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  1. NJDevils1214

    Project Motor Replacement Help

    This is why I decided to make the thread. The list was saying I should have the 230v but the model they show in the picture is not the same as the one that is currently in the turntable. I wish Pro-ject was more helpful with this sort of thing. This could end up costing me a lot of money if I just go with trial and error which is a shame since the debut carbon isn't exactly cheap.
  2. About a year ago my Project Debut Carbon did not turn on. The power supply was very hot, so I assumed I burned it out somehow. It took me a while, due to life reasons and laziness, for me to get around to buying another one. Fast forward to two nights ago and I hook everything up with the new power supply from Pro-Ject and I get the same result... So I need some help figuring out which new motor I need. The manual and motor themselves offer little help in figuring out what one I need exactly as it is devoid of an exact model or part number. Here is the webiste with the list: http://www.analogueseduction.net/project-upgrades-parts-accessories/pro-ject-replacement-turntable-motors.html Here is the picture of the one I have: https://imgur.com/a/xdl4t I bought it a while ago but I don't have that many hours on it. Fairly disappointed about the motor issues so soon and the customer service from the company is dismal. Thanks everyone for the help!
  3. NJDevils1214

    A/C Adapter Replacement

    My bad, I just went into support and didn't realize it was forum related support and not general help. Thanks and sorry! Mods can lock/delete this.
  4. Hello all, My A/C adapter for my Pro-ject Debut Carbon burned out a number of weeks ago. I plugged everything in, because I just moved it to the other side of the room, and when I went to turn the TT on the platter just kind of flicked but didn't move. I checked the plugs and when I did the A/C adapter was super hot. I contact Pro-Ject about this, but got no response. Does anyone have any idea/experience with replacing them? Thanks so much!
  5. NJDevils1214

    Assistance Amp Shopping

    Thank you both for the input. Since you mentioned it, I will def try to look around for someone who might be able to fix the NAD. I had orig. ruled that out just because I live in rural NW New Jersey and just dont see that kind of service around here anymore. The issue is only with the left channel(right speaker), and playing with the volume can cause/stop the issue with no real consistency. Too bad I missed out on yard sale season, I might have been able to find something. Thanks again!
  6. Hey everyone. I've been away for a while because I have been busy at school and away from my stereo! My NAD 304 amp had developed this scratching going on in the right channel during the spring. I don't know if it is even cost efficient to have it looked at, so I am looking for a new, or gently used, stereo amp/reciever. I have never shopped for one before, this one was given to me with the B&W 303 speakers I bought when I got my turn table. I'd greatly appreciate any advice, experience, or opinions that can help guide me through the process, and I'd prefer to buy as "risk free" as possible. I can't afford to go vintage or off craigslist and end up with something that doesn't work. My price range is probably in the $100-250 range. On a side note, I was going to fix my computer but turns out I need a new MoBo and that, on top of the failing graphics card, would be really expensive and basically be a complete rebuild. I don't have that kind of money! I need music to get me through the winter =D Thanks everyone!
  7. I paid quite a bit for the picture disk like an idiot not thinking they might re-release it, In a year of re-releases I should have seen it coming. Stuck with what I have for now.
  8. NJDevils1214

    Saosin - S/T Available now from SRC

    I saw it in an email and thought the same thing. I already have the other 3 variants, I can't afford this one too and its stupid to have it repressed so soon. I'll save and wait for Translating the Name to be pressed. It is supposedly happening according to an interview with Chris after they announced they'd be playing Skate and Surf with Anthony Green this May.
  9. NJDevils1214

    Paramore Record Store Day 12 Inch!

    I wish I had Riot and this single. Problem is, no $$$$ right now.
  10. I missed this news when it first hit, but man am I stoked. I wish I could go to S&S but it would be really hard for me to get there. I would go only to see Saosin if I could. Also, TTN on vinyl will be sex.
  11. NJDevils1214

    post your set-up thread

    Love how this looks. Certainly downplayed. Dire Straits is good stuff too.
  12. NJDevils1214

    ******** The EBAY Thread ********

    That Chvrches album is probably a great listen. GL.
  13. NJDevils1214

    WTB TI-84/TI-84 Plus

    Sorry to ask here, as stupid as it is, but I lost my graphing calculator so I figured I'd ask the community if someone has one that they don't need anymore. School has ended up costing me almost $1,500 out of pocket this semester so I figured I'd appeal to the VC community to see if anyone is willing to deal me one of these. I have a limited vinyl collection, but would be willing to throw an LP in to mitigate some of the cost. I was hoping to grab one for like $30-40.
  14. Bumping this only because one of my records has a slight convex warp in it and when I get near the end of the B side, the audio becomes distorted like a weak radio station. ANGER!
  15. NJDevils1214


    Damn 50$? I would have been all over that. The cheapest I have seen it is like $170.