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  1. man i have figured out that a bunch of fall of efrafa stuff has been repressed. downside, the label it is from is in germany and shipping 3 records they want 50 bucks... anyone think of where i could find these state side?
  2. Awesome. Whats the best way to get in contact with you?
  3. @CalebDWsame question here. would you be willing to combine if i emailed you the order #'s?
  4. cool... was going to order when i got home... didn't think 1000 would fly off the shelves like that... i am sure they will do another press after that happened...
  5. god dammit missed those clear converges! fingers crossed there were like one of each and i never would have got them. trying to make myself feel better... grabbed cursed and oathbreaker though. being in a meeting at work and missing the others sucks!
  6. I forgot bm only charges at shipping (which is good) but when my credit card got hacked and they are trying to charge a card that doesnt exist it sucks. I had to call them, leave a vm as no one answers that line and they will eventually call me back.
  7. Didnt realize this was so expensive. Glad it got a repress and fucking finally on miasma.
  8. Any of you dudes need a copy of the new lesbian record? Ended up getting two on orange and obviously dont need both.
  9. Everything i would have ordered is out of stock. Made that sale easy...
  10. Nick cave from the 4th row thursday. Elvis costello next tuesday followed by sigur ros thursday. Not concert related but have tickets to game 7 of stanley cup wednesday if it goes that far.
  11. I thought mondo put stuff up at 1pm est? Went to look at their site and all the posters are already up(and sold out)
  12. how packed was the moose? was trying to go but ended up not being able to.
  13. i ordered this with the new live CD. hope it comes soon! there is no information on the website as to when they will ship the live CD
  14. Amoeba had like 15 copies of this today. Thought it was already out. Apparently not..