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  1. http://pitchfork.com/news/72247-wolfgang-voigt-announces-first-new-gas-album-in-17-years/ First new GAS album in 17 years - 3xLP https://boomkat.com/products/narkopop
  2. Too bad getting an online only game early doesn't mean anything :\. Servers still turn on at midnight in your region! But, at least you won't be waiting for the doorbell on the 7th like most people who ordered physical.
  3. Don't worry I'll sell 192kbps rips of it.
  4. I played Batter Up too loud and now I'm deaf.
  5. this site is slow as shit

    Yup - much better the past few days. Much appreciated.
  6. the only thing unacceptable about this great reference is that it's hand drawn and weird looking - otherwise, nice one. I guess the negative ranks are reserved for the true baddies, Tug and Kanye Kess.
  7. i know, look at you with positive upvotes and all! crazy world
  8. maybe sealed to me was on the album they "scrapped". Not saying it definitely won't see the light of day. I just think we already KNOW they recorded a bunch of other music and then decided to change direction and made SF.
  9. i begrudgingly admit that this is pretty good. pretty cool, man, well done.
  10. Whole album of mene remixes here we come!!!
  11. Dedicated Destiny thread.. It was bound to happen. Level 26 raids coming out today. Let's get some jolly Co op going. I made a clan too I'll link to soon!
  12. Could be, who knows. I'd be more convinced if I saw anywhere that more than 500 were sold. The reddit has like 17000 subscribers. The poll that was on the front page asking who preordered never passed like 300 the last I saw it. I would expect it to pass at least 500 considering Reddit and here were 2 of the main places that saw it before it sold out. Edit: looked it up maybe I'm wrong, it's at 485 now. But, you could answer it more than once. As I just did to see the results. Oh well we shall see.
  13. Apparently you shouldn't bring logic into this Dan. I live an hour from Plainview and don't have a CD. The CDs are out of 500. The records are out of 500. Not even brand new can sell 5000 records in 36 minutes. They just didn't ship them all. Or a pallet of them are trapped in PA based on the comments in that reddit thread.
  14. You're actually not wrong. This is ten times better. There's almost a good song underneath that Trainwreck of a chorus. The only piece that's irksome on this one is the "check my list, then I check it twice" that shit is dumb. Is she santa Claus? Really unclear what she was going for with that line.
  15. I stand by my opinion that all successful limited POs will get the CD. This was posted today on Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/brandnew/comments/6vrqo2/woke_up_to_this_notification_on_my_usps/
  16. I paid for the intrigue.
  17. Looks like an angry dominatrix robot from the uprising of 2017 in the dark timeline with a weird thing for segregation.
  18. Typically ships from Long Island.
  19. The new hot thing on Reddit. I love it haha.
  20. wow. i typically err on the side of "it's different you fucking idiot" but... this one is pretty undeniable.
  21. I really couldn't have asked for more from brand new in 2017. I guess I should await more POs with a sense of impending disappointment, the feeling of being surprised pleasantly is much nicer than the typical overhype -> disappointed process.
  22. Unless the nightclub is hosting your local highschool's Sadie Hawkins dance, you might want to find some new clubs.