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  1. Wow I definitely would have bought it too!
  2. Wonder if RTS sounds better than the US pressing?
  3. MOV is reissuing Naveed on 4/28, first 1000 copies on colored vinyl.
  4. has it as well
  5. Yes it happened to me with the Wells Fargo album..
  6. $34 at Bull Moose..
  7. Just ordered the purple variant through Bull Moose for $26.97.
  8. Yeah I know, but I've found surprisingly good deals through third party Amazon sellers. So I figured I'd post it.
  9. This is on MOV's upcoming release schedule... MOVLP1656. Mid-February release I believe.
  10. Mine just shipped today! They had to create a new order for me but I still got the $36 price after promo code.
  11. Yesterday they took my order from 12/11 and created a new order with the same items for $0. Hopefully one of the orders ships soon!
  12. I'd like to see my order from a week and a half ago ship!
  13. Just ordered one.. Thanks!
  14. It's already available.
  15. This happened to me. I did not complain.