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  1. Question - cleaning old vinyl from a skip

    This is the only guy that can solve your skip problem:

    I think you're confusing it with the OST for Sinbad's genie movie, which was 100% vinyl only.
  3. PO now: Zola Jesus "okovi"

    Sacred Bones limited edition stuff is weird. It either sells out within hours or sits there for months.
  4. In situations like this where the complaints came months after the original preorder, I think most of the refunds were processed by PayPal and/or the credit card issuer at a loss. The label probably kept any money they pocketed and thus don't know who had been refunded and who never cancelled (unless you emailed them directly and asked for a refund/cancellation but it doesn't look like many people did that, or were successful if they did).
  5. Official Newbury Comics Reissue Thread

    Yeah, you can argue about their pricing model and the need for some of the things they choose to release, but no one has as nice a "retailer exclusive" thing going as Newbury Comics.
  6. I think it was pretty clear that we're all getting guitars in addition to the record.
  7. Cleaned Vinyl with Windex - now it crackles

    In OP's defense, if American Windex had a crazy King Arthur sword in its logo like German Windex does, I'd probably assume it could clean anything, too:
  8. Cleaned Vinyl with Windex - now it crackles

    The German equivalent to Modest Mouse:
  9. PO Now: (Thee) Oh Sees - Orc

    All we are is dust in the wind......
  10. Post Your Record Storage Area

    So, just out of curiosity, what's the highest anyone has stacked Kallax shelves? Would a 2x2 on top of a 2x4 stacked vertically be asking for trouble?
  11. VNYL

    This is truly the thread that keeps on giving.
  12. [PO]: Skinny Puppy - Remission & Bites

    I'll always love Skinny Puppy but your post really drives home the fact that neither the band nor the labels they associate with are winning a spelling bee anytime soon.
  13. Apologize about my last topic

    The ultimate realization of its full potential.
  14. Faint, cosmetic marks on vinyl

    They're left there by the dancing cats that work in the pressing plant, carefully sleeving each LP one at a time.
  15. Arcade Fire- Everything Now

    I'm don't understand why people are taking offense to me saying their sound has changed - which it obviously has - and saying it isn't my thing - which is just opinion. Yes, Reflektor was only one album ago but that's why I said "especially." Would you have been happier if I said the seeds for their current sound were sown with tracks like Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)? I was trying not to write a Rolling Stone review...