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  1. Updated the OP with link to Single Mothers' BigCartel. You can order the bundle of 3 records there for $50 USD shipped, I believe. Includes the blue /500 variant. The Dine Alone bundle including the shirt and the /100 yellow variant is about $58 USD shipped. I opted for the yellow variant and shirt for a little extra.
  3. Yo, so, sad to admit this, but this new single is the first time I've knowingly listened to this band. I've slept on this band for years and skipped numerous recommendations from friends to check them out. I'm an idiot. This track was great. Immediately bumping these guys to top priority.
  4. I've been waiting weeks to post this topic. The time has finally come. Single Mothers will release their second LP, Our Pleasure, on Dine Alone Records on June 16th. PO HERE Single Mothers BigCartel PO HERE There is also a bundle that includes a shirt, the Meltdown EP on 12", and a 7" of B-sides. Listen to "Undercover" here. Listen to "Long Distance" here. OUR PLEASURE TRACKLISTING: Undercover High Speed Long Distance A-OK People Are Pets Bile Leash Well Wisher Rollercoaster Bolt Cutters
  5. I dare you not to enjoy the catchiness of that new track. Can't wait for this one. EDIT: Decided not to wait until after work and PO'd that yellow variant. $$$$
  6. Fake History and The Blackest Beautiful (aside from its mastering) are two absolutely phenomenal albums. I had trouble getting super into If I'm the Devil... because I thought it was a pretty big departure in sound. Lyrically, it's fantastic, and the musicianship is great as well, but as a whole, it was a little too "soft" or less chaotic than I expected, which forced me to consider it to be a bit of a letdown. Aside from the recordings, this band was easily, bar none, the BEST live band on the planet. The energy, excitement, and fervor that they brought every night should be appreciated for years to come. I can't say enough good things about those guys live. They blew me away each time. I was super bummed to read the break-up post. I hope that Jason goes on to make music in some capacity. He's got great and important things to say and he says them extremely thoughtfully and eloquently. Plus, he's got a fantastic voice.
  7. Great band. Wish they'd put out a new release soon.
  8. Always down for some new Rancid. Always down for some new Rancid.
  9. Great track. Any word on a new album? or is this a B-side from the s/t?
  10. That was honestly laughable.
  11. I enjoyed my first listen-through. I will say that, if I didn't enjoy most of the featured guests, I probably wouldn't have been into this album as much. I wish Damon had a few more vocal parts, but I wouldn't say that there "isn't enough" Damon on the album. Production is cool, weird, as expected. Idk. I enjoyed it and I think it'll grow more. I'll pick it up in store this weekend, assuming it's there.
  12. This album is SO much better than their last one. Wow.
  13. Those tracks won't be on the album, based on some comment that they replied to on their Facebook. So, if you didn't dig them, there's certainly a chance that the record won't sound like those songs.
  14. Bump from the dead instead of making a new thread with no PO info: New album, Our Pleasure, out June 16th. Didn't feel a need to make a new thread since there's no concrete information yet. Get excited.