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  1. Just pulled the trigger on the Best Buy listing and I had a $5 reward I had to use by 10/21 anyways, so this worked out perfectly for me. $13.76 shipped, can't beat that with a stick.
  2. As long as we're talking about bootlegs. I snagged a bootleg compilation "non-stop" mix cd done by some guy named Hitman called Rusty Nails several years back. It was only a couple dollars in a used cd bin so it seemed worth a shot. I was amazed at how well the songs were seamlessly blended one after another to create what was truly a non-stop NIN mix. Was glad I picked it up. https://www.discogs.com/Nine-Inch-Nails-Rusty-Nails/release/545164
  3. It'll probably be back in stock. Keep an eye on it. Broken was out of stock and then went back in stock for some days and now it's back out of stock again. Deviations also was OOS and has been back in stock for a few weeks now.
  4. Shake It Records 4156 Hamilton Ave., Cincinnati, OH, 45223 Everybody's Records 6106 Montgomery Rd., Cincinnati, OH, 45213 Phil's Music and Memories (I have found a few gems at this place over the years, off the beaten path kind of place) 3914 Winston Ave., Covington, KY, 41015 Black Plastic 4027 Hamilton Ave., Cincinnati, OH, 45223 513-258-0535 Atomic Pop Shop (very quaint store, but great people and atmosphere) 2963 Government St., Baton Rouge, LA, 70806 225-771-8455 Mushroom New Orleans (near Tulane University) 1037 Broadway St., New Orleans, LA, 70118 Finders Records (the biggest selection of new vinyl I've ever seen, bring money and plenty of time to kill) 128 N. Main St., Bowling Green, OH, 43402 Allied Record Exchange (Multiple locations but Reynolds Road is best IMO) 1710 South Reynolds, Toledo, OH, 43614 Culture Clash 4020 Secor Rd., Toledo, OH, 43623 Underground Sounds (my favorite of the 3 record stores I went to while in Ann Arbor earlier this year) 255 E Liberty, Suite #249, Ann Arbor, MI, 48104 Encore Recordings 417 E. Liberty St., Ann Arbor, MI, 48104 Wazoo Records 336 1/2 S. State, Ann Arbor, MI, 48104
  5. Haha, yeah I'm going to wait until others buy it and put the word out on the sound quality, a polished turd is still a turd.
  6. PO: Blockhead - Funeral Balloons

    When i said i was probably in a very small group of Blockhead fans on the VC board, i did in fact mean me and one other person. I've enjoyed all of his albums to date. My ranking would go something like this: 1. Music by Cavelight 2. The Music Scene 3. Bells and Whistles 4. Uncle Tony's Coloring Book 5. Downtown Science 6. Interludes After Midnight
  7. Nothing official on widespread distribution to record stores that I'm aware of still. I think collectively no one truly believes that the NIN online storefront is going to be the only place to get this stuff at retail price, but you never know... If you really want them and don't want to pay nutty ebay prices, I'd recommend just biting the bullet and ordering through the NIN store. Looks like Broken is showing Sold Out now, but I doubt it is truly sold out, it'll probably pop back up again like Deviations did. There were several people that posted in this thread that ordered and received their order with little or no issues at all.
  8. I'm probably in a very small group of people on the VC boards that's excited about this, I pre-ordered the premium holy shit package, mostly because I want both the vinyl and the t-shirt. Love me some Blockhead, every one of his albums are solid, love what this guy does. It deserves a thread. For anyone who's unfamiliar with him, he is most commonly known as the guy that produced a lot of Aesop Rock's earlier work. http://backwoodzstudioz.com/portfolio/store/#blockhead-artists
  9. I thought someone had mentioned a few pages back in the thread that it looked as though the operation was going to be taken to yet another distributor? Trent took to the ETS forum asking if people had a preference for a distributor? Because ETS folks were getting shipped empty mailers? Any other news about that, I can't find anything. I'm excited about the continuing NIN reissue campaign, but not at all excited at the prospect of having to deal with shitbag again.
  10. I originally had the FedEx 1-day overnight as well. That order was "confirmed lost", so when they sent my replacement order they sent it via DHL/USPS tagteam option "because it's a trackable shipping method". I was a bit blown away that the premium FedEx overnight shipping doesn't have tracking, never bothered to find out if they were bullshitting me but I wouldn't be surprised.
  11. The Broken 7" does fit the printed sleeve, just not while it's inside the stock sleeve. It's one or the other... pretty dumb i know.
  12. Oh, I'm going to doctor my shit up, no doubt. and i'm sure that'll help. i'm just being sarcastic like everyone else. do not intend to send an email and demand replacement jackets and go through all that, especially not with shitbag. the fact of the matter still remains though, if it wasn't such a half-assed operation, there wouldn't be any need for me to doctor up my new fucking record jacket.
  13. it does matter, not 100%, but it does. bottom line is that we're paying for a new pressing and my jacket looks like it's about 10 years old already. I listened to all 3 of my records tonight. Noticed the jacket for Broken was partly unglued on the bottom toward the opening. Oh well though right? as long as the records sound great who gives a fuck about the condition of the cardboard container that houses them... gtfo it's bullshit that this has been such a hassle with sandbag, it's bullshit the way they're shipping them and people's jackets are showing up with dinged corners and compressed af inside a small mailer not meant to carry 3 or 4 records, and it's bullshit that they clearly did a piss poor job in the first place with the jackets. HOWEVER, all the records themselves sound great. who am i to want my cake and eat it too? Once these jackets disintegrate one day when a stiff breeze comes along, i'll just dump out my dolly parton and patsy cline records and use those jackets for my NIN records, just so long as we keep the nice sounding records safe. it's all good.
  14. My records showed up today and this is pretty much the same thing i got. I got TF, NTAE and Broken and they were all shipped together in that exact same kind of mailer. like sardines in a can. I can't even fathom how they managed to fit all FOUR of your records in that mailer. When you popped the tape did the box burst open? all jacket corners except 1 were fine, the dings on mine are similar to yours. I personally don't think those dings are too bad or even something to complain about really, but i do understand also that if the packing was done better, it COULD be avoided altogether. You, me and everyone else that has handed over hard-earned money for these releases reserves the right to gripe about this stuff. I have ordered multiple records from places like Soundstagedirect (best packaging of any online vinyl retailer that I have ever seen, their mailers are absolute tanks and they put care into shipping records and it fucking shows). Christ, even Amazon does it better and that's like the walmart of online vinyl purchasing. At any rate... I am relieved to finally have these, and certainly glad they didn't show up looking like old boy's copy of NTAE (how does that even happen???). Spinning Fragile right now and it sounds incredible just as everyone else has been saying.
  15. I woke this morning to an email from sandbag telling me that my replacement order was sent out yesterday via DHL global ground along with the tracking number for it. Yesterday i had asked for my originally paid for FedEx 1-day Overnight shipping cost to be refunded, which they said they would do. So my original thought is "soooo... i ask for a refund for my first class shipping and they fly me coach???" I responded and asked why they would send it DHL ground when I was supposed to have FedEx 1-day delivery and below was the response. Is it true that FedEx 1-day Overnight PREMIUM fucking priced shipping does not have tracking? That blows my mind a bit if it's true. SMH... oh well... at least I have movement now. Just want this to be over and done with at this point... As your original order was lost in transit, and we have refunded your shipping, we decided to sent the package using a trackable service to ensure the best chances of delivery, and to reduce the chance of the replacement order getting lost. Apologies that it hasn't been shipped using the preferred method, but we believe this is the best course of action to take so that you get the items you have paid for.