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    finally, a good thread.
  2. it's just cultish nonsense mumbo jumbo for aesthetics. there's nothing under the labels, there's no secret hidden tracks when you play it at 45, or backwards. there's no extra cd coming in the mail if you mail 1 dollar to the right address with the password that shows you understood "the manual"... it's just rose petals and the album.
  3. Missing the downvote. Hard to express how dumb I think you are in words.
  4. it's hanging out with my total surprise at your predictable lack of capacity for self-referential humor.
  5. the most scintillating part of the record release cycle. ryantark: has it in hand with nice pics njpunk: no ship - no ship - no ship - still no ship send email to pmt - shipping email! yesplease: no ship theedge: in hand - not impressed. sillybarry: received! MATRIX INFO s_r0d: shipping email! kess: extremely upset. brand new may have just lost him, a longtime superfan. fowty dollars: shipping email! figgypud: no ship - shleby shipping email - official shipping email arcjesseh: shipping email! received same day!!! stl_ben: already on ebay jhulud: expecting delivery today!! danmpie: shipping info says thursday delivery!! rooks: shipped trainsaw: donated his to voyager 3 so aliens assume there is no intelligent life on earth lethalenforcer: freezing his dried roses to seal in the flavor keep this updated guys, don't want to lose track of anyone.
  6. you wanna see a movie sometime? hit a happy hour? lemme know hit me up bb
  7. I've got the quote ready to go.
  8. it takes some time to dry roses.
  9. You mean you don't want a satchel of potpourri from BN?