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  1. Would like to grab brand new devil and god (on white if multiverse ends up passing) if not the black press.
  2. nit picky but arent they not supposed to tax you unless the company resides in your state...
  3. I stopped watching after the mid season break. Seems alot of people have as well. Is this second half any good?
  4. can anyone comment on the titles that are not CHRCH or Dopethrone (as I have both of those)? anything i truely "need"?
  5. Anyone else find the new goya really boring? I feel they are just turning out stuff so quickly its not all quality
  6. Those are the exact same records i got x2. It did have that tag of you could get duplicates. Im totally okay and understand that. I bought two of the last round of grab bags from them and i think i got like 3 duplicates? And actually had distro items which cut down on the possibility of duplicates. I totally get that these are on deep discount and it is a risk to do it but you figure they would pay a bit more attention to what they are doing.
  7. They were like shrink wrapped in the bundle and it had a sticker that said 10x LP grab bag on it. You figured they would have a) more than 10 records total and b ) see i bought two and try and at least grab from another stack that would have less than 10 of the same record. As you can see i am a bit bitter on this as I have bought multiple grab bags from many labels, including relapse and never had that happen...
  8. What did you end up getting? I bought two and they sent me literally the same ten records x2. Was less pleased about that... When I messaged them they gave me the canned "you can get duplicates" response. I understand I could get a few but the same records x 2 i think is bullshit... Would be down for a trade if there are items you do not want!
  9. I was actually actually refering to the winhand record i now own 3 copies of. Update from relapse: they gave me a canned bullshit response on the grab bags. They said it was random and you could get duplicates. Completely ignored my comment that i get i can receive duplicates but they sent me 10 of the exact same records. Guess they will be zero help...
  10. Based off memory (i wont remember all 10 probably): three zombi records newest windhand isla/coffins split goblin rebirth christian mistress greay tyrant and two others they were also all relapse titles and no distro stuff. I figured i would have got at least a few distro titles which would have been okay by me since i do own alot of relapse stuff already.
  11. If they dont i know someone who has 3 copies and eager to sell...
  12. So i got my two relapse 10 LP grab bags today. They had them wrapped in bundles of 10. Opened the first and had a few of the titles already. No worries, figured it would happen. Opened the second and it was literally the same 10 records as the first one. It said if you ordered more than one you may get duplicates. Figured i would get a few. Not all 10. It says no exchanges or refunds but messaged them to see what they can do as that is a bit ridiculous. I really dont need 3 copies of the newest windhand record...
  13. Get down part 2 trailer looked great. Looking forward to watching the second half.