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  1. PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    It made me happy seeing this.......knowing in 20 years this will be what kids look through in thrift/op shop bins like we do with shitty 80/90s mixes
  2. Hope you get one!!!! I gotta stop buying decks hahahah too many on the walls not enough being riden
  3. If you jump on the Element Insta they listed a whole heap of local skate shops.....dont think they were specifically element stores.....might have some luck and if not they might snag a couple of the upcoming ones
  4. 30 seconds it said on the Element Insta......some available in store but i guess they will all be gone as well
  5. Would love a Bam deck......Going to be pretty hard to scoop with the hype
  6. Picked up a Signed Joel Birch Amity DIY deck recently.....pretty stoked on that And also managed to find an Architects Signed Deck......Signed by the band including the late great Tom Searle......Beyond stoked
  7. Yeh might get on that then......do like a MOV press
  8. I had a play through twice today.....felt i got some slight IGD on sides 2 and 3.....otherwise its great.....forgot how much i love this album Really want to see if the MOV variant differs so may pick that up as well
  9. My SRC pre order came in yesterday.....package looks insane I ended up with the clear/Black but frothing that red press im seeing. Yet to play it.....hopefully it sounds killer
  10. Northlane - MESMER - OUT NOW

    Colourwave video just dropped and they showed a 7" flexi on an insta story the other day......so more Northlane vinyl incoming.
  11. PO - Slipknot - Day of Gusano

    Day of The Gusano Deluxe Limited Editio (3LP/DVD) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B074R4KSXT/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_8YiRzbZF6ZBX4
  12. Vinyl Details Colored Vinyl! DVD with 3XLP vinyl. Album Details Directed by SLIPKNOT’s own M.Shawn Crahan, aka ‘Clown’, “Day of The Gusano” documents the band’s first ever visit to the country in Dec 2015 and features exclusive interviews with SLIPKNOT’s members talking about the importance of their fanbase and the band’s long awaited first ever show in Mexico City. The film also chronicles the rabid devotion of the Mexican maggots and sees the band hearing emotive stories from some of their fans, all interspersed w/ footage from their incendiary live show. Tracklisting Sarcastrophe The Heretic Anthem Psychosocial The Devil In I Me Inside Vermilion Wait And Bleed Prosthetics Before I Forget Eeyore Duality Custer Spit It Out Medley: Metabolic / 742617000027 (Sic) People = Shit Medley: Surfacing / Til We Die Sarcastrophe The Heretic Anthem Psychosocial https://www.srcvinyl.com/slipknot-day-of-the-gusano-3xlp.html
  13. 25AP 5178-9 Sony CBS 2Lp Japanese Pressings are my favourite for sure
  14. They have been doing a pretty thorough job as well so maybe we will......hopefully the full track list as well....uk release has The Wait left out