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  1. Makes me happy! Would be great if they offered each variant individually
  2. New DF up for pre order, lots of variants for this, but Oxblood/Silver splatter through Relapse along with Black wax.. Easy purchase, new song absolutely crushes!
  3. Thanks for posting that, been wondering where the other variants were going to pop up... Still looking for the Red/Yellow variant, haven't seen it anywhere yet.
  4. in for the splatter as well, also emailed about shipping.
  5. Looks amazing! Can't wait to see the other 2 variants
  6. Jesse all the way seen them both 5 times live.. Howard has more range on highs, but fell flat many times I seen them live with him. Love them both though. This is 1 of the most important crossover albums ever Anyone has a hookup on the Beer, PM me we can work out a trade
  7. Scored Silent Hill, GWATG & Turbo Kid.. Masterful release day Hoping for something cool next week for Alien Day
  8. Been jamming the hell out of Kill For Candy since its release.. Very stoked for this. Hopefully this will get a UO or Hot Topic exclusive color
  9. A big Fuck yeah for Silent Hill & GWATG!!!.. And Turbo Kid. Like Christmas in April
  10. Going to have to pick it up, new track is killer
  11. Loving the new CT track, picked up the split color from Ghostly
  12. Easy purchase for Escape from LA
  13. Might just have to pick up the UO exclusive
  14. Thought "show yourself" at least sounded good on Kimmel though ( my least favorite track also). Brann has come a long way live on his vocals, and Brent killed his solo... Definitely my favorite album since CTS.