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  1. I respect individual tastes, but this one really has my scratching my head wondering what you hear in this. This album makes Collapse Under the Empire sound like Godspeed in their prime. Literally EVERY song sits at 5:30 ± :30, and I've never seen a band so egregiously milk the "start slow, then explode" post-rock archetype. For anyone that wants to challenge me on this, I invite you to click the link and listen to two timestamps on each song: one at 1:20, and one at 3:40. With ONE exception ("Sky, Wind, and Waves"), the former is your average ride-cymbal beat, tender guitar plucks; the latter your cookie-cutter multi-layer guitar riffs in major keys, titanic drums - you get the idea. (In "Never Departing Shadow" the crescendo comes about 30 seconds earlier, and in "Home is Not a Place..." a little later, just in case Gumbo comes for my head.)
  2. Bump. Last two days for these before I go back to school.
  3. Black Metal Discussion Thread

    My AOTY from 2016. They've got a new album coming out this spring, too.
  4. Most Anticipated 2018 releases

    Respire Red Apollo Hope Drone Talons Young Mountain We Never Learned to Live Giver
  5. Netflix / Amazon Prime original series

    Came in here to throw my support behind all of this. For what it's worth I thought this show was absolutely incredible. Definitely needs to be watched in German with the English subs, though. I heard the dubbing was awful.
  6. Mid Year Review

    I'll toss in my 20 for posterity: 1. Astralia - Solstice 2. Øjne - Prima Che Tutto Bruci 3. Leveless - Remind|Replace|Expire|Erase 4. Gullwing - S/T 5. Blak - Between Darkness and Light 6. Blis. - No One Loves You 7. Ánteros - Cuerpos Celestes 8. Eidola - To Speak, To Listen 9. Lesser Men - Biding Time 10. Ghost Key - If I Don't Make It 11. Father Mountain - Apartment Living 12. The Tidal Sleep - Be Water 13. Sophie Hutchings - Yonder 14. I/O - Anyone, Anywhere 15. Dead Leaves - Vultures 16. August Burns Red - Phantom Anthem 17. Special Explosion - To Infinity 18. L'Effondras - Les Flavescences 19. Polaris - The Mortal Coil 20. Young Lions - Mr. Spaceman
  7. Records 7"s L-Z Punk HC sXe

    Probably better off pm'ing him... He hasn't visited this site in over five years
  8. Bump. Somebody take these off my hands!
  9. Some Cheap Vinyl at Amazon

    Counterparts - Tragedy Will Find Us - $6.96 new