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  1. Wanna edit your top 15? http://boards.vinylcollective.com/topic/94703-post-vc-official-post-rockpost-metal-discussion/?page=61
  2. Well this is awesome. And the whole album comes out in 5 days! Best surprise ever.
  3. I completely echo your statement about a tendency to want to listen to Godspeed without listening to Godspeed, per se. A lot of times my go-to is something by Set Fire to Flames or an early Silver Mt. Zion release, but in a lot of ways that's almost cheating, given how many members each of those share. Come to think of it, GY!BE might be the only band that I actively seek copycats of, simply because their early stuff was so groundbreaking for me that I like to hear what others come up with. This is definitely the most similar-sounding album I've ever found, especially since most other copycats seem to either overdo the drones or are just too weird and psychedelic for my tastes. This falls right in that sweet middle ground, even if that middle ground is so narrow that there's scarcely room for any non-GY!BE band to carve out a unique sound without resorting to something close to a direct rip-off. Very happy you liked it, though. It's only been out a couple days but I think it's one of my favorite finds of the year.
  4. New one for anyone with some spare time: I don't know that I've ever listened to an album that sounds so much like a mash-up of post-rock/noise bands at polar opposite ends of the spectrum. Tracks 1 and 2 sound like vintage Godspeed, circa Skinny Fists and Yanqui. All of a sudden track 3 comes on and the first five minutes feel like I just pulled a B-side from Saxon Shore's latest, until it collapses in chaos, ushering in "Roads:" a swirling, apocalyptic concoction of distortion and percussion not unlike Year of No Light or familiar "Piss Crowns" from Godspeed's Asunder. The last two songs bring the album full-circle; "Gathering Clouds" brings back the old-school Godspeed goodness with hints of Mono shining through, while "Parting Hymns" is a largely upbeat finale with chimes and guitar loops that reminder me of Do Make Say Think, although that may perhaps be more my initial reaction than from any actual likeness. Highly recommended.
  5. Yeah I fixed the problem haha
  6. I listened to this all the way through yesterday when it dropped. I had just about written this band off after Connector, which for me was a huge letdown, but this new one is really impressive. It'll probably take a few more listens to fully digest, but even after one run-through the catchiness factor is off the charts with a lot of these tracks.
  7. Wow! Never thought I'd see the day. This was my white whale for almost two years before I finally found an OP. It's a must-have album, for sure.
  8. Haha am I missing something? It's not the most technical song but it keeps building and building, kinda like the ones you were describing. Another one that just now came to mind is Saxon Shore - "Isolated By the Secrets..."
  9. Post-rock-wise, probably Set and Setting - Spiraling Uncertainties
  10. Hey friends. I had this in my possession a while back but I sold it and now I'm trying to get it back. Looking for anything 6th press (beige) or earlier. Please don't reply to this with an Amazon link or other such webpages because I've been there and I'd rather help out somebody on here.
  11. I'm very happy that this is getting repressed, giving this album more exposure. My OP is one of my prized possessions and this is one of my favorite albums of all time so I may be a little bit biased, but I hope everyone that's been searching for this will be able to get a copy now.
  12. PO: Choke Up - Stormy Blue

    Love seeing this news. Great band and I love that cover art. Definitely picking this up.