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  1. Time to press the panic button. To my experiences, Hot Topic has been very sporadic with notifications. Both with ship-to-store and to my house. Sometimes I get step by step notifications, other times one, sometimes none.
  2. Awesome, got my greedy, grubby hands on the Suicide Season. So many page refreshes on my phone waiting on that one. Just caught Horizon the other night in Chicago, too. Awesome show, minus their setlist being nearly identical, if not identical, to their last U.S. tour. Still a really good time though, and worth the road trip.
  3. Nothing worse. I've swung and missed at a couple Hot Topic records recently. This and Horizon's Suicide Season. Though not refreshing as frequently as the guy pictured below, I was watching the thread like a hawk for those two releases. A couple days busy and a refresh later and better luck next time. When you guys think about these full time flippers, who do you imagine behind the keyboard, anyways? Anybody other than this guy?
  4. How are you guys liking the new song No Lives Matter?? I think it's one of the best songs I've heard in a long time. In the essence that it gets me excited. It's such a great blend of old school Ice-T and Body Count with new school flavor. To me, it's very reminiscent of Cop Killer, but it still sounds brand new and fresh. It's very political times, and these guys spear into the heart of it, and are so dead on with their message. Hopefully it spreads. I'm excited for this album.
  5. Can we still call you Travis at least? Inspectah Deck? Will you stay true to your screen name and leave it a mystery? The Hot Topic thread is BACK.
  6. $25. As far as vinyl goes, I don't keep up with Protest all that much (I really should, those guys kick ass), so I'm not sure if this is widely available or not, but they had an $80 box set that has each song on the new album (or EP) on it's own 7", with its instrumental on the B-side. I would've loved to've grabbed it but I did no have an extra $80 burning a hole in my pocket.
  7. I'll 3rd that if anybody finds a copy of that Suicide Season, I'll be happy to purchase. Let me take out the world's smallest violin as I say it's the only variant of BMTH I've missed out on & don't have. I've got some pictures floating around this site somewhere of my Horizon variant collection. Suppose I could update it with all these new presses. Anyways, I was watching the site like a hawk, several times a week at least, ever since Travis mentioned it. I was the only one that said anything to him about it when he brought it up. Low and behold, a busy holiday weekend goes by, a refresh later & it had come & gone. I'll take a stab in the dark & guess that they will repost them eventually. I've hassled them on Twitter, Facebook & even emailed them, & they give pretty vague answers. I would assume if they were completely gone, they would just say so. Instead it's "Yeah, they were pulled, and we're not sure what's going on with them. We will send your feedback along." Might be wrong, who knows, but I'm on the hunt for one in the mean time.
  8. Did anybody notice the album cover on this new press is the same picture as the backdrop they used for the original Messengers tour, which was the first backdrop they ever had made? A little shinfo for ya.
  9. I am looking to buy a set of Canada-only records that I can't get shipped to the U.S. If somebody can help me out, they'd have to get the records shipped to their Canadian address, and then ship that box to me in the U.S. Anybody who has the time & desire to help out a fellow board member leave a reply or PM me. Thanks in advance!
  10. Saw these guys tonight in Minneapolis, and my God, what a fun show. In approximately 40 minutes they played a solid balance of everything in their catalog, the new stuff sounding killer live, and the crowd was as good as the band. One of the better sets I've seen in a while. I hope you guys are catching this tour if you've got the opportunity!
  11. Was it ever confirmed if these are going to be digital-only? I'm assuming for now that's the case, anyways... Only place I see a deluxe edition for sale is iTunes.
  12. Great price too, $38 it looks like. Both the bundles that included the screen print covers for From Parts Unknown were $100 plus about $15 to ship.