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  1. Finally got through on Bull Moose and got an email confirmation for one of the few things I wanted this year: The Districts - Ordinary Day/Lover, Lover, Lover 7". I wanted Robert Johnson but not for ~$60 and I wanted The Doors but I'll be alright. Good luck to everyone stuck at checkout. I clicked the purchase button and it did nothing so I just changed tabs and went back a few minutes later and it had registered and gone through.
  2. Same. The 7" I'm trying to snag isn't that popular so I'm hoping it works out - at least no one here has really mentioned it.
  3. Figured this may be of interest for some people: Joey Bada$$ - B4.DA.$$ for $13.99
  4. I was JUST having feelings of regret for not snagging a signed DAMN. and was about to pre-order with an hour left... now I'll just wait and pick it up later. Lazy autograph or not, seeing it above just doesn't compel me to drop the money right now
  5. Song link for the lazy: Revolution Per Minute was my jam back in the day and I could dig a bit of Sire Song too. Didn't really pay much attention to them after that, but I'll give this a chance.
  6. I'm really digging that vibe at 00:20.
  7. I just gave this album a listen and it honestly didn't stick for me. I guess I set myself up for disappointment when I was hoping for another Continuum. He's such a phenomenal guitarist and I wish he'd play more blues; he kills it covering Bold As Love. I'll give The Search For Everything another play through later today, but right now I can only kind of dig 3 songs: Helpless, Moving On and Getting Over, and Rosie (in order of appearance). But that's just like, my opinion, man.
  8. Awesome, I should be okay if that's the case and they limit sales. Working at a venue, I usually have no problem snagging something before doors, my concern was them just running out before my date. You'd be surprised the amount of tours that don't limit merch and sell out of posters, vinyl, certain shirts, etc. mid tour and have to wait for a shipment at a later date.
  9. ^ I was just about to break that down and say I thought it was actually pretty reasonable. I mean, I'm not buying it, but it's worth it if you're a big enough fan. Having been to a few meet & greets, most aren't worth the price.
  10. Ahh damn, I gotta wait until mid May to see them. I hope they are still selling that variant in a month from now.
  11. Slow week or so for grabs, but: together PANGEA - Badillac Andrew McMahon ITW - Zombies on Broadway (red) Atlas Genius - So Electric: When It Was Now (The Remixes) Frank Sinatra - Ultimate Sinatra
  12. Depending on the price, I'd consider picking this up. "VIP tickets include Do You Feel on vinyl for the first time ever (limited edition double vinyl with gatefold design on VIP exclusive PURPLE vinyl) a meet & greet before the show, an acoustic performance and a signed tour poster. VIP and Pre-Sale tickets are on sale tomorrow, April 12 @ 10am and general tickets go on sale this Friday, April 14 @ 10am at" - The Rocket Summer's Facebook ^ I didn't see anything else mentioning pre-orders or giving a date as to when they may go up.
  13. 2017 has been chalking up to be an awesome year for new music. So down for new QOTSA!
  14. Exactly what I think was supposed to happen. I'm still not sure what I think about Eugene, but it looks like Negan may be suspicious about his involvement with ******'s sacrifice. Eugene tried to explain it away, but Negan didn't seem to be buying it. I'm content with the finale. It was apparent a few episodes ago that there was no way they would wrap up this "war" with so little time. No major cliffhanger, just left to wonder who Eugene and Dwight are really loyal to, and at least we can hopefully look forward to some upcoming action.
  15. I spoke to someone about not receiving a confirmation email. Said the order was under My Orders and was charged and they said: "Yes, we have your order here. We had an influx of purchases at 1pm. You should receive a confirmation email shortly. Thanks!" Not to beat a dead horse, just wanted to let others who also got errors / didn't get a confirmation know.