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  1. Yeh not playing that game.....picked up both knowing how IM vinyl is and had them shipped to a mate in the US Fuck $80 is crazy.....hopefully its quite a bit better but i doubt it
  2. PO: August Burns Red - "Phantom Anthem"

    Had a listen through this afternoon..... Quake is a ripper I feel the vocals get a bit drowned out in the first half of the album....nothings overly clear vocal wise Hopefully my records arrive soonish
  3. Where did you see this? Cant seem to find it...... Also.....very keen
  4. PO: August Burns Red - "Phantom Anthem"

    Shattered.....thought we were done haha
  5. Great package as usual and sounds rad.......Hope more live stuff comes along
  6. Melbourne’s genre-defying and electrifying force in music, Ecca Vandal, today reveals the release date of her self-titled, debut album alongside her new single and official video ‘Future Heroine.’ Ecca Vandal the album will be unleashed into the world on October 20 and to mark it’s release Ecca today announces she will be heading out across the country for a massive, not-to-be-missed, 10-date, national headline tour throughout November. Special guests to be announced and tickets ON SALE NOW. Ecca Vandal rules......And Signed records https://www.musicglue.com/ecca-vandal/?utm_source=OriginalLink&utm_campaign=EccaVandalEccaVandal20170921&utm_medium=genericlink&utm_content=&utm_umguk=m.facebook.com%2F
  7. PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    It made me happy seeing this.......knowing in 20 years this will be what kids look through in thrift/op shop bins like we do with shitty 80/90s mixes
  8. Hope you get one!!!! I gotta stop buying decks hahahah too many on the walls not enough being riden
  9. If you jump on the Element Insta they listed a whole heap of local skate shops.....dont think they were specifically element stores.....might have some luck and if not they might snag a couple of the upcoming ones
  10. 30 seconds it said on the Element Insta......some available in store but i guess they will all be gone as well
  11. Would love a Bam deck......Going to be pretty hard to scoop with the hype
  12. Picked up a Signed Joel Birch Amity DIY deck recently.....pretty stoked on that And also managed to find an Architects Signed Deck......Signed by the band including the late great Tom Searle......Beyond stoked