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  1. Wondering the same. I hope so being they promised it in the last email update
  2. pretty sure the Orange/White was /2500
  3. lol, yikes! All this time, to reveal that
  4. Still a tough call on what variant to get today
  5. 2 for 2, digging the new track as well
  6. Still hoping for a surprise PO for it, like they did with Vol 1
  7. Got Pilot Priest in mail yesterday... What a stellar package, fastest i've ever received a release to date
  8. Same, and my Turbo Kid shipped
  9. Easy purchase! Surprised Sacred Bones hasn't announced it yet
  10. Tough call, but probably grab the 2x LP, and 4x before it times out
  11. Usually how goes for Rise PO's. Just sucks to wait.
  12. screen prints look cool, got shipping for Gods Eye as well
  13. Makes me happy! Would be great if they offered each variant individually