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  1. Not really......comfortable......but wish i didnt variant collect sometimes. I did pre order theses.......its cheaper to buy 2 or more records from EU merch now than it is to buy from 24hundred
  2. According to UNFD these are not right and will not be released
  3. New Clowns Album in this week and a new EU press of Bad Blood.....go have a listen....they rule
  4. Also they are all coming out orange.....some with slight hints of purple
  5. Yeh this is the one and only one ill be getting......the 2 songs released eere mediocre but apparently the album gets a heap better...... Hopefully
  6. This is hope......thank you :beer:
  7. Lucky you guys.....would have been rad I picked up the House of Vans Boot with a similar if not the same set and they sounded pretty good
  8. Guess they would probably be saving anything from those eras for the Deluxe Box Sets........Which would be cool.....Bring on MOP and AJFa
  9. Pretty cool.......Definitely picking it up.....Recently got a Bootleg of the House of Vans show and they are sounding pretty good
  10. LIVE AT WEBSTER HALL, NEW YORK, NY – SEPTEMBER 27TH, 2016 (3LP) **This is a pre-order product. Your credit card will not be charged until the item has shipped.** Live album from Metallica's sold-out Fifth Members-only Webster Hall show on September 27th, 2016! Includes the live debut of “Moth Into Flame.” Limited edition Newly mastered for vinyl 140 gram 3LP + digital download Mixed by Greg Fidelman, recorded by Mike Gillies, digital editing by Dan Monti and Sara Lyn Killion, mastered by Chris Bellman at Bernie Grundman Mastering Currently only available on Metallica.com and in pop-up stores in select cities on the band’s North American WorldWired 2017 Tour. Released on Blackened Recordings Tracklist Disc One / Side A Breadfan Holier Than Thou Battery Harvester of Sorrow Disc One / Side B Fade to Black Moth Into Flame Disc Two / Side C Sad But True Orion Disc Two / Side D One Master of Puppets Disc Three / Side E For Whom The Bell Tolls Enter Sandman Encore Jam Whiskey In The Jar Disc Three / Side F Hardwired Seek & Destroy Orders expected to begin shipping before street date on May 5th. *Limit one (1) per customer.
  11. Get to see these guys on Wednesday in a small as shit venue.....going to be mental
  12. Friends, Today we are overjoyed to announce that our new album ‘Ark’ will be released via UNFD / Rise Records on May 26th. To mark this epic new chapter for In Hearts Wake, we present to you our brand new film clip for ‘Passage’, which was co-directed and written by Jake. You can pre-order Ark wherever you are in the world - we have a beautiful series of limited edition VINYL, CDs and merch that are all available to be purchased separately. You can check them all out here: https://ihw.lnk.to/Ark We will also be launching a unique project initiative called 'We Are Waterborne' very soon. We are currently on tour in the UK & Europe, and will be returning home to Australia for our largest headline tour to date. Limited tickets are still available at inheartswake.com. Thank you for your continued support, prepare yourselves... Jake, Ben, Kyle, Eaven & Conor - In Hearts Wake PRESSING INFO Yellow w/ Blue Splatter (Reef)- 1200 Worldwide (430 AU, 300 USA, 470 EU/UK) Picture Disc - 440 Worldwide (210 AU, 150 USA, 80 EU/UK) Blue w/ Gold Splatter (Sundial) - 610 Worldwide (210 AU, 150 USA, 250 EU/UK) Half Aqua Marine/Half White Opaque (Shoreline) - 460 Worldwide (210 AU, 150 USA, 100 EU/UK) TRACKLISTING Ark Passage Nomad Frequency Warcry Waterbone Arrow Flow Overthrow Elemental Totality Now
  13. My main goals currently are to increase my Back Squats, Bench and Incline Dumbell Bench Press...... At the moment my Squat session is..... 2 Sets of 10 Reps at 60kgs/132lbs 2 Sets of 8 Reps at 80kgs/176lbs 3 Sets of 5 Reps at 100kgs/220lbs 1 Set of 5 Reps at 110kgs/242lbs 1 Set of 5 Reps at 115kgs/253lbs Bench Press Session gets up to 80kgs (as of today) Incline DB Bench Gets up to 60kgs (30kgs DBs) Ive been running the same routine for the last 2 months and am looking at expanding/changing up what exercises im doing......Currently weight about 90kgs....up to 94 some weeks Anyone got a good run down of what they would do on there days? - Leg - Chest - Shoulder - Back - Arms Always looking for tips or new routines to keep my interest
  14. Massive Bump but i feel there was a lot of info here that ill look through..... Started getting Massive in gym and weights and have been progressively lifting heavier and heavier as the months go on I generally have a couple of holidays a year and set goals to reach before those holidays......many revolving around Snowboarding and some hot weather vacations. Im back trying a 5/6 day split with Legs, Chest, Shoulders, Back, Arms What are some splits people here are running? Hows everyone from the start of thread going? Still lifting/gyming and progress?
  15. Wonder if the Amazon press will be red.....hope so