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  1. Getting rid of some stuff I don't really listen to anymore. Add $4 for shipping. Almost all of these are in like new condition and I've only played them once or twice. Willing to work out deals if you buy multiples, just hit me up and I'm sure we can figure something out. Thanks! Sold Out or Rare: Childish Gambino - Heartbeat (First Pressing, Red, /1000, RSD '12) - $35 Childish Gambino - STN MTN/Kauai (First Pressing (Boot), Blue & Yellow, /300, 2xLP) - $45 Copeland - You Are My Sunshine (Second Pressing, White, /500, 2xLP) - $50 Mae - Destination: B-Sides (First Pressing, Milky Clear/Black Pinwheel, /100) - $35 Mae - Destination: Beautiful (Second Pressing, Clear with Green, Blue and White Splatter, /200) - $50 Taking Back Sunday - Tell All Your Friends (Second Pressing, Translucent Green, /1100, Alternate Cover) - $40 Others: The Black Keys - Magic Potion (Second Pressing, Black) - $14 Pierce the Veil - Misadventures (First Pressing, Red/White Marble, /1500) - $18 Taking Back Sunday - New Again (First Pressing, Black) - $16 Taking Back Sunday - Taking Back Sunday (First Pressing, Black) - $14 Taking Back Sunday - TAYF10: Acoustic (First Pressing, Bone) - $24 Taking Back Sunday - We Play Songs (First Pressing, Blue, /300, RSD '12) - $18
  2. SOUL, FUNK, and BLUES Record Thread

    After all of you guys talking up @ColemineRecords for a while now, this post ^ finally led me to check them out. Man am I sorry I haven't done that sooner, everything they release is amazing! I ordered the Durand Jones LP and the Soul Scratch LP from last year (and a shirt, I'm all in! haha). Their Spotify playlist, Colemine 101 is flawless as well. So happy to finally start supporting these guys and can't wait for these records to show up! In the meantime, I have those two albums and Sharon Jones - Soul of A Woman on a playlist on repeat. If you've been putting it off like I did, don't wait, check out Colemine ASAP! P.S. Soul of A Woman is, in my opinion, Sharon Jones' best album. I know I'm late on it, but check that one out if you haven't already too!
  3. New Website Detects Deals On Amazon

    Yes, this is awesome! Thank you!
  4. Thanks! That Pentatonix is only 7 bucks after the 30% off sale items, and I had a $5 coupon from a previous order so I got it for $2 plus shipping.
  5. Was there an expected ship date for this other than mid November? I haven't heard anything about it and can't find any information on the site anymore. Could it really have sold out? Or did they take it down?
  6. Holy shit, that's insane. So where are you seeing $35? Because 35 is much better than 60 haha I wonder if there are going to be any other exclusive retailers for this. Why would FYE be the only one.
  7. O true, I didn't even think about that. Thanks!
  8. Damn, didn't realize the original went for those insane prices. Gonna try not to order this as well, but knowing the price of the original is making that hard haha Looks like there are 332 left.
  9. How much were they selling these for?
  10. After watching this sell for over $100 for years now, this is finally getting a repress, and at a very reasonable price! Due out on December 1st. $16 at Amazon, not up on Bull Moose yet, but I'm sure they'll have it soon. https://www.amazon.com/Pollyanna-Vinyl-Northstar/dp/B0036BDPRU/ref=sr_1_1_twi_lp__3?ie=UTF8&qid=1508951498&sr=8-1&keywords=northstar+pollyanna
  11. Wu-Tang Clan "The Saga Continues"

    Sweet! Can't wait to check this out.
  12. This is only $14 on Amazon right now, not sure it'll stay that way. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B075X9V3YY/ref=od_aui_detailpages00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Loved this album back when it came out, listened to it all last week when I heard about the pre-order, it holds up very well.