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  1. jesus christ you just knew it was gonna be some dumbass shit like this. why. why. for real though. why.
  2. sekrit release! 22 inch vinyl edition in shape of a GJ - compatible turn table not included! $1993 That coloring book thread was fun.
  3. my problem with it is solely the "look at me!! look what i'm doing!!" they can throw their own stock out if they want, it's their property.
  4. Play Destiny 1 then, because Destiny 2 has 0 gear grind
  5. Ban everyone except me, tug, and dantheriver.
  6. Yeah but if you send an envelope with $1 in it to the address in the email they'll send you some lyrics in 10 years. Also no refunds
  7. The original box is pricey, last I checked getting then each individually was much cheaper. I got them from like Zoverstocks or something, one of those bulk sites.
  8. Mmm.... See, now, unlike Derek's posts - this one actually deserves some reprimand. They were 16. He was 24, famous, and King of the Scene. Have some common sense and try to imagine how easily someone in his position could manipulate these girls into thinking this was a good thing they had going until they grew up and realized he used them as masturbation material when they were too young to know better.
  9. To be fair, @daniel never said he could "see it coming". That's not the point. It's just about acknowledging the difference between inferring and projecting. It's totally fair to look back at the lyrics now and say "wow, I consider that kind of creepy in light of new information", aka inferring based on current knowledge that there may be some nefarious/creepy angle to some of the meaning that you choose to see behind these lyrics. It's not totally fair to project your (correct) beliefs about Jesse being a pedo on old lyrics and make statements as a matter of fact, like "he's been singing about abusing underage girls for years". I think we're on the same page, now. That's all.
  10. But you must see the jump in logic. There's a difference between "following this new information that Jesse is a creep/pedo, I feel pretty weird about some of his old lyrics" and "Jesse has been writing about taking advantage of underage girls for years". You're pretty big on semantics, so maybe don't insert the "underage" descriptor where it doesn't exist. If the words to Me Vs. Maradona Vs. Elvis were "bring you back to the grade school" instead of "bring you back to the bar" then I'd totally see your point.
  11. YOU must actually be kidding my friend. If Stephen King DID suddenly hack his family up one weekend would you look back and say "Oh wow, how'd we not see this one coming boys?? He literally said he was going to do it in the Shining!!"
  12. lol, unrelated to the current back and forth - but do some of you really believe that if someone wrote something then it must be an immediate reflection of themselves, if not completely true and an accurate representation of them as a person? I mean is that real? Like... do you think George Lucas has a lot of space travel or light incest experience? Did Stephen King hack up his family one winter when he was stuck at a hotel? Did Conor Oberst's mom really drown his baby brother in a bathtub when he was a kid? Did Bob Marley really shoot the sheriff and the deputy? Or just the sheriff? Let's get over the fact that lyrics can mean anything and interpretation of their content, when it comes to something like this, is an idiotic waste of time. It was determined back in 2014 that violent rap lyrics could not be used as evidence in court cases... because they are FICTION.
  13. you're definitely on track there. someone in some article worked it out that at the rate you earn credits and the time it takes to unlock a hero, it's equivalent to working a job for less than minimum wage. 40 hours to unlock 1 hero, OR pay $260 and get enough credits in the loot boxes to buy it in 60 seconds. :\
  14. that's a known comedian, troll "meme" account, and it's obviously extremely sarcastic. i think your outrage detector might be malfunctioning
  15. The main issue, in my opinion, is the insanely long grind-time. But, not just because it takes awhile. Their "big turnaround" from the first game (and the focus of a lot of their PR) has been FREE DLC!! Free Heroes and Maps!! That's TECHNICALLY true, but in practice what it means is when new heroes are released, and they cost 80k credits each, and it takes 40-60 GAMEPLAY hours to accrue that many credits (to unlock ONE of say 5 new characters) -- rather than devote themselves to the hundreds of hours of grind in order to even have the chance to PLAY as all the FREE heroes, the vast majority will pay real world $ to buy crates (remember, you can't buy heroes with $ they've been very clear about that), the crates give duplicates and credits which you then use to buy the heroes. So you're spending "credits" or "crystals" instead of "dollars". It's just disingenuous. And everyone is up in arms about the heroes, but it's not just the heroes. The loot boxes were the main way to get the "high level star cards" previously - those cards give noticeable stat bonuses in multiplayer (pay2win). In order to fix that, they removed the highest level star cards from loot boxes. BUT, you can craft them. What do you need to craft them? Credits, and other things you can get from the loot boxes. As for the heroes, I'm an adult and can make a choice and pick a hero I want to play as and grind to it and unlock it and deal. But, let's not forget games are for kids, too, and locking characters behind paywalls is kind of predatory. The amount of $ that will be spent on boxes so that little Timmy can be both Darth Vader AND Luke whenever he wants... you get the idea. Putting things that affect gameplay (characters) OR give stat advantages (star cards) 1 layer behind monetary purchases (you buy credits and crystals! not heroes and star cards!) is just bullshit. Purchasable loot boxes should be COSMETIC only, and if DLC is going to cost money to play in a reasonable time frame anyway, just charge $20 for it like every other developer. Everyone uses Overwatch as an example, and in this case it's a good one. I can pay $ if I want to dress my character up in a new outfit. But I don't need to pay money to play as Tracer or Reaper. Or more accurately, since Heroes in BFII act almost like Ultimates in OW - I don't need to pay $ to unlock Tracer's bomb or Reaper's Die,Die,Die.
  16. Already own all 3 Aside from the box presentation not seeing the point of this. Wish it was the original master. That I'd buy, haha.
  17. EA has the most downvoted comment in Reddit history about this right now. Was at 28,000 downvotes when I went to bed last night and it's at 313,000 downvotes now https://i.reddit.com/r/StarWarsBattlefront/comments/7cff0b/comment/dppum98?st=J9XRL8E2&sh=5c173a70
  18. That's a weird way to write about past sexual manipulation as a minor. But, I guess what way isn't? But seriously that reads more like fanfiction than an accusation.