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  1. Got my copy the other day and was pretty bummed that Indian Summer and God's Lonely People are both missing from the pressing. What a rip!
  2. I'm all for NIN talk. Enough about dings. For those who bought the physical component last time, was it worth It? I'm tempted, but I might just wait for the vinyl preorder.
  3. You can't be that dense. I'm not buying from all the people who find corner bends acceptable. I don't care about mean things on the internet. I wouldn't expect anything different.
  4. Care to share a photo of an "actual bent corner"? That looks pretty bad to me. Looks like someone hit it with a hammer. I personally think these big corner dings are worse than seam splits. They are immediately noticeable when you look at the artwork. A seam split doesn't even affect the artwork. Seriously, where do you guys order your records from that you expect and accept this kind of damage as standard? This is bad, and if you are okay with this, then it's going to become standard. Why should anyone care to take the time to prevent damage if buyers don't care about it? I want to sell some records to you. I'll just throw them in a used pizza box. Who cares if it's damaged, right? And some people are saying they see damage like this on record store shelves. Where do you shop? I've never seen anything like this in a store. I'd walk out immediately if I saw this on a shelf unless it was marked half off.
  5. I'm with you. I would describe that as major damage and would definitely ask for a replacement or at least a partial refund. I've gotten over 500 records in the mail, and maybe five or six have been damaged that bad. The people telling you otherwise either order from very shady places, have terrible postal employees, or just have a very high tolerance for damage.
  6. I hope the new version is the exact same as the original pressing so I don't have to buy a new one. The original sounds ridiculously good. There's no way Trent could make it better.
  7. Box set showed up today. This thing is stunning. I managed to fit the records into the box still in their paper sleeves. I wasn't able to do that with my AMSP box. It makes things a little wonky, but gives some extra protection to the records. I'm excited to give this a spin and see how it compares to my blue pressing, although I've only listened to Side E on the blue pressing so far. Listened to it about 20 times, that is. Having official recordings of "Lift" and "Man of War" on vinyl is all that I need.
  8. Yes. This sounds so good that I'm thinking about buying another copy of TDS, although I have a hard time believing it can sound any better than the copy I have. Decisions, decisions.