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  2. This! I'd take a repress of The Bronx I while we're at it; can't justify the cost of an OP.
  4. Mine arrived in New Zealand this week (all 3 are /100 pressings). Apart from the pretty flimsy card stock for the jackets, they have come up really nicely. I have only listened to Magnetic North so far, and it sounds good. This afternoon I'll sit down and listen to my OP TSY vs. the repress.
  6. I've been thinking about playing around with pre-amps to see if I can get a warmer/more bass heavy sound and thought about testing the waters with a tube pre-amp. Here's my setup: Pro-ject P1.2 w/ Ortofon 2M Blue - Pro-ject Phono Box - Rotel RA-935BX - KEF Q100 Here is a cheap pre-amp I was looking at: I see a lot of specs listed, but it may as well be a foreign language to me :/ Would that pre-amp be able to cope with the 2M Blue? Would it likely be an improvement on the standard Pro-ject Phono Box? To make life easier, below are the specs one under the other:
  7. Grabbed. Thank you!
  8. For those of you that missed out!
  9. Can someone with both the 2016 repress and the new blue repress do a comparison? I have a 2016 repress, which to my ears sounds a little lacking in the bass department. Considering picking up a new copy if the quality is noticeably better.
  10. New music... new album this year.
  11. ..aaand another. Too lazy to bother getting the right artwork. "Hardcore"
  12. this.