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  1. I don't know what it is about this album, but I came back to it about a month ago and it's really clicking with me right now for some reason. I guess all the substandard post-rock that's coming out nowadays makes this stand out in starker relief? Whatever it is, it's working for me. I heard also that we should expect new material from these guys by summer's end, so that's something, at least!
  2. For what it's worth, Gumbo, I appreciated the I/O notice. I remember when they released the first single off that album a while ago and I loved it but I totally forgot all about it until just now. So it was a nice little surprise for me. I wasn't a huge fan of Saudade but I think I'll enjoy this new one.
  3. @drds89 @mrewest @Dave Grohl @pemulis @wisdom81 @The Butcha @abovetheearth Tagging to gauge interest.
  4. Put me down for a copy of Refractions, Gumbo. We'll see if we can draw interest.
  5. The longest single LP I own (to my knowledge) is Echoes - The Pursuit at 54 minutes. Surprisingly it actually still sounds pretty good. I get the point though, and for the role that soft/silent sections play in SFFS I'm nervous that either a) the surface noise is gonna be overpowering, or b ) it just won't sound good at all. I'm also gonna wait a little bit to order, fwiw. If I hear these things are flying off the shelf then I will likely cave but for now there's no sense in jumping the gun.
  6. Absolutely loving the new Te' EP they put out yesterday. Get into it:
  7. Prices do not include shipping and aren't totally firm. Feel free to talk me down on some of the higher ones. I only have a few mailers so bulk orders are appreciated. Thanks! 12" Annabel - Having It All (Blue/White Marble /200) - $10 Aviator - Head in the Clouds, Hands in the Dirt (Half and Half w/Black Splatter /600) - $10 The Calm Blue Sea - S/T (Black) - $12 Choke Up - Black Coffee, Bad Habits (Clear w/Blue Smoke /150) - $12 Empire! Empire! IWALE - You Will Eventually Be Forgotten (180g Black /250) - $13 Fjort - D'Accord (White /425) - $22 Handguns - Life Lessons (Tri-Striped Blue /1600) - $11 Hands Like Houses - Unimagine (White) - $40 Heartless Breakers - The Great Give Back (Aqua Marble /200) - $11 No Tide - Death of the Sun (Purple w/Splatter /200) - $12 Prawn - Ships (Light Grey /116) - $17 Restorations - S/T (180g Burnt Sienna /100) - $18 State Champs - Around the World and Back (Half and Half w/Splatter /500) OFFER
  8. This is actually so bizarre because historically my only complaint with Mono was their super tinny-sounding drum cymbals. Ridiculously specific, I know. But the sheer amount of time in "You Are There" that the drummer spent maintaining a beat on that cringeworthy ride cymbal made it almost unlistenable. Just weird to me that someone else picked up on it because I would never have brought it up myself haha. My two favorites of theirs are "One More Step..." and "The Last Dawn." Technically-speaking "Hymn..." is probably their best but for whatever reason it's tough for me to listen through in full.
  9. New one I came across this morning. Check it out if you feel so inclined:
  10. Glad to see positive reactions toward this album. I agree it's miles better than the last one. I feel like this is a totally different animal that TEPB, so it's hard to compare the two, but there's no doubt in my mind that this will earn a spot on my year-end list.
  11. I would still love to see the Guide happen, fwiw. That's a rock-solid list of albums we compiled.