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  1. Whew I got the Francavilla Get Out poster! Shaw sold out so fast
  2. Got in line at 2am and three people are in front of me. No one wants Coheed. Whew
  3. Got in line at 2 am and I'm third in line
  4. I just want the beer
  5. Can't wait for this!!
  6. I'm going to the NYC 1 show on May 5th and this vinyl thing is freaking me out. I have Gold VIP but I know they are gonna be sold out. I really want that variant.
  7. I'm struggling to finish Iron Fist to be honest
  8. I've been meaning to watch Legion. There's so much stuff to watch on TV
  9. Super excited!!
  10. Vinyl pushed back until 4/29 according the band's FB edit: didn't see the posts above
  11. Fuck it. This is one of my favorite albums. Bought! Hope they don't cancel the orders
  12. FUCK YES! they announced the RSD and Tour variants as well