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  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Wait, are you serious?
  2. It didn't do much for me either. I wasn't even going to preorder until the signed orange copy popped up for 23 bucks shipped.
  3. I don't think I'd ever want to listen to it without the video. The video is what makes it such an awesome performance. This is a show to see, not one to hear in isolation.
  4. PO: The National - Sleep Well Beast

    Got my copy today as well. Looking forward to spinning it tonight!
  5. Damn, those lyrics are terrible. I think I would've liked the song a lot more without the lyric video. I feel broke down stupid after watching it! Still can't pass up $12 for vinyl.
  6. Same here. I just bought these and had no problem fitting all of the above. I also used one for Joanna Newsome Have One on Me which is a pretty thick box. These sleeves are definitely oversized.
  7. Got my replacement Deviations jacket today. It was airmail from Europe. Packed in a huge box, wrapped in bubble wrap and extra cardboard stiffeners with thick foam corner protectors. Seemed rather wasteful...
  8. My order finally arrived today after 8 months of waiting. Fragile, Broken, and NTAE all jammed into one mailer with no extra protection, left out on the porch in the rain. Not a single corner ding on any of them. Everything is in perfect condition! Take that, Sandbag.
  9. Did anyone snag an extra? Any color will work for me. I'm not too picky! Please PM me if you have one to spare.
  10. Been looking for this repress for awhile. 2 great albums right here.
  11. Did anyone pick this up? The reviews I've read are not good. Wondering how it sounds.
  12. I heard that Sandbag isn't shipping out any replacement jackets until we can go one full week without complaining.
  13. Your story seems consistent to me. Out of curiosity, what did they say in the email to blame you? How could this be your fault?