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  1. I got one a few weeks ago to have something to do on some flights. It's been awesome so far. On my first flight, the screens in my section of the plane quit working so everyone was pissed they couldn't watch movies anymore. My brother and I were able to play some Mario Kart on the Switch, and it was awesome. On my flight home I ended up sitting next to the drummer from Wolf Parade. I should have offered to let him play some Mario Kart with me. haha
  2. I'm loving this. Thanks for posting it! I saw Mono last night and Subrosa opened. Excellent as always. On the way in the venue was giving out free tickets for a couple shows, so I'm seeing Pallbearer on Monday and Big Business next month.
  3. Normally I RSVP to events on Facebook, but this one just slipped through the cracks.
  4. Alcest was here yesterday and I forgot about it. Kicking myself today. : (
  5. This will be my third time. First was on the Hawk is Howling tour and second was the Rave Tapes tour last year. This should be an interesting experience because they're playing Atomic in it's entirety and screening the film.
  6. I'm seeing them tomorrow night. I'll report back.
  7. Room is so good. I'll have to check out Emily Reo.
  8. I might be taking a trip to Portland and Seattle to see Radiohead in April.
  9. Nice. Kind of reminds me of an old Postal Service shirt I have.
  10. Same thing happened here, except for skipping work. Ours was supposed to happen last Sunday.
  11. Sixth post down on this page. I put it all in a spoiler because there were a lot of photos.
  12. Wait, I thought my gift was from you. Was I wrong?
  13. I'm super late in posting, but here it is!