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  1. Pretty much my view, also. Their first EP is just a couple cuts above everything else for me.
  2. I was in tears by the fourth paragraph. Between this description and Derek's reaction, it was too much for me. Thanks for this; I needed a good laugh.
  3. I would say a comparison list shouldn't factor in to the music. These days, if a band has a FFO: EITS tag, I might not even listen to it. Already that shows no effort to distance themselves from any other post-rock groups, and that's before I've even listened to their music. I'd rather form my own tastes. Now, when albums are rec'd to me it's a little different. Generally this comes on forums like these where we're all passably familiar with each other's tastes so somebody can hear something, identify a similarity, and tag another person who would appreciate it in a Bandcamp link or what have you. Important not to overdo this, though.
  4. I have very high hopes for this. First track was great.
  5. I'm a fan of this new track. Anything post-TEPB I haven't liked much so this is a step in the right direction.
  6. Yeah my Faltre 2xLP is immaculate. Very happy with the purchase. The screen-printed inner gatefold is gorgeous.
  7. Nice list. Pijn and Glories are probably top of mine as well.
  8. I actually ended up completing the trade (the one I said I was gonna back out on), so I've got a copy coming my way. Doesn't look like there's enough interest for a group buy so I'd say just go for it. You and I can just stir up jealousy when we post pics of our copies once they come in.
  9. 20euro +10euro shipping. Shoot him a note:
  10. Nope, Tim's got plenty and I have one on hold on a potential trade from Gabor @ Paprika Records, but I'm probably gonna have to drop that one because I'm also gonna grab a Black Hourglass 10" from Tim that I've been wanting for a while. If you're fine with waiting there will be more up on Discogs within the next couple of weeks.
  11. Hmmm...looks like they removed it. Not sure why. At any rate, I sent Tim at Dingleberry a note (I've bought from him before) so I'll let you guys know when I receive the quote.
  12. Like I said, I'm definitely in, but I wouldn't be able to spearhead it. Judging by how little known these guys are, I think we can afford to wait until our other thread regulars chime in with their takes. I will say, though, the pics of the vinyl on the Bandcamp page are absolutely beautiful. Between the screen-print, the matte black, the 180g wax, and the hand-numbering, I know I, at least, will be picking one up regardless.
  13. I'm a bit nervous for your reaction to the closer...
  14. Sweet. I think the album really picks up after the first track, so I'd say don't get put off if you find the opener a tad bit formulaic.