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  1. I must be lucky, I've ordered quite a few times from them & never once had any damaged sleeves - and i'm also in the uk!
  2. I'm getting charges on almost everything from mondo to the UK at the moment, seriously considering not ordering anymore. I even got charged for replacement jackets that I requested though they did refund me when i emailed them about it. Not sure what's going on but it seems to be happening much more than usual.
  3. Anyone else from the UK getting stung with customs charges? Everytime I combine orders lately I end up with extra charges so it defeats the object of trying to save money! That said, the Luke Cage, Jessica Jones & Daredevil LP's look stunning
  4. Cheers guys, i got shipping email today! Still waiting on The Fountain.....
  5. I've never known them to offer bundles so not surprised by this. Btw, has anyone had shipping for Monster Squad/Maniac ??
  6. The last ones i liked were BTTF & Black Swan, most of the recent ones just don't do it for me. I'm looking at labels like Waxwork & they are killing it at the moment. Hopefully they have good stuff in the pipeline.
  7. What has happened to Mondo lately in regards to their vinyl releases? Their last half a dozen or so releases have not been of any interest to me at all. Anyone know what upcoming releases are planned aside from the Inside Out singles? Mondo vinyl used to excite me but so far this year very little has.
  8. I have to agree that a lot of the product lately doesn't excite me too much, i'd rather they release less records but of better quality like they used to.
  9. I don't understand why the international shipping costs constantly go up & down. The Latest vinyl release is $25 & the shipping is $23.80!!! Surely for a single LP this can't be right?
  10. My local record store now has Jurassic World Vinyl in stock, hope mondo can get ours shipped this week! Also, an update on shipping for Army Of Darkness & The Connection would be nice.
  11. i checked at the usual time & it was instantly sold out , kept refreshing but no luck. Its one i really want too so looks like ebay for me.
  12. missed AOD, did these drop earlier than usual?
  13. Yes i'm having same problem not receiving items that were mailed in September. I've had to request replacements.
  14. i had a superman & also a 'for sara' cassette on order & they have both been stuck in Austin since 22 september too! really odd, i keep checking the tracking & it hasn't moved!