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  1. so ended up going to Conan tonight. Missed the local bands but caught North and Conan. Both