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  1. Don't feed the tug
  2. I can hopefully wait another week depending on how this Syria thing pans out.
  3. So this drops tonight? Debating whether to stay up late and download it for work tomorrow
  4. Smash is a 10 min walk from my front door. When I get a half day from work I'll usually walk there and then SOM, Red Onion, and one other I'm forgetting.
  5. Why don't they just make the release date for end of this year and then when it actually comes out in like June, it'll seem somewhat "early". Instead of pushing these dates for the seventh time. Literally.
  6. Oh man those people paying $70+ of their parents money on eBay will be pissed. Glad people will be able to snag this.
  7. Limited double pink. MTS literally did this pressing. I think I'm done variant collecting. Interpunk exclusive?
  8. Good looks. TPAB was on repeat for the longest time for me. Really excited for the follow up.
  9. That's true. I just want to make sure the buyer knows that I'm trying the best I can to help them in the situation before PayPal gets involved. As of right now, no paypal claim has been filed, but I'm sure it will happen soon. I've documented everything up until now so I'll be prepared. I am definitely not expecting USPS to even answer my claim really, haha.
  10. Totally agree. I definitely learned this time around that signature confirmation is the way to go. I'll be filing a claim tomorrow but I'm not hopeful for them. Anything to cover my ass though. I did what I could and it sadly was probably stolen. Hoping PayPal will be in my favor. Thanks!
  11. Thanks so much guys. I was really worried. Tracking just states that it was "left at/in mailbox". I really appreciate the help.
  12. I recently sold a boxset to someone on discogs. $300 purchase price and I insured the package for $250. Tracking says it was delivered in/at the mailbox about 20 days ago. The buyer reached out to me saying that it was delivered but wasn't at his door. He contacted the post office and they attempted to retrieve it with no luck. He now wants a refund. What are my best options here? I'd hate to go through this whole process if he's just claiming it as not-delivered when it actually was. Is it possible to file an insurance claim on a delivered package? PayPal usually sides with the buyer so I don't see much luck doing through their process. I documented packaging it and have the tracking info/insurance ticket.