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  1. Unreal that Daniel Bryan got cleared for action. Great opening segment from him tonight on Smackdown. Hopefully, he's in the ring at Wrestlemania.
  2. Excellent. Yeah, I think I'm gonna pull the trigger from Amazon France. Those prices are pretty solid, and shipping isn't as bad as I thought it'd be. Thanks!
  3. These are up on US Amazon. They're pretty pricey. Has anyone in the States ordered from elsewhere for cheaper? Original Pirate Material A Grand Don't Come For Free (Currently OOS)
  4. PO NOW: Leon Bridges - Good Thing (May 4th)

    Digging these tracks though I will acknowledge the difference form his last record. Will need to hear this whole album before I start comparing.
  5. May or June isn't so bad. Given that it didn't drop earlier this year, I kind of imagined the delay would be longer. May is just two months, that's not so bad. Hopefully, those other reissues go up then too!
  6. Record Store Day 2018

    Oh, you mean Luv is Rage by Lil Uzi Vert? Yes, of course, I got you, Sec. After all you've done for the boards all these years, it's the least I can do.
  7. Generally an off-white or like a yellow-white, grayish.
  8. PO: Poppy - Poppy.Computer

    Yeah, it's weird. On the product page, it says ready to ship, but on the cart page, it gives that April date. If you saw an April date on other outlets, I'm gonna assume/hope for another press. Please update if your order ships out!
  9. PO: Poppy - Poppy.Computer

    Did this ship to you yet? I know you just ordered yesterday, but I have it in my cart and it says "Expected to ship 4/7/18." I'm trying to make a bad life decision by ordering this, but if it's not gonna ship until then and there's the possibility of a wider repress, I'll just wait it out.
  10. Record Store Day 2018

    The singer's chin piercings or whatever have always been absolutely laughable to me. Even as a kid, I thought that guy looked lamed as hell. So dumb.
  11. Scooped this from RFC. Song is so good.
  12. PO: Lifted Bells- Minor Tantrums

    Finally preordered. Looking forward to this. Records look great.
  13. See, I'm the exact opposite. I would be really bummed if he wrote 10 new "Quiet Slang" songs instead of a new full-band LP. I'd rather this be reworked tracks, and then, he put the effort of writing new "Beach Slang" songs. 100% agree with you that "Too Late to Die Young" shouldn't be on this though. He should've redone another full band track. To go along with the above discussion of their discography, in my opinion, the EPs are the best, first LP is solid and it grew on me, the second LP is eh. Quiet Slang stuff to me is really unnecessary, but I like their tunes enough to buy it. Their set at Fest was amazing, great live band.
  14. This is great. Should pick this up along with the Lifted Bells stuff.