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  1. There's a lil shop near me that always gets games a bit early, and historically, atlus games have been suuuuuper early
  2. Picked up Persona 5 today, about 12 days early. Bout to get my weeb on.
  3. It's worth a bullish $1.24 to $5 on discogs!!
  4. Let's get a Hanson pressing instead. I need some HiFi mmbop.
  5. The phrase "augment my curation" gave me a brain hemorrhage and I'm typing this through hundreds of blinks on an optical keyboard wishing I was dead.
  6. ACTUALLY. If you're thinking about doing Rough Trade on a Saturday after April 1st - I'd highly recommend it. it's a block off of the water and post April 1 on Saturdays, Smorgasburg will be back : Bunch of tents all selling foodstuffs and things from local restaurants//foodtrucks//etc. Great food. View of the water. It's a huge draw for getting my girl to go to Rough Trade with me, FWIW.
  7. Too many things to do to list out. Brooklyn Bowl is fun for some fake bowling (the pins are on strings) and great brews. I haven't seen a show there but if I remember correctly it's super tiny and the stage is in the back corner... I can imagine it will be PACKED if there is a show going on. The best record store in NYC closed last year, other music, but there are plenty of decent ones in the city. I would recommend Rough Trade in Brooklyn. prices are a tad high but it's the best source for UK music if you're into that, it's also in a cool neighborhood and right along the water if the weather is nice and the shop is a bust you can take a nice stroll. I won't even touch restaurants or hidden activities. Yelp your way to victory, my friend. There are too many options that are really great to limit it.
  8. No movement from SSD. Shame :\
  9. Goooooood I need MM and FUF both are so good.
  10. First new GAS album in 17 years - 3xLP
  11. I'm not an Uncharted fan myself, but TLOU is one of the best games of all time. You're a 50 yr old dude, the controls should be stiff. The whole thing is superbly compelling and I'm not one of those "muh immersion" people but if you're rushing through the game you're playing it wrong. The gameplay is great if you get in the right headspace and you're scared as fuck of a clicker biting your face off. To say the developer is "the most overrated developer on Earth" is insane though. In a video game landscape dominated by recycled garbage like Assassin's Creed and Madden 2k99, having a studio like Naughty Dog putting out consistently good shit that sells millions and millions of copies to critical acclaim is a blessing and shouldn't be waved off just because you don't like one of their series. Just saying, don't be silly and tell me Ubisoft and EA and the rest are more worthy of praise than Naughty Dog, a company actually pushing games into new territories and making them feel worthwhile through deep story.
  12. The developer of Crash Bandicoot, Uncharted, and The Last of Us is overrated? 3 of the most successful IPs in Playstation history.
  13. I got bored of Horizon really fast I'm like three hours into the story and already did all the hunting challenges so I have all the top tier weapons. I went from base green weapons to lodge weapons and now I don't see the point in continuing haha. Also really disappointed in how many armor sets there are. Basically no room for fashion or customization on both weapons and armor.