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  1. New track is not what I was expecting at all. I don't dislike it, but I'm not jumping on the PO.
  2. Was hoping for an LP bundle that didn't include their first album, since I already have that one. Will pick this and PV up later today probably. Maybe scoop that 7" too.
  3. I'm still interested in this release. I just revisited Peripheral Visions today after kind of ignoring it upon release (one listen and done). I really enjoyed PV this time around. I found the leak of the new single, and it's very enjoyable. If you liked PV, I believe that you'll appreciate this new track. As for the allegations, I feel like the band handled it well enough, and I try not to hold an entire group of individuals accountable for one person's actions. People are not the company that they keep. We'll see how this is handled going forward.
  4. Record bundle came in today. Packed well, everything looks great. The yellow /100 is fantastic looking. Can't wait to spin them.
  5. I've been waiting for this day since I started collecting. This is incredible. This album gets its share of flack because of the one hit, but the rest of this album is fantastic. It's weird, it's poppy, it's wonderful. Can't wait to finally own this on vinyl.
  6. One listen through, this album is excellent. Can't wait to have the LP in hand and dig into Drew's lyrics. I've always really enjoyed his writing style. Highly recommend this one.
  7. Did you get a DL code emailed? I was hoping to see something in my inbox this AM, but no luck.
  8. I mean, I'm super down the rabbit hole of Twin Peaks right now, and when I saw Josh Homme in that video, I thought, "Man, he looks like he'd fit right in this season of Twin Peaks," similar to how Trent Reznor is supposed to make a cameo. Anyway, all that said, I have trouble trusting anything on TV or whatever right now, and I'm questioning everything. So, it'd be hilarious to me if they played off this lie detector thing, and in fact, that's not a new QOTSA song, Villains isn't the name of the record, Mark Ronson (though I love Ronson's production) didn't produce, and everyone got duped. All of that considered, McPherson up there would still be disappointed in the record, for that is certain. That's all far-fetched, I know, but David Lynch has me all messed up. EDIT: Song clip in the polygraph video is cool. I'm a very casual fan of QOTSA. Era Vulgaris is my favorite record of theirs. I'll be interested in hearing this.
  9. How do you make a topic without a PO link? PO LP here PO 7" here Fat Wreck Chords
  10. Heads up: Along with the Return's vinyl soundtrack and score listings up on Amazon, there is a listing for The Final Dossier, a book similar to The Secret History of Twin Peaks. Will probably be a must-read. Releases October 31st.
  11. There's also a listing for The Final Dossier It's a book similar to The Secret History of Twin Peaks. Obviously will be a must-read.
  12. Into it. Will PO eventually.
  13. This record is great. Any Australian cats going to see their upcoming shows with Ceres? Would pay for one of the exclusive Ceres Stretch Ur Skin 7"s that'll be available on the tour. PM me.
  14. New track
  15. I've really enjoyed the Return so far. I love how it's different from the original series but has managed to carry a lot of the symbolism. Can't wait for episode 5.