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  1. Their shipping prices are a little steep for sure, but the black version was significantly cheaper than the various colored variants. I just checked before putting my foot in my mouth, and there have already been 3 of the orc-skeinned variants that sold on ebay for $100. I agree that the price point does seem a bit high, but that seems to be the case with a lot of labels/bands of late. Maybe I'm more willing to forgive it because I'm a slappy for the band/label.
  2. We need a repress of some of The Kings of Frog Island records.
  3. I had an issue with that too last week, and they were able to fix it with a few emails. The person that helped me said they would just 'manually' do it, whatever that means.
  4. That Jane Doe showed up today..not sure what's supposedly wrong with this, everything looks great, definitely a good deal!
  5. I added a bunch of Thee Oh Sees cds that were $5/each, because I'm a whore for this band.
  6. Their shipping costs have been high for a couple of years it seems, but I care not, because Thee Oh Sees.
  7. Well one of the clues was "Limousine" that was my main rationale to agree with the various people suggesting it's RTD.