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  1. The singles have been good enough for me to buy all the variants!
  2. I was all set to buy it, then I got distracted by work. An hour later and it was gone!
  3. I thought this was going to be a Staind thread.
  4. I saw a couple negative reviews on Discogs, saying the CD sounded better. That has not been my experience at all. The backing vocals come through great on this pressing, and it's warm and dynamic. Maybe they just don't have the right setups for this. Give it a spin. I don't think you'll be disappointed. It's a solid 4.5/5. No complaints here.
  5. Yes, I have a copy. It sounds excellent, and the packaging is very well done. It's not the crappy glossy MOV covers we see a lot of times. Definitely worth picking up a copy. I only wish it was the full album Vol 1 & 2.
  6. Bieber and Timberlake at least know how to write catchy pop songs. They are good at their genres. This is pure shit. It's not good for any genre.
  7. Two girls, ages 2 and 5. Never baby proofed anything with my records. Told them both to leave them alone from an early age. I listen to a lot of records with them, and I make it clear that only I can touch the records. Occasionally as a special treat they can pull one out. And I let my 5 year old drop the needle sometimes. If you get them involved and set clear boundaries, they won't fuck up you shit. And if they do, they're just kids and it's just stuff.
  8. Their first single is "$5 Refundz."
  9. The things you're saying are true. It was obviously an extreme comparison. But the point is still that if I'm buying something that's new, it should be in new condition. 99% of the records I get in the mail don't have corner dings. I would feel confident saying that 100% of corner dings either happen before the record gets shipped or because the record was poorly packed. If you do a halfway decent job of packing a record, it's not going to get dinged. These things really aren't that delicate. Hell, one of my kids dropped one of my records on the ceramic tile in the bathroom. Landed right on the corner. There was no corner ding.
  10. If I'm buying something that's new, I expect it to be in new condition. Would you be pissed if the car dealership gave you a brand new car with a ding on the door and expected you to pay full price? Why should you care? The ding doesn't affect the driving at all!
  11. I emailed them after placing my order and they refunded me for the promo amount. Awesome customer service!
  12. Why wouldn't they just automatically give it to VIP members? Oh well. I'll find a way to pay the bills without the three bucks.
  13. What's the discount? I just placed my order two minutes before I saw this post. What's the discount? I just placed my order two minutes before I saw this post.