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  1. Similar and different artists. Stuff like Secos & Molhados, Tim Maia, Jorge Ben Jor, Os Novos Baianos, Chico Buarque, Tom Zé.
  2. I don't listen to, but I can recommend you a lot of 60's and 70's brazilian artists. Are you interested?
  3. Got both Swingin' Utters 10" on color vinyl.
  4. PO: The Beltones - My Old Man 7"

    I already have the original. But I will order all versions
  5. post your set-up thread

    Yeah, I know. But I'm lazy and it's easier that way
  6. post your set-up thread

    My set up: -Project Debur Carbon DC turntable with Ortofon 2m Red Cartridge -Project Phono Box -Marantz PM5005 integrated amplifier -Boston Acoustics A25 bookshelf speakers -Kimber cables A budget set up, but I'm happy with that. Sounds good to me
  7. The Mommy's Little Monster collection is amazing. I would love to see the rest of your SD collection
  8. Thanks. Ordered Cool To Be You
  9. Got the shipping confirmation of my yellow vinyl copy
  10. Ship to Rio

    I've been buying records since 2009. Over 300 orders, and only 5 haven't arrived. And I blame the sellers, not the brazilian postal office. Just talk to the guy. If he/she sounds reliable, send it.
  11. The Boston Strangler - Fire

    Too many pre-orders this month. Won't be able to order this