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  1. I'll let you know when I crack it open. Bought it for the wife who is not a big fan of vinyl. I can tell you that my Zeppelin III, Peter Gabriel -So, and Dave Brubeck - Time Out sound fanfuckintastic!!!! On on another note. I contacted VMP about an Ænima press and got a pretty funny but convincing answer denying that they were going to do it. I'm gonna throw my hat behind MoV.....
  2. I actually bought quite a few titles years ago for pretty cheap. They all sound fantastic. Have that Dido too....
  3. I meant to like your post but tapped it twice. I thought A company took it over.
  4. Me too. I don't really care if it says MOFI on it. Given the exclusive colour thing, I think MOV will probably press this. Hope it doesn't turn out like the Mars Volta fiasco. We all know how much MJK loves vinyl... And for the record, I'd love classic records to do this the right way. I'd happily pay for a copy. Because they WILL get it right.
  5. What I've been thinking all along. Radiohead = $$$$$
  6. Norman records for the win. Love those guys!!!
  7. Be quick:
  8. Didn't ask, but I'm guessing it'll be around. $50.
  9. That's why I called my local....
  10. Toronto. Guess that makes me east. They got me the burn the witch when it came out so maybe they'll get this too. I'm sure they will spread this evenly worldwide. And if they don't get it, they don't get it.
  11. I contacted my local indie store in Canada. I'm hoping he'll get one in for me. This is a real s##t show. Why not just make them all blue?
  12. I know this is expected but I only want the DMB release. Unfortunately (or fortunately) for me I work all day Saturday. Will have to rely on the online drops or a very generous VCer. Probably the former....
  13. GO GO GO!
  14. Need this. Replying to get notifications. My email is going to hate me...
  15. Hotel paper would love that....