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  1. I bet against the odds and ordered from UK sources for both the blue and the box just in case.
  2. My local shop sends out a weekly email and they also mentioned the date was pushed back - but added that it was pushed back "due to overwhelming demand so more copies could be pressed" take that for what you will... more blue copies?
  3. i definitely need 2 hands for my 12 incher HAHAHAHAHAHAHA fuck you tug
  4. boomkat always packs well. they even say in the description that they always pack well, but if you have a particularly heavy handed postman or fear for your package you can pay the OUTRAGEOUS fee of $2 for them to pack it up extra nice in a higher quality box. this is a great solution for the corner ding babies. they can pay 2 extra bucks and avoid them. i also think it's a nice addition, frankly. If I'm ordering a $120 box set of something and I want it to be protected I think an extra $2 for better packaging is a swell option to have available.
  5. it's filter/ dark wood floor behind it. it's lighter than it appears, but also probably slightly darker than the other pic because it's sitting on white sleeves in that one.
  6. First one is over an hour long so I doubt it, fam.
  7. What's up, Top? Yeah, it’s yo cousin rooks, man, just givin' you a call, man. I know you been havin' a lot on yo mind lately, and I know you feel like, you know, people ain't been patient for you shippin' out that Kendrick LP. But you have to understand this, man, that we are a cursed people. Deuteronomy 28:28 says, "The Lord shall smite thee with madness, and blindness, and delayed shipping notifications." See, Top Dawg, that's why you feel like you feel like you got a chip on your shoulder. Until you finally ship them records, you will always feel that way…
  9. got the clear niiice. thank you google translate <3
  10. Portugal was one of the best live shows I've seen. Then, shortly after American Ghetto came out they started totally shifting. Even social media presence shifted to "we Dem Bois" type shit talking about how they're the best and so hip-hop and stuff.. nothing wrong with hip-hop, I like it too, but just a huge tonal shift from the show I saw them at last where Gourley was so shy\into it that he wore a hoody and faced away from the show back by the drummer for 3\4 of the night just belting his heart out. Dunno. Something broke with these dudes and they went from being some of the most ambitious and down to earth dudes to major label pop spewers that haven't put out anything I'd remotely enjoy listening to since Satanic Satanist\American Ghetto.
  11. Mine ain't shipped yet. Damn.
  12. you fast fam. ordered. the set shall be complete!
  13. Yeah, adaptability increases how fast you chug estus and how many iframes you get on your rolls.