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  1. What Test Presses do you own?

    I have purchased and sold/traded a couple now i only own 3..... - Bodyjar - Role Model - UNFD 10/10 - Pulp Fiction - Simply Vinyl TP /10? - The Used - Artwork - Reprise /10?
  2. The shit thing is someone will buy it. All the other TPs were $100-250. $250 is still ridiculous, but i was there with mates who dropped the cash. Just not $500
  3. $500 test press of a Northlane Live album at 24Hundred store ....still hasnt sold
  4. new tattoo appresh

    Sat at a convention today in Melbourne "Rites of Passage" was very interesting to sit with crowds of people walking past, it was distracting and really fun Got this just below the knee.....Cheeky Bommy Knocker hahaha Having fun with this artist, have a couple in the same style/colour scheme now and definitely getting more.....he's a Legend @Tattoosbycharlos on insta
  5. I just landed a massive C&C collection and while im wanting to keep as many as possible im aware i could probably do a straight trade on some things the main records i have are Covers Pt.1 - Black Purple Green & Clear Sometimes RSD Screen Print Sometimes 10yr Teal Prees Covers Pt 2. 1st Press Covers Pt 3. 1st Press I have almost everything else as well so shoot me a pm if you're after anything specific Based in Australia
  6. Records You Are Lucky To Own

    Odd they were not signing Crisis LPs in the Posts today for RSD. I think they may still hold out on this one for a while.......Watch Out Coloured press has to be hiding at DA as well
  7. WTB August Burns Red

    isnt the Leveler Clear with Green still available? was hell cheap last time i went looking
  8. oh rad......Not hangin on hope for an Aussie run though
  9. Pretty sure the acetone will kill the cover......ill give some of these things a shot on a test sleeve and see how i go...... Will report back for future reference No
  10. Yeh sorry guys.....thought it was a straigjt forward one....... Sigs are made out to someone......just looking at removing the persons name
  11. the runout groove is as listed on discogs and everything else matches up i dont have another to compare to
  12. Picked up one of those cheaper Full Circles that have been floating around.....Arrived sealed so i thought it was a repress for sure.......Turns out everything matches to the OG press. The record itself must have moved around a bit over the years because its got a heap of hairline scratches that dont affect sound..... Bargain or a reseal.....Either way im spinning it now and im stoked