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  1. He got kicked out of the band and people are flipping the fuck out on him for these?? Maybe there's a lot more to it...and maybe it's the seriously messed up stuff I deal with every day for my job, but this looks like what I imagine a lot of teenage relationship texting looks like.
  2. KEOC is fantastic. I'm surprised to hear fans of Sam not like that album, if they like anything else he's done.
  3. Yeah I do see that, but I'm not paying the $32 for the standard copy either, I'll wait until it's cheaper elsewhere.
  4. Rincon had a post with some test presses on IG last night, hoping/assuming this means a new Oh Sees record soon.
  5. I do here and there for this and some of the other threads I follow, seems to be no rhyme or reason.
  6. Yeah it's pretty dumb
  7. I'm just giving you a hard time, no hard feelings, hopefully you'll find a good deal on a copy
  8. Mine didn't provide tracking either, but it should be here either the end of this week or early next week. Not too worried
  10. Yeah it was HRC that I asked, specifically about If I Knew Now, and they just responded that they were planning to reissue all of their records. You bring up a good point, I don't know licensing wise if they can just do that or if Triple Crown has to okay it or what.
  11. These prices lately are hilarious. Easy pass.
  12. I reached out to them via instagram as they were commenting on question and so forth and they said they have plans to issue/reissue everything.
  13. Love Sleep and don't have this, thanks for the heads up!