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  1. Went into it looking at it as an EDM so song and it was pretty good. Not enough to make me preorder it, but it's wasn't the atrocity everyone else made it seem.
  2. Two of my favorite records that I own are 10", I listen to these all the time and definitely recommend grabbing them: Leon Bridges - Louisiana Sun The Lumineers - Winter EP
  3. Got Space Jam from Port of Sound! portofsoundrecords.com
  4. Looking for Space Jam, please let me know if you see it, thanks!
  5. My buddy and I woke up at 4, drove an hour and a half to soundgarden in Baltimore. At 615 we were in the 30s in line. I wanted space jam, he wanted marcy playground. They said they got no marcy's and space jam was long gone before we got up there. Went to a 2nd store that had normal inventory to look at while waiting in line. While we were doing that someone cut the line in front of us and one other guy. We watched him grab the last marcy right in front of us. Probably won't waste my time with RSD again, just try online. Needless to say we're still looking for those if someone could me out let me know, thanks!
  6. Has anyone done RSD at Soundgarden in Baltimore? The store closest to me got 3 copies of a record that both my buddy and I want. Would soundgarden possibly get considerably more stock since it's a larger store? We're planning on getting there at 6, is it worth driving farther to try soundgarden? Will the long already be long by 6?
  7. I agree Rooks, I never even look at the EE portion of the board. Would love to see music all grouped together regardless of whether or not a vinyl PO exists.
  8. Thanks guys! I'm beginning to wonder if these are just generic descriptions and if it had any one of those problems that box gets checked and that description applied to the listing. I don't know haha but for $11 shipped I may just roll the dice.
  9. With all of the Amazon warehouse condition description talk we've had, I'm curious what you guys think of this one. Listed as Acceptable: Item may come repackaged. Item not in the original case. Missing shrink-wrap, activation codes for bonus online content may be missing or expired. Medium mark on disk. Small mark on insert. Large cut / scratch on insert. Large wrinkle / bend on insert. Large mark on Cover Art. Large cut / scratch on Cover Art. Large wrinkle / bend on Cover Art. I'm guessing because they detail so many specific issues that it's unlikely this shows up in good shape? Opinions?
  10. I use these outters and love them: https://www.sleevecityusa.com/3-0-outer-record-sleeves-p/9375.htm
  11. It's up on Bull Moose and is listed as clear vinyl. http://www.bullmoose.com/p/24990297/lupe-fiasco-lupe-fiascos-the-cool-2lp-clear-vinyl