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  1. My Pearl Jam order just got cancelled... Fuck it, will just buy the Singles OST and be done with it.
  2. I feel like this sums it up - there's a bunch of people dancing and someone just having a complete meltdown.
  3. RIP Reza - "He went to hell and back"
  4. I ordered Pearl Jam, still haven't had the generic email or the reply to my direct email... I ordered pretty quickly after they listed their RSD stock, fingers crossed some got through
  5. Streaming now! (But I'm in New Zealand - we're in the future)
  6. I ordered the Pearl Jam 7" from their online store. I haven't heard of them before, but took a chance. Are they reliable?
  7. Thanks @thischarmingham! Picked up Coral Fang. Unfortunately Pearl Jam was sold out, hopefully Amoeba will have some online.
  8. Ok, so Record Store Day is over in New Zealand. No copies of Coral Fang even made it to NZ and the few copies of Pearl Jam - State of Love and Trust 7" that came in sold out almost instantly. If anyone would be willing to pick me up the Distillers Coral Fang and PJ - State of Love and Trust 7" - PM me, that would be awesome. I will add a bit extra on for fees and your time. Shipping would be to Portland OR (It will be shipped to me in NZ from there). Thanks team.
  9. Posting for the star. Agree with the #1 anticipated call
  10. Bronx V is being recorded now... fingers crossed something happens; I really want Bronx I and III needs a pressing.