes has to post such dickish responses like the one above (the Trying to...? one). I don’t mind that he flips, who knows how many lurkers do without contributing a single piece of useful information, it’s really just the jerkish, sarcastic, “Who, me?!” reactions that bother me.
  10. unknown pleasures

    Urban Outfitters Exclusive Vinyl & Sale Discussion

    IMO anything you buy from UO is a loser edition.
  11. unknown pleasures


    I believe if an offer is accepted, it shows the price struck through and says “Best Offer” so solid green like that means asking price.
  12. unknown pleasures

    RSD Release Left Overs

    What an amazing endorsement for your inventory system...
  13. unknown pleasures

    About the sound quality of picture discs

    Expect every picture disc to sound awful. If it doesn’t, that’s a nice little bonus.
  14. I’ve had a couple of packing masterpieces from them as well which is why I no longer order from them. Banquet - the only shop that protects their cardboard mailer inside the album cover.™