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  1. $40 PD too much to pull the trigger.
  2. Bucketh{r}ead

    If you ever decide to part with that cassette... PM me!

    Davy Law at NCR was saying AMMA will get a repress probably in late April, which is nice. I have all the cassettes, but I kind of want to get AMMA on vinyl this time, only because the dub of the cassettes was kinda bad.
  4. SOUL, FUNK, and BLUES Record Thread

    Other than the Midnight In Tokyo and Tokyo Nights compilations, are there any other real good vinyl compilations of great Japanese City Pop/Funk/Boogie etc? I'd love to grab a bunch of the old original records, but shipping a bunch of different records from resellers on Japan tends to add up.
  5. Cassette storage

    Ikea spice racks for hanging on the wall. Work perfectly and look nice. I have six of them. They hold about 21 cassettes each. You can wood stain them too for a different color.
  6. Video Game OSTs v2.0

    When they gonna press that ODST soundtrack. Now that's a good score to listen to.
  7. Video Game OSTs v2.0

    Glad the soundtrack list is available for the Sonic Mania one. it's missing some of my favorite songs from the OST, including the re-done Green Hill zone, as well as the opening animation song, which IMO is the best song off the soundtrack. If it was a little cheaper with shipping to the $US, I'd buy it. Can't afford $40 for this : /
  8. The album is out now, but still no physical release as of yet. It'll probably come soon. Sorry if this post causes a false alarm. Here is the link though in case anyone wants to listen before buying. Pretty groovy indeed. https://flamingosis1.bandcamp.com/album/a-groovy-thing
  9. Still so bummed I slept on the cassettes. I remember seeing this thread from day one and thinking "i'll get it later..." really hope they decide to repress the cassette too. Can't justify paying $60-80+ on discogs.
  10. I know this is dumb to ask, and not adding anything new to this thread but I figured why not and ask just for the hell of it... Does anyone have a copy (or even an extra) of 2814 - Birth of a New Day on cassette that they'd consider selling? I'm always active on the FB vaporwave cassette club, and have the discog notifications of when a new one gets sold, and even regularly check the dead r/vaporwavecassettes sub-reddit, just to see if anyone is selling one for a non-ridiculous discogs price. The cheapest I've even seen lately is $75 which is still crazy for a cassette. I know there is plans to repress the vinyl in late summer, but there's no confirmation of the cassette. Just figured I'd ask. I've slept on buying that for so long. I remember when the pre-orders were up on this forum when they first started, and I never budged. Kicking myself now. Oh well. For any of those who have one, congrats!
  11. I totally missed out on this btw, if anyone has a copy they want to sell. Thanks.
  12. https://newmasterpiece.bandcamp.com/album/--10
  13. I know it's a long shot, but does anyone here think or may know of a 2814 - Birth of a New Day, Cassette repress ever happening? I know they're planning to re-press the vinyl, but I slept so hard on per-ordering BOTH times the cassette was available. The $50 discog prices are still too much for me too.
  14. Link to the vaporwave cassette club? That'd be cool.