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  1. Last Train Home is total blink for me. The play on the harmonies is what makes it. Mark's lyrics are great. Love it.
  2. Good Ol Days, Last Train Home, and 6/8 are the best on it for me. Other than those it's a skip. Except for Hey I'm Sorry which I still consider part of the original. Fingers crossed for the gold. I variant collect blink so I guess I'll pay a price for it either way. I have a MTS enema misprint /25 that I'd trade for it if anyone gets it. Big deal.
  3. I'll snag this when it inevitably goes on clearance
  4. What'd these originally retail for? I picked one up back in 2013 for $66. Just took a quick look on eBay and saw they go for over $100?
  5. Don't feed the tug
  6. I can hopefully wait another week depending on how this Syria thing pans out.
  7. So this drops tonight? Debating whether to stay up late and download it for work tomorrow
  8. Smash is a 10 min walk from my front door. When I get a half day from work I'll usually walk there and then SOM, Red Onion, and one other I'm forgetting.
  9. Why don't they just make the release date for end of this year and then when it actually comes out in like June, it'll seem somewhat "early". Instead of pushing these dates for the seventh time. Literally.
  10. Oh man those people paying $70+ of their parents money on eBay will be pissed. Glad people will be able to snag this.
  11. Limited double pink. MTS literally did this pressing. I think I'm done variant collecting. Interpunk exclusive?
  12. Good looks. TPAB was on repeat for the longest time for me. Really excited for the follow up.