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  1. Excited for CV 4, still undecided on variant
  2. Band exclusive is cool, sucks its only available w/ a bundle
  3. Just got in some Mikkeller windy hills, keep the NEipa coming!
  4. Double Fuck yeah for Edge of Tomorrow!
  5. Easy purchases on Metroid & DKC!! Going to be amazing spinning those
  6. mine just arrived yesterday
  7. Still waiting on individual variant buying options, figure they would by now
  8. Bloodlines i enjoyed a lot, check it out for sure. Some nice presses for it too
  9. Got my retail version sturdy, with a 7". Very happy with how the Red/Yellow splatter came out. Album is really really good!
  10. Same here, doesn't sound like the Mondo Customer Service i know/had experiences with. They've always gone above & beyond to help
  11. 2 variants on their way , hope they arrive today