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  1. I'd be in for that, but what I'd really really like to see is a first pressing of Scarlet's Walk. I love my deluxe cd copy of that with her polaroid style picture inserts and the big map of the US showing her route and where she was when she wrote each of the songs. They could really do great things with vinyl packaging for that.
  2. Yeah, i just got all excited for nothing... this is a highly anticipated reissue. i'd recommend thoroughly searching the net in Tori forums and reading up before creating new threads here and crushing people with a false flag. To answer your question though... the last time I read up on it, maybe a month ago, it seems it may be on hold for the time being because Tori is going through some personal life stuff. But it's eventually going to happen.
  3. i'll bet that off white press sounds like poop compared to the ol' reliable black (says this guy that missed out because he's been busy with other things). haha... but seriously though, i'll bet the white sounds like poop anyways and i'm into the hobby for the listening experience not collectibility factor.
  4. I know right. I scrolled down to see if With Teeth and/or Year Zero were up for PO and busted a sad face when they weren't. dear nin store, define "soon".
  5. I'm thinking of doing the same. Add Violence is still available at Amazon and it's been months and months. No physical component for this one apart from t-shirts, buttons, slipmat and stuff I'm not dying to have nor can really afford right now. Amazon seems like the winner in this situation.
  6. thesecrets0308

    PO: FUEL - Sunburn

    Ok, was this insert in the Eve 6 Horrorscope pressing? Because i got the self-titled Eve 6 but maybe i just didn't notice the insert in the jacket. Either way... this thread has made me happy today. I will be getting Fuel, Sponge AND both of those Stabbing Westward albums. Wargod, you have made it into my cool book.
  7. thesecrets0308

    Lofi HipHop / Beat Tapes on vinyl thread!

    Blockhead is my fave. He's the reason I got into this genre. Instrumental hip-hop is probably my favorite music to listen to while I'm working (i have a desk job). I'll check it out later tonight. Thanks for the recommend.
  8. thesecrets0308

    Lofi HipHop / Beat Tapes on vinyl thread!

    Anyone into the Chillhop Essentials seasonal album series? I just recently, within the last month or so, discovered these collections and not only are they fantastic compilations, they're also a great source for me to discover new lofi/triphop artists. I put in a PO for the Spring 2018 vinyl. Been looking at getting back catalog vinyl but have only been able to secure Fall 2017 so far. Anything before that is pretty high up there in market value and I'm just not in a position to unload a bunch of money on it.
  9. thesecrets0308

    Albums That Should Be Pressed on Vinyl

    Many of these are still sadly waiting for some vinyl love. Reissue or first pressing. Listening to Finger Eleven's Tip this morning, such an underrated album.
  10. I wonder if it would work to try and take advantage of BB's price match guarantee by referencing the NIN store listing... probably not because A. it's sold out at the NIN store and B. NIN store probably doesn't qualify as a "competitor" of BB. Maybe if you got a real dumb CSR to help you... haha is it worth a shot? https://store.nin.com/products/the-girl-with-the-dragon-tattoo-deluxe-box-set
  11. Yeah, new EP should be creeping on the come-up. Also still waiting for the pre-orders for With Teeth and Year Zero to open up. I hope what's taking so long is Trent is looking for a distributor competent enough to handle his merch and we won't have to deal with the sandbag shenanigans again...
  12. I feel like Best Buy sets their own price on this stuff. I remember not long ago when we discovered they had the vietnam war score listed for dirt cheap compared to everywhere else and it was clearly a mistake in the price but they had to honor it for the people that were quick enough to snag one for what was it, like $17 or 18 shipped? Maybe someone over there is privy to the fact this was a release from 6 years ago that today seems to sell from between $400-600.
  13. Doesn't the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo vinyl fetch a ton of money? Apparently Best Buy has at least 1 in stock for only $399.99. Still too rich for my blood, but maybe someone in here would be interested. I thought they were limited to 3,000 copies, numbered and all signed by Trent and Atticus. I'm curious if Best Buy for real has one of these and if it's not all beat up hanging around their warehouse. https://www.bestbuy.com/site/the-girl-with-the-dragon-tattoo-original-motion-picture-soundtrack-lp-vinyl/19991153.p?skuId=19991153