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  1. I'm just giving you a hard time, no hard feelings, hopefully you'll find a good deal on a copy
  2. Mine didn't provide tracking either, but it should be here either the end of this week or early next week. Not too worried
  4. Yeah it was HRC that I asked, specifically about If I Knew Now, and they just responded that they were planning to reissue all of their records. You bring up a good point, I don't know licensing wise if they can just do that or if Triple Crown has to okay it or what.
  5. These prices lately are hilarious. Easy pass.
  6. I reached out to them via instagram as they were commenting on question and so forth and they said they have plans to issue/reissue everything.
  7. Love Sleep and don't have this, thanks for the heads up!
  8. $35? Ha, easy pass. Good luck, fellas.
  9. And I would be shocked that they move 1500 with that expensive package, but who knows.
  10. 90% no, nowhere close there for me. Occasionally I'll notice a scuff, but extremely rarely a scratch on a brand new record.
  11. Blur - Magic Whip and Leisure Ex-Cult - Negative Growth CFM - Dichotomy Desaturated Black Angels - Indigo Meadow David Bazan - Blanco for $68 shipped.
  12. Great deal on Sleep's Holy Mountain if you need it, after the discount its's $10.84 shipped in the US
  13. They are not sold out it does not appear.