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  1. I Think I'm Gonna Quit The Hobby

    Uuuuuuuuughhhhh Jesus Christ.
  2. I got sad reading this that's a 1/1 in my neck of the woods D:
  3. Smoke green variant looks like it's dressed up as this kid who dressed up as a fart for halloween.
  4. ya'll are off base. clear is best variant, nearly always.
  5. seems safe to assume a green blue and yellow variant will pop up eventually.
  6. strong dislike of the album art compared to the last 2. hope that's not the real art... song sounds baller.
  7. im fucking poor now thanks leyland
  8. Burial/The Bug - Flame 1

    Wasn't impressed with this one, frankly. Will pass on the physical :\
  9. Ultra Vinyl Releases

    It must stand for "ULTRA-fucking-annoying-to-actually-listen-to-good-thing-this-is-just-for-your-portfolio". Fuck this is some dumb shit all on one record.

    My lord. Incredible. Over under on either of them ever having heard the song before recording this?
  11. sad i missed the special edition, but, happy this is coming regardless.