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  1. I'm struggling to finish Iron Fist to be honest
  2. I've been meaning to watch Legion. There's so much stuff to watch on TV
  3. Super excited!!
  4. Vinyl pushed back until 4/29 according the band's FB edit: didn't see the posts above
  5. Fuck it. This is one of my favorite albums. Bought! Hope they don't cancel the orders
  6. FUCK YES! they announced the RSD and Tour variants as well
  7. Haha it's been awhile! How are you? I'm doing great. Counting down to this wedding. I've missed small talk so I had to pop in. I've saved so much money not being on VC.
  8. Love love MØ
  9. I don't know if I like the new single or not yet
  10. Sheesh I couldn't imagine. Hey everyone
  11. That was so awkward and hilarious Is anyone else going to Mania this year? I got my NXT and Mania tickets and I can't wait despite how bad the card looks.
  12. Read a few rumors that the ICW on the Network deal is done. 3 year deal. 50K per
  13. Really curious to what this movie will about.