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  1. PO Now: The Used - The Canyon 10/27

    Lol at the fucking criteria... 10\10 maturity, familiarity, and raw emotion. The 3 pillars of album success.
  2. PO Now: Son Lux - Brighter Wounds

    had ta do it. Curious as to why it's shipping from Germany, but, meh.
  3. Completely new songs from the 70s and 80s
  4. Wowwww bragging about theft. Typical POS behavior.
  5. Definitely the 598 over the 579. For the $200 ish range I prefer my IE80s. 598s for home, IE80s on the go.
  6. once again i want it but not from ETR, and not for $24 fucking bucks plus shipping lol come on it's a 5 track EP ffs.
  7. WANT: Vietnam War songs on vinyl

    wot in turnation
  8. Too bad getting an online only game early doesn't mean anything :\. Servers still turn on at midnight in your region! But, at least you won't be waiting for the doorbell on the 7th like most people who ordered physical.
  9. Don't worry I'll sell 192kbps rips of it.
  10. I played Batter Up too loud and now I'm deaf.
  11. this site is slow as shit

    Yup - much better the past few days. Much appreciated.
  12. the only thing unacceptable about this great reference is that it's hand drawn and weird looking - otherwise, nice one. I guess the negative ranks are reserved for the true baddies, Tug and Kanye Kess.
  13. i know, look at you with positive upvotes and all! crazy world