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  1. That's ridiculous. Could Never Be Heaven is incredible. Give it another listen when you've settled down with a girl and a family is on the horizon. It hit home the first time I heard it.
  2. Most excellent 44,452 post!
  3. Yup, that's right. An 18 dollar cdr that's more expensive than the real hard case CD.
  4. Anyone wanna confirm that the DL link is broken up by track? Don't wanna grab it til i'm on my home laptop this evening.
  5. The download link from the receipts is now 100% live. i just checked mine.
  6. It comes back. "DON'T GIVE UP YOUR GUNS"
  7. It's 10 listens too early for any impressions, but I can say with confidence that the first 4 tracks are better than IAAN and Mene which is a huge relief.
  8. Guys, I totally made up my receipt saying "Very Limited" come on now, I know Brand New Brain is contagious but let's be real
  9. Words cannot describe how fucking slighted I feel and how angry I am. What a fucking shitty move. This band may have just lost me, a long time superfan.
  10. tug should just post from his main account so we can all not appreciate him from there. one less password for him to remember.
  11. i'm sure it will be around for a while. give everybody time to wait til payday.
  12. Get it! It's a pretty cool concept mixing the nostalgia of playing revamped versions of classic levels and the constant feeling of discovery every time you come up against something inventive and new. I mean, it's a 20 dollar game, but, it's worth it.
  13. Just you and that one other guy. Everyone else is looking at the tracklist and album art announcement they just made. Must be your browser cookies.