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  1. Got a Switch for my birthday. First Nintendo console (Gameboys excluded) since N64. So psyched! First Mario Kart since 1 (8 deluxe), first Zelda since OoT (BotW), and bought Disgaea 5 Complete yesterday because I'm a sucker for JSRPG games. Having a blast.
  3. Yah I know, I'm torn too. I'm not super into the 1 track 6 times on a 12 inch stuff. But, I'm considering it. If it's still up when something else comes up I'll grab one too. Surprised at the 15 dollar price tag on a single.
  4. agreed.
  5. Heh, well I've got 7 coasters heading to my apt that will be promptly returned.
  6. "Starlog, 7215. I have ascertained the unabridged contents of this ancient text. The human subjects treat it as a nursery rhyme, a game for children. If only they knew the truth- that the rhyme has been passed down for generations in order to educate future generations of my weaknesses. I fear that if anyone were to uncover this secret it would be the user trickster on the VC forums. I will be watching him closely, and guarding my toes in the meantime. - Admiral Catcha Tiger."
  7. Snagged mid sleep
  8. gameplay reveal or whatever today. looked pretty meh (as far as new stuff) looked pretty same (as far as old stuff). Replacing the Fire Warlock with Swordlock, Arc Blade with Arc Rafiki, and Bubble Boy with Steven Universe. 1 new raid at launch. new strikes. new story. where a selling point was "more cutscenes than all of destiny 1 COMBINED!" which I'm not sure how that's a selling point butok. Still gonna buy. 4v4 cruck sounds like an improvement to your typical 6v6 chaos BS. Raid teams gon be mad about that change but I do not have more than 3 friends so I'm chill with it.
  9. shouts to Derek for giving me the heads up. Almost missed this one. 2/3
  10. I really liked Sisterworld (and still do) never got into anything else though. Will check it out.