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  1. 20 Buck Spin Label & Mailorder Thread

    We're taking pre-orders for the new Necros Christos 3xLP box set and 3xCD box set to gauge interest and numbers. If you are looking to get this, check in here: https://www.20buckspin.com/search?type=product&q=necros+christos
  2. 20 Buck Spin Label & Mailorder Thread

    Due to the color vinyl variants of Tomb Mold ‘Manor Of Infinite Forms’ selling out so quickly, we’ve ordered a 3rd color variant for people who weren’t so fast in pulling the trigger. https://www.20buckspin.com/tombmold Purple / Swamp Green half and half (both are translucent colors), and that is now up for pre-order. (Ltd 300) http://listen.20buckspin.com/album/manor-of-infinite-forms Also the 2nd press of Mournful Congregation 'The Incubus Of Karma' 2xLP is up for pre-order. A new color variant KARMIC SILVER & WHITE is available. https://www.20buckspin.com/theincubusofkarma
  3. 20 Buck Spin Label & Mailorder Thread

    Thanks! Would like to. Gotta see if we can work it out with the original labels.
  4. 20 Buck Spin Label & Mailorder Thread

    TOMB MOLD - Manor Of Infinite Forms Releasing 06.08.2018. LP / CD / TAPE / DIGITAL All formats up for pre-order today: https://www.20buckspin.com/tombmold Listen to 'Abysswalker' https://20buckspin.bandcamp.com/album/manor-of-infinite-forms Cover by Brad Moore (Morpheus Descends, Organic Infest)
  5. 20 Buck Spin Label & Mailorder Thread

    5th Mournful Congregation album 'The Incubus Of Karma' now up for pre-order on all formats. https://www.20buckspin.com/theincubusofkarma
  6. 20 Buck Spin Label & Mailorder Thread

    FLASH SALE: 20% off all orders of $20 or more at 20 Buck Spin. Use code: THEENDCOMPLETE https://www.20buckspin.com
  7. 20 Buck Spin Label & Mailorder Thread

    Here's an update on the latest new and restocks at 20 Buck Spin including a recap of all our 2017 releases: New albums / mini-albums / EPs released on 20 Buck Spin in 2017: * The Ominous Circle - Appalling Ascension 2xLP / CD / TAPE * Foreseen - Grave Danger LP / CD * Extremity - Extremely Fucking Dead MLP / MCD / TAPE * Oranssi Pazuzu - Kevät 10" EP * Witch Vomit - Poisoned Blood MLP * Weapönizer - Lawless Age LP / CD * Acephalix - Decreation LP / CD * Spirit Adrift - Curse Of Conception LP / CD * Daeva - Pulsing Dark Absorptions MLP Additionally we reissued the following releases: * Vastum - Carnal Law LP * Oranssi Pazuzu - Muukalainen Puhuu LP / CD * Oranssi Pazuzu - Kosmonument 2xLP * Oranssi Pazuzu - Farmakologinen MLP * Noothgrush / Corrupted - Split LP Remember, if you're in need of a gift right about now, our GIFT CARDS, are quick, easy and available in any amount you need. Almyrkvi - Umbra LP / CD Argus - From Fields Of Fire CD Ascended Dead - Abhorrent Manifestation LP / TAPE Attic - Sanctimonious LP / CD (White) Axegrinder - Rise Of The Serpent Men LP Bestia Arcana - Holocauston CD Black Cilice - A Corpse, A Temple LP Blaspherian - Infernal Warriors Of Death TAPE Bolt Thrower - For Victory LP Bolzer - Roman Accupuncture MLP Cadaveric Incubator - Sermons Of Devouring Dead TAPE Crurifragium - Beasts Of The Temple Of Satan TAPE Cult Of Fire - Ascetic Meditation Of Death LP Cult Of Fire - Triumvirat LP Desolate Shrine - Deliverance From The Godless Void CD Destroyer 666 - Unchain The Wolves LP Diocletian - Doom Cult LP Dolch - III: Songs Of Happiness... Words Of Praise LP (Blue Vinyl) Effluvia - Cadaverous Compost TAPE Ensnared - Dysangelium LP ENTOMBED - CLANDESTINE LP Fetid - Demo TAPE Heresiarch - Death Ordnance CD Howls Of Ebb / Khthonik Ceviiks - With Gangrene Edges / Voiidwarp LP II / Lihhammon - Miasmal Coronation MLP Immortal - At The Heart Of Winter LP (Green Marble) Immortal - Blizzard Beasts LP Immortal - Damned In Black LP Immortal - Pure Holocaust LP (Clear w/ Smoke) Impaled Nazarene - Suomi Finland Perkele (100 Years Of Finnish Independence Edition) LP (White & White/Blue) Infester - Darkness Unveiled TAPE Kawir - Exilasmos LP / TAPE Lady Beast - Vicious Breed LP / CD Magic Circle - Magic Circle LP / TAPE Merciless - The Awakening LP (Red) Metallica - Kill Em All LP Metallica - Ride The Lightning LP Necromante - The Magickal Presence Of Occult Forces LP Necrovorous - Plains Of Decay CD Opthalamia - Via Dolorosa 2xLP Pagan Altar - The Room Of Shadows TAPE Possession - Exorkizien LP Professor Emeritus - Take Me To The Gallows CD Sacrocurse - Gnostic Holocaust LP Sarcasm - Within The Spheres Of Ethereal Minds LP Siege - Drop Dead TAPE Sodom - Agent Orange 2xLP Spectral Voice - Eroded Corridors Of Unbeing CD / TAPE Spectral Voice - Necrotic Doom LP / CD Tetragrammacide - Primal Incinerators... TAPE Thantifaxath - Void Masquerading As Matter CD The Devil's Blood - Come, Reap MLP The Devil's Blood - The Thousandfold Epicentre 2xLP The Devil's Blood - The Time Of No Time Evermore 2xLP The Exorcist - OST (1974) LP The Ruins Of Beveast - Blood Vaults 2xLP / CD The Ruins Of Beverast - Exuvia 2xLP / CD The Ruins Of Bevarast - Foulest Semen... 2xLP The Ruins Of Beverast - Rain Upon The Impure 2xLP The Ruins Of Beverast - Unlock The Shrine 2xLP Therion - Of Darkness LP Unaussprechlichen Kulten - Keziah Lilith Medea LP Undergang - Misantropologi TAPE Unholy - From The Shadows 2xLP Uskumgallu - Rotten Limbs In Dreams Of Blood LP Utzalu - Loins Of Repentance LP Vanik - Vanik LP Walpyrgus - Walpyrgus Nights LP / CD Witch Vomit - Poisoned Blood TAPE
  8. 20 Buck Spin Label & Mailorder Thread

