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  1. I don't hate the new album, but it certainly is not my favorite. I also see nothing wrong with making music to make money. It sucks when it happens to your favorite band, but people can't survive like they used to forever. They are still some of the nicest, humble and thankfully people I have ever met. I hung out with Kyle after the show in Cleveland last November for a bit, and we talked a lot about Kay Kay, WOC, his demos and so on. Dude loved that someone actually cared about Kay Kay. He bought me a beer and told me to hit him up when they are in town, or if I'm in a place they are playing.
  2. Agreed. I dig the new album, a lot. Tons of hip hop influences on it, and it paid off.
  3. I'm not sure how I feel about Rich Friends. The instrumentals are amazing, but some of the lyrics are just kinda dumb. I get what they are going for with the song, but still not feeling the lyrics. The guitar and drums on it are amazing though.
  4. The Dank Zappa EP is out on digital today, and vinyl is coming soon. New EP is great.
  5. Any recommendations for digital download games that are $20 or less? My system will be here Monday, but the games have not even shipped yet. I was debating Until Dawn, RE4 (though I've played this game a million times) or something else.
  6. Ordered one of those gold ps4 slims, Persona 5 and Uncharted 4 yesterday.
  7. Pet Symmetry - Visions Slowdive - Slowdive Hopefully Portugal. The Man - Woodstock when it comes out next week. I'm honestly really far behind on music this, so this thread has a lot of stuff for me to check out.
  8. $4 shipping for any number of records. Father John Misty - I Love You, Honeybear (2xLP, Album) $12 Sorority Noise - Forgettable (UK Version Half Pink/White /150) $30 Sorority Noise ‎- You're Not As ______ As You Think (Light Blue/White/Orange Tri-color /500) $30 Player is in great shape, and currently has Rocksbox installed on it to add more supported file formats. Everything works great, and looks great. The player does a have stamp on the bottom that says "REFURB", but it is faded and not very noticeable. This is a great little player, and with rocksbox it can play pretty much anything you throw at it. Battery life is great too. $75ppd
  9. I imagine it'd be different, since the stylus profile is different on the 2 carts. Someone on the audio-karma forums did it with the AT440.
  10. The Clearaudio cartridge is essentially a modified AT95E, and some people have taken to cutting up different AT styli and fixing them to the cart. There are some videos of it on google.
  11. I've had it sitting on my hard drive for a bit, but have yet to watch it. Maybe I will tonight.