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  1. Yo, these other tracks are FANTASTIC. "Saturnz Barz" is by far the weakest track, in my opinion. This is gonna be a great album. Will scoop up the regular version eventually. Also, you guys are crazy ordering that box set. I can't wait to see photos of how it turns out.
  2. It's definitely 14 12"s, per the description on the store. Wow. Shoutout to the variant collectors and whoever else buys that.
  3. I am very much with you on this. Though, there are a lot of features I'm excited to see on this, especially Danny Brown.
  4. Video for "Saturnz Barz"
  5. Wasn't this band was supposed to break up? I know a handful of the members left around the time of the release of Charmer. I thought they were gonna tour then hang it up. I'll check out a new track. Charmer didn't do much for me though.
  6. Finally getting into Lucha Underground now that it's on Netflix. Aside from the exciting wrestling, I really enjoy Striker and Vampiro on commentary. It's not that either one of them are exceedingly great commentators, but as a team, they vibe really well. It's nice to have just two commentators get along on the mic instead of WWE's usual schtick of heels/faces on commentary.
  7. I like what you did there. Also, I'm glad you enjoyed the show. I'm seeing them April 1st in Boston. Very stoked.
  8. I'd be shocked if they mentioned it considering her stuff was illegally hacked and what not. WWE would get tons of backlash I'd think. Also, apparently, Xavier Woods is in one of her videos or something, idk. I'm not sure he'd want to bring it up either.
  9. I get that RSD is a gimmick, but c'mon, how can you complain so harshly about something designed to help out small businesses, especially record stores? I mean, it got me SO stoked to see a huge ass line outside Underground Sounds in Ann Arbor, Michigan every year because Matt and the guys there run a FANTASTIC shop that's very rarely "full." It really bums me out that I can't fly back to do that again this year. Sure, I get 1 or 2 overpriced records, but whatever man, it's worth it, for me anyway. It's a give and take I guess. Whatever. I pretty much just reiterated what @hype said.
  10. Will Susan ever call Chet back?!
  11. Watch Southpaw Regional Wrestling if you haven't yet. Four episodes, maybe 7 and a half minutes or less for each. They're very funny. I'd love to see more of it. It's on or the WWE Youtube Channel.
  12. This guy sucks.
  13. Not entirely sure how much I like "Witness" compared to his last LP. I'll probably wait to hear more of the album before I purchase.
  14. Thanks for the info! I've been to a few of the Newbury Comics shops and Armageddon. Wasn't sure if NC actually did RSD or not. Thanks as well! Sounds like NC will be my plan then, assuming there's anything that I actually want.