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  1. blink-182 - Untitled RTI (SRC) test press bljnk-182 - Enema of the State URP (Universal) test press
  2. Ah, I was wondering when the bi-monthly tug thread was coming.
  3. Need the star on this one. Nothing really to contribute, just echoing people's opinions on both singles. Honestly had no idea he was comin out with a new album. I discovered his last two albums around summer time two years ago and I'm just hoping this new one creates a summertime soundtrack.
  4. The gold CA is the only variant of any blink album that I don't have. Hopefully I can pick one off of discogs for a decent price in a year or two haha.
  5. Can't wait to see these on eBay/discogs for $300
  6. Probably been stated before, but I wish the Halo 2 soundtrack had "Peril" on it. I would have bought it in an instance if it did. Been on my watch list for months but I can't pull the trigger knowing that song isn't on there.
  7. I had ordered two other records with it and they shipped both separately when I asked. I'm sure it was easy to forget about it though, but if you emailed them they would have taken care of it.
  8. My framed copies both look fine (one sealed, one opened)
  9. Last Train Home is total blink for me. The play on the harmonies is what makes it. Mark's lyrics are great. Love it.
  10. Good Ol Days, Last Train Home, and 6/8 are the best on it for me. Other than those it's a skip. Except for Hey I'm Sorry which I still consider part of the original. Fingers crossed for the gold. I variant collect blink so I guess I'll pay a price for it either way. I have a MTS enema misprint /25 that I'd trade for it if anyone gets it. Big deal.
  11. I'll snag this when it inevitably goes on clearance
  12. What'd these originally retail for? I picked one up back in 2013 for $66. Just took a quick look on eBay and saw they go for over $100?
  13. Don't feed the tug