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  1. Ahahaha 33 and a half
  2. Jump off the nearest bridge
  3. i consider this thread bad
  4. Not to say I wasn't exaggerating a tiny bit, but, first week sales would not effect the number of unsigned copies in the wild... Because there were no week 1 unsigned copies. And those 475,000 people are not all going to buy vinyl copies on top of their CDs and downloads.
  5. So, 3k signed copies at best buy plus what do you think... 2-3k from his website too? Signed copy is gonna be more common than the unsigned.
  6. siren song was cool as hell when i was 14, everything since then has been butt!
  7. The fact that this is 6 songs over 4 sides really pisses me off, but, I'm not missing this boat. Ordered. Also annoying they are releasing them 1 by 1. Means an extra 12GBP in shipping because they aren't bundled.
  8. lmao record store evaluation is like going to Pawn Stars to appraise your valuables.
  9. slept on it and im still really torn. i like this album a lot but this price is Weeknd level garbage.
  10. That makes no sense man. How are people supposed to know if something has a PO yet? Hmm I want to talk about the new Kendrick... Guess I better check every subforum bc idk if it has a vinyl release or not... Does it make sense to have music with music or music with relationship advice, book reviews, and suggestions for what to do on trips to new cities?
  11. Since the other thread was locked, for discussing music in the music portion of the forum... New album is bretty baller. I'm pumping it right now. New video was posted too: To Juan in advance: this isn't meant to be a jab at you or anything, the album just came out and people are discussing it. We shouldn't have to sort through sports, relationship advice, TV show reviews, and small talk to chat about music. The forum should have three sections: Music, Marketplace, and Everything Else.