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  1. This is actually so bizarre because historically my only complaint with Mono was their super tinny-sounding drum cymbals. Ridiculously specific, I know. But the sheer amount of time in "You Are There" that the drummer spent maintaining a beat on that cringeworthy ride cymbal made it almost unlistenable. Just weird to me that someone else picked up on it because I would never have brought it up myself haha. My two favorites of theirs are "One More Step..." and "The Last Dawn." Technically-speaking "Hymn..." is probably their best but for whatever reason it's tough for me to listen through in full.
  2. New one I came across this morning. Check it out if you feel so inclined:
  3. Glad to see positive reactions toward this album. I agree it's miles better than the last one. I feel like this is a totally different animal that TEPB, so it's hard to compare the two, but there's no doubt in my mind that this will earn a spot on my year-end list.
  4. I would still love to see the Guide happen, fwiw. That's a rock-solid list of albums we compiled.
  5. Really surprised to see that no one had posted this in here yet (also possible I'm just bad at searching - but this might be the case anyway): Arctic Drones posted a glowing review of it yesterday so I had to take a listed. I'd say it just about lives up to the praise. Very big Giants feel to it, so if that's your thing, definitely click the link and check it out for yourself.
  6. Pretty much my view, also. Their first EP is just a couple cuts above everything else for me.
  7. I was in tears by the fourth paragraph. Between this description and Derek's reaction, it was too much for me. Thanks for this; I needed a good laugh.
  8. I would say a comparison list shouldn't factor in to the music. These days, if a band has a FFO: EITS tag, I might not even listen to it. Already that shows no effort to distance themselves from any other post-rock groups, and that's before I've even listened to their music. I'd rather form my own tastes. Now, when albums are rec'd to me it's a little different. Generally this comes on forums like these where we're all passably familiar with each other's tastes so somebody can hear something, identify a similarity, and tag another person who would appreciate it in a Bandcamp link or what have you. Important not to overdo this, though.
  9. I have very high hopes for this. First track was great.
  10. I'm a fan of this new track. Anything post-TEPB I haven't liked much so this is a step in the right direction.
  11. Yeah my Faltre 2xLP is immaculate. Very happy with the purchase. The screen-printed inner gatefold is gorgeous.
  12. Nice list. Pijn and Glories are probably top of mine as well.
  13. I actually ended up completing the trade (the one I said I was gonna back out on), so I've got a copy coming my way. Doesn't look like there's enough interest for a group buy so I'd say just go for it. You and I can just stir up jealousy when we post pics of our copies once they come in.
  14. 20euro +10euro shipping. Shoot him a note: