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  1. This is a notification to let you know that the release date of Mudvayne - The End of All Things To Come 2XLP (Clear w/ Black Smoke) in your order #100146092 has been changed to Jul 14, 2017. Reason: Delayed by supplier
  2. Those look pretty rad......love the last one....have the long sleeve of it
  3. Not going to lie ........i dont like it.......Super Kringy in parts......not a fan Might change if/when i see them live.....Happened with Earthwalker
  4. I got to see 6 shows on the DM tour.....2 shows were almost the same set......but the other 4 shows were completely different to each other.......Melbourne, Aus.....we were spoilt in those last 3 shows of the DM World Tour The sets they are playing at the moment dont seem to hold any suprises.....but ya never know.....hopefully you will see Dyers Eve or some rare KEA RTL or Puppets tracks
  5. Ive downloaded all the shows ive been too except 2004 pre LiveMetallica.com Jealous you're seeing em......cant wait for an Aus tour
  6. SRC took the cash from me
  7. This landed today in Australia. Its a fucking beast.....sounds rad.....well Packaged. Hopefully they release some more live shit on vinyl from this cycle Between this and the House of Vans Bootleg im feeling a little spoilt
  8. He sure did hahaha one of the best Festival sets ive ever seen.........Tool were amazing that night if i remember correctly
  9. I was at the Melbourne show for that.....was pretty rad
  10. I think it was the colour....these wernt suppose to be pressed? I think? I still ordered in case /100 is hard to come by
  11. Not really......comfortable......but wish i didnt variant collect sometimes. I did pre order theses.......its cheaper to buy 2 or more records from EU merch now than it is to buy from 24hundred
  12. According to UNFD these are not right and will not be released
  13. New Clowns Album in this week and a new EU press of Bad Blood.....go have a listen....they rule
  14. Also they are all coming out orange.....some with slight hints of purple
  15. Yeh this is the one and only one ill be getting......the 2 songs released eere mediocre but apparently the album gets a heap better...... Hopefully