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  1. Black Moth Super Rainbow - Panic Blooms

    How many bonus tracks are on the patch?

    You'd think that but this is already the second run of this box set after the initial Kickstarter exclusive raised a million dollars above their goal, and those have been going for $200-300 on eBay (they retailed at the same price as these) so there's obviously some strong demand for this.
  3. Sad but at first glance I thought that said Beyond the Gapes.
  4. Doesn’t this line up pretty closely with RSD? Wouldn’t be surprised if it’s some sort of European exclusive.
  5. I think it’s out of a character enough for Shields to even let the public hear what was a supposed “unacceptable” pressing with the TPs, to think that’s the version he’d prefer is madness - especially when you consider it was a bonus inclusion with some orders, so going forward anyone buying it would be getting the “worse” pressing. I have no doubt he’d have happily sat on this repress another decade without hesitation if the final product was anything less than perfection to him.
  6. My tracking info: Estimated ship date: Maprilary 47, 347 Estimated arrival date: Jantober 5763, Stardate 6765
  7. PO NOW: Frank Ocean - Endless

    I’ve got preorders that are older than these kids.
  8. I fly Hooters Air every chance I get.
  9. In Soviet Russia, the wings stop you!!
  10. Ways this is a problem: 1. They used the “one-time” pressing line as a selling point, then released a new one which is identical save for color and edition size (both of which are arguably better on the second). Several people on the board debated buying it because of the possibility it would be available cheaper elsewhere, or without international shipping, but ended up going through with the purchase for fear they wouldn’t have another chance. 2. They weren’t upfront about the possibility of other variants until the first one already sold out, and even then they just gave a vague hint until this morning when it went up for sale. 3. The new variant is more limited (and objectively nicer looking) than the first, a big “screw you” to the people that made the first one sell out in the first place. How many of those 300 buyers would have preferred this one instead? 4. Because it was announced and put up for sale shortly after the first one shipped, those loyal preorder people didn’t have a chance to ask for an exchange if they would have preferred this one, or even first dibs if they wanted one of each. 5. The label clearly sees this as somewhat scummy, which is why they’re pulling out the “It’s being sold on eBay! We’re just trying to meet demand!” excuse, but addressed it by releasing an even rarer variant which at best won’t do squat to eBay sales and at worst will cause a whole new run for the clear vinyl version. 6. Nitpicking, but they also used the “we made this pressing more expensive so you should be happy you got in early” excuse when the difference is only a few bucks and for that you get colored vinyl (we’ll, clear...) and a run of one-third fewer copies. Just my opinion. I see the people who don’t think it’s a big deal and get what they’re saying, but personally these things bug me.
  11. No problem, I totally understand. This whole release is like a one giant joke wrapped in a nightmare topped with a steaming turd. Nested in Donald Trump’s hair.
  12. Just so we’re clear, are you trying to explain to me that a joke I made I my own post was a joke?
  13. It also gave them time to raise their postage rates by a few pounds/dollars. That clear vinyl is known for its heft.
  14. Exactly. As I mentioned above, it was clear from the label's own words that they didn't plan to stop at the pressing of 300, they alluded to more stuff coming pretty heavily, but I didn't imagine it would be on clear vinyl and pressed in fewer (?!) quantities than the first? At this rate, we'll be getting a color-in-color /100 next week, a lathe cut /50 the week after and eventually a 1/1 liquid filled with hand-painted sleeve sometime in June - that one'll really help cool down the bidding on eBay.
  15. In the label's defense, the fault is really on those of us that didn't cancel our preorder when in November they said on this very board: Although at the time, I didn't realize what they really meant was: