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  1. Same. Cheers that they're shipping in advance so it seems like US folks will actually receive around the time of release. I bet In Absentia orders start shipping out next week.
  2. Record Store Day 2018

    I mean.... he's got to run out of money for Bolivian marching powder eventually, right? shut up and take my money, i would buy everything from Portrait through Holy Wood in a heartbeat. A buddy of mine had that HT pressing of Antichrist and it sounded like crap. Love me some classic Manson though.
  3. PO NOW: Katatonia - The Great Cold Distance

    Is there anyone that has this reissue? A friend has turned me onto this album and I'm wondering what the vinyl sounds like. I compared the original pressing details with this reissue and it seems to me that this reissue is pushing too much on each side. It seems like there would be a risk for inner groove distortion on this reissue. Not interested in buying it if it sounds like crap and I don't have the scratch to put up for an OP.
  4. PO Now: Stone Temple Pilots (New LP)

    The new guy can sing, no doubt about it. And he also sounds pretty darn close to Scott Weiland. The thing that I see missing though is the soul and passion when I see him performing the classic STP stuff. Sometimes you can also hear it in the way he sings. It's as if his voice is following a blueprint for how the song should go, and I can't really blame him because well... it's not his song. I don't think there's a single person who would prefer him to Scott Weiland when it comes to those classics and that's ok. After hearing the first 2 singles from this new album, I'm looking forward to hearing the rest of the album as I think it shows some potential. That being said, you almost can't even think of it as Stone Temple Pilots without Scott. Another band that comes to mind that's trying to do this is Sublime (with Rome). Rome Rodriguez is a damn good singer and sounds a hell of a lot like Bradley Nowell, I even liked a good number of songs from their first album, but it just wasn't the same and I asked myself why would I expect it to be.
  5. I just finished reading the same email. That's also how I read it. I'm excited if that's the case.
  6. PO: Agents of Oblivion - S/T

    Gave Agents a spin last night. Was very happy with how it sounded. The vinyl itself was not off-center at all (maybe you and the other got some bad apples?). It was just as good of quality as my copy of WTKSP. I was expecting the opaque green to be solid color but it was more of green marble color.
  7. PO: Agents of Oblivion - S/T

    My copy of Agents showed up today. It's the opaque green variant. I'll spin it tomorrow and report back on sound quality.
  8. PO: Agents of Oblivion - S/T

    Yeah I noticed that repress of WSOOBOL, didn't go and look to see it was on his official site store though. I went ahead and snagged a copy of that too. Noticed Agents was available at his store too, the clear green variant, so maybe that will indeed be the variant i get from Amazon. If the other 2 solo albums get pressed, I'll be a buyer for sure. That's pretty sweet news that he's going on tour and probably going to cut another album as well! I'll have to keep checking up on that. I listened to a bit of PTT on my way to work this morning, a lossless digital copy sourced from my cd. i notice that album's overall recorded volume level is quite a bit on the low side. Have to boost my player volume up to about 50 to get to the same level as most of my music that i generally have my player level at about 30-35 for. I wonder if that has anything at all to do with the label struggling to put out a good vinyl pressing of the album. For the 10-15 seconds i played my vinyl copy of it last night i was reminded that it's not actually the noise floor of the record that's bad, the vinyl itself is actually just as quiet as WTKSP. What's really bad is the actual music. Distorted as balls, almost as if the volume of that original mix/master was boosted out of necessity to get it onto vinyl and the result is just a turd. I don't have much of a clue on how any of that stuff works.
  9. PO: Agents of Oblivion - S/T

    No problem at all. I just put in an order for the 2015 pressing of PTT from a seller on discogs, I'll post back with the sound quality once I give it a spin. I'm super excited to get that AOO album, it's also been some time since I've listened to my cd copy. I was tempted to listen earlier but I'd rather wait for the vinyl. I think Phantom Green was always my favorite track on that album, such a good tune. Since I've found a couple of folks on here who is familiar with Dax, do you have any of his solo albums on vinyl? Or the Deadboy and the Elephantmen album? I'm mostly interested in We Sing Of Only Blood. I have that cd and it's pretty great, wouldn't mind having that in my vinyl collection but I'd want it to be a good sounding press. Deadboy I always was kinda "meh" about.
  10. PO: Agents of Oblivion - S/T

    Ok, I had to get myself sorted out with this. I really haven't listened to either of my Acid Bath records in some time or been keeping up with any reissues. Here's the deal; I've got the 2013 white vinyl release of WTKSP and it sounds great. (actually spinning as I write this) For PTT, I've got the 2010 reissue on black, and that is the one that sounds fucking terrible. I guess I made my pressing of WTKSP guilty by association with Acid Bath in my vinyl collection just because I remember how disappointed I was when I got PTT and it sounded like shit. Doing some research on discogs, it seems there have been a couple of reissues of PTT since the 2010 variants. The 2014 pressing on clear vinyl from what I'm reading is just as bad as the 2010 pressings. But the most recent reissue in 2015 on 180g black has at least one claim that the pressing sounds great vs. its predecessors. Now I'm considering snagging a 2015 copy of PTT and ditching my shitty 2010 pressing. So to answer the question about good sounding presses, for WTKSP it seems that at the very least the white vinyl and another variant that is opaque orange would be a safe bet for you to try and pick up somewhere at a reasonable price. For PTT, definitely look for the most recent 180g black variant. Regarding AOO, I hope you're right about the likelihood that I'll get one of the translucent green copies, my personal experience is that translucent variants tend to have a higher success rate at being good sounding vs. opaque colors (aside from standard black). That may just be my own luck of the draw though.
  11. PO: Agents of Oblivion - S/T

    Not sure which one it will be as it's coming from Amazon. I have a sneaking suspicion it will be the opaque green. the opaque seemed to be more readily available and sold by US sellers on discogs. That being said, whatever it is, i'm praying that there's less surface noise than both of my rotten records Acid Bath albums. Definitely not the highest quality pressings, those Acid Bath records.
  12. PO: Agents of Oblivion - S/T

    i was just made aware of this while looking around in discogs. some of the more obscure stuff that i really like sometimes eludes me when it either gets a first pressing or a repress. this album is fantastic, i was able to order one from amazon for $23.
  13. Thrice - The Alchemy Index [Reissue]

    Nah, i doubt that man. I was told the same thing the day before mine shipped out (i was also in the first "wave"). Don't freak out just yet. I know exactly how you're feeling though. I'm interested in knowing whether they'd ship yours from the UK or from the US though. Being in Australia and all.
  14. Thrice - The Alchemy Index [Reissue]

    i just got done unboxing both of the copies that showed up today (one was #352 and the other #1907 for those of you that care). My gf and me literally put in our orders maybe 5 minutes apart so it does seem a bit random as to what number they're giving people regardless of when they had their order in respective to the other people's orders. Anyways.... both were packed very well, appropriately sized mailer, inside a bubblewrap "envelope". Both copies had no obvious signs of being mishandled or otherwise dinged between the production line and my front door. As for SQ. I did a side-by-side comparo with the first track on the Fire disc. Sadly, I do think my CD sounds a little bit better, more clear in the low-end and especially in mid-range. highs have no discernible difference (at least to my ears...). the most noticeable thing when comparing is that the volume levels are very different, vinyl is much quieter than the cd, but I believe that's just a difference in format/source of listening. overall i would say the vinyl is a little less "punchy" than the cd, but it's certainly not enough to make me bummed. Maybe others won't be so happy about it. As far as popping sounds on Fire, i didn't hear ANY pops whatsoever and the soundfloor is dead quiet. No surface noise on mine... yet.