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  1. Wish I could get off work, but I doubt it :(. Also how do I miss they out for an EP? Ordered with a quickness.
  2. Finally bought a car. 2012 VW GTI 4-Door. Not sure I like it, but it's a car for now!
  3. Nice. My friends play hockey every winter, but I never play just watch. I just hate the huge drop in temps because it fucks my sinuses up bad. I like cold too.
  4. I might be able to record a song from both this weekend.
  5. Random. I got one, but it was not advertised anywhere when I bought the bundle. I don't think they are test presses, just another press that was rejected or never sold. Has normal labels.
  6. Athletics - BFRSD

    Still no word on when these ship?
  7. Looked at a car yesterday, thought about it overnight, went to buy it this morning and some kid was there buying it already :(. Back to looking. Need one asap, it's been hell without one.
  8. They wanted $100 for it. It's not going to get that much at auction. Edit: I'm not going to buy it, since bitter at the whole situation. I can't find another RSX that is not automatic, riced out, or has a ton of miles.
  9. https://www.copart.com/lot/25016068 Someone buy my car back for me!
  10. Car shopping sucks. I just want another car like mine, but they are impossible to find.