    SALE / SALE / SALE / SALE / SALE / SALE It’s THAT time of year again… Our November Sale has begun. Most of the store is on sale, including label titles. Vinyl up to 66% off. All CDs and tapes on sale. Hit it before your friends get the good stuff. Spread the word…
  9. 20 Buck Spin Label & Mailorder Thread

    Now available: New 20BS release: Daeva - Pulsing Dark Absorptions MLP (think Aura Noir, Nifelheim, Absu) Order on Bone w/ Black Splatter or Black vinyl here: https://www.20buckspin.com/daeva Stream it here: http://listen.20buckspin.com/album/pulsing-dark-absorptions Acephalix - Decreation TAPE Air Raid - Across The Line LP (Red) Bell Witch - Mirror Reaper 2xLP (Clear) Black Ops / Cave Bastard - Split LP Blut Aus Nord - Deus Salutis Meae LP / CD Death - Individual Thought Patterns LP Dream Death - Journey Into Mystery LP (Clear) Godspeed You Black Emperor - Luciferian Towers LP Grief - Depression 12" Grief - Dismal LP Hexx - Wrath Of The Reaper LP (Blue) Immortal - At The Heart Of Winter LP Immortal - Battles In The North LP Immortal - Blizzard Beasts LP Immortal - Diabolical Fullmoon Mysticism LP Immortal - Pure Holocaust LP Impaled Nazarene - Ugra Karma LP Merciless - The Awakening LP Monolord - Rust 2xLP Noothgrush - 1994 LP Quayde Lahue - Day of the Opressor MLP (Clear) Quicksand - Manic Compression 2xLP R.I.P. - Street Reaper LP / CD Sanhedrin - Funeral For The World LP / CD Savage Master - Creature Of The Flames MLP (Beer, Black) Ufomammut - 8 LP
  10. Uncle Acid and The Deadbeats - Vol. 1

    In stock on RED & WHITE: https://www.20buckspin.com/collections/front/products/uncle-acid-the-deadbeats-vol-1-lp
  11. 20 Buck Spin Label & Mailorder Thread

    More new arrivals today: Oranssi Pazuzu - Kevät / Varimyrsky 10" EP (Blue, Clear, Black) - this is a 2 song 10 inch that was only available at Oranssi Pazuzu live shows. Both songs are previously unreleased. This has an official 20BS catalog number. Witch Vomit - Poisoned Blood MLP (Repress, red w/ black splatter) Pallbearer - Sorrow & Extinction 2xLP (Repress, clear w/ black smoke) Acephalix - Decreation TS / LS (now in stock, pre-orders start shipping Friday) Bathory - First six albums + Nordland I & II LPs Bolt Thrower - Realm Of Chaos LP Carcass - Necroticism & Heartwork LPs Electric Wizard - Dopethrone & Fanatics 2xLPs Entombed - Left Hand Path LP Morbid Angel - Blessed Are The Sick LP Uncle Acid - Vol 1 LP (Red, White) With The Dead - Love From With The Dead 2xLP (Aztec Gold, Rosewood)
  12. 20 Buck Spin Label & Mailorder Thread

    Final 2017 release from 20BS Daeva 'Pulsing Dark Absorptions' MLP Tracklist: 1. No Effective Banishings 2. Clenched Fist Of The Beast 3. Pulsing Dark Reabsorption 4. Descending The Miasmal Void 5. Deathcrush (Mayhem cover) RIYL: early Aura Noir, dissonant blackened thrash etc. Full audio out today via our Bandcamp Vinyl pre-order for mid-November release at https://www.20buckspin.com/daeva Iron Bonehead will have both color and black copies in Europe.
  13. 20 Buck Spin Label & Mailorder Thread

    The new Spirit Adrift album 'Curse Of Conception' is out now. The Gold/Blue is sold out but some of the Cyan/Clear remain. Acephalix 'Decreation' is also out now. The multi-color variant is sold out, some Gray vinyl remains. TS / LS also available to order: And also now available, some highlights of the last couple weeks: Akercocke - Rape Of The Bastard Nazarene LP Antichrist - Sinful Birth LP Aura Noir - Out To Die LP Autopsy - Fiend For Blood 12" Black Witchery - Evil Shall Prevail 2xLP / CD Blood - Heinous Noise LP Bolt Thrower - Warmaster LP Clandestine Blaze - Archive Vol I, II & III LPs Dr. Shrinker - Archive I 2xLP Dr. Shrinker - Archive II 2xLP Engulfed - Engulfed In Obscurity LP Gloam - Death Is The Beginning MLP / CD Hans Zimmer - Dunkirk OST 2xLP Hemmorhage - We Are The Gore LP John Carpenter - Christine OST LP Master Of Cruelty - Archaic Visions Of The Underworld LP MGLA - With Hearts Toward None LP Napalm Death - FETO LP Perverted Ceremony - Sabbath Of Behezael LP Phrenelith - Desolate Endscape LP Ophthalamia - A Journey In Darkness LP Retaliation - Violence Spreads Its Drape LP Sacrificio - Sacrificio MLP Suffering Hour - In Passing Ascension LP / CD Testament - Low LP Testament - The Ritual LP The Chasm - A Conscious Creation From The Isolated Domain CD Tomb Mold - Primordial Malignity TAPE Undergang - Misantropologi LP (RED) Vacivus - Temple Of The Abyss LP Wolves In The Throne Room - Thrice Woven 2xLP / TAPE
  14. 20 Buck Spin Label & Mailorder Thread

    This weeks new additions and restocks: Artificial Brain - Infrared Horizon LP Blood - O Agios Pethane TAPE Church Of Disgust - Veneration Of Filth TAPE Confess - Haunters LP Cough - Sigillum Luciferi 2xLP Dead Lord - In Ignorance We Trust LP Embalmer - Into The Oven TAPE Hellripper - Coagulating Darkness LP Hellripper - Complete & Total Fucking Mayhem LP Jaguar - Power Games LP (reissue on camo brown/green) JT Ripper - Depraved Echoes & Terrifying Horrors LP Knightmare II - Death Do Us Part LP Neurosis - The Word As Law LP (reissue on clear) Pallbearer - Foundations Of Burden 2xLP (clear) Pallbearer - Heartless 2xLP Phrenelith - Desolate Endscape TAPE Portrait - Burn The World CD Samson - Shock Tactics LP (reissue on 'loincloth red') Sannhet - So Numb LP Sleep - Volume One LP Solstafir - Kold 2xLP (180G) Solstafir - Masterpiece Of Bitterness 2xLP (180G) Stereo Nasty - Nasty By Nature LP Torture Rack - Barbaric Persecution TAPE Witch Vomit - A Scream From The Tomb Below TAPE Witch Vomit - Poisoned Blood TAPE Witch Vomit - The Webs Of Horror TAPE Wolves In The Throne Room - Diadem Of Twelve Stars 2xLP