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  1. Hey guys, I loved Doubt but can't seem to enjoy this record as much as I wanted to. I have the swirl/splatter variant /300. Anyone interested in trading something for it? PM me! Thanks
  2. Hey guys, I loved Doubt but can't seem to enjoy this record as much as I wanted to. I have the swirl/splatter variant. I know a lot of people missed out in the thread; does anyone want to trade something for it? Posted in the FS thread, too.
  3. After hearing these two songs I'm completely blown away. Maybe I'm just being a fanboy.
  4. Bump -- Liz put out a new 7" last night and posted the special edition repressing of Ruins. Have at it!
  5. Shiiiittttt. Major thanks to you!
  6. Just found out about this guy and streamed the record today. Seems like something people here might be into! Definitely not your typical Majestic Casual artist. Really beautiful instrumental songs with small sections of minimal beats, field recordings, etc. Pressing out of 200. I've never dealt with Majestic Casual and they ship out of Germany (I think) so I'm kind of nervous but don't mind taking the chance.
  7. Hey guys, I have a VG+ Lost in the Sound of Separation boxset for sale, #256. I should say mint condition; however, the sharp sawblade discs have poked through their sleeves and there is a small ding on the cover slip. (I imagine most copies have these faults, just due to the nature of the boxset.) Asking $120 shipped. I can provide pictures, as well! Also a copy of Converge -- Jane Doe (Red, 2nd Press) for $30 shipped. Thanks!
  8. This just arrived but the postal worker bent it in half! Major bummer. Anybody have any history with Triple Crown's customer service?
  9. Woaw, this packaging is so rad. Woaw, this packaging is so rad.
  10. I was way too young when their first record came out and didn't discover it until high school. To be honest, I always had a hard time connecting with how overly emotional the lyrics were but stuck around for the musicianship. This new record is so lush and amazing. Someone said they never skipped a beat with their chops and they were correct. Mike's voice is easier to digest this time around and even though it sounds a bit lazy to some people, he sounds comfortable and content. I think it's great; however, I am an Owen fan. When the whole band comes in during "Where Are We Now?"?? Chills. So excited to have this record in my hands.
  11. There's no way it could've sold out already, right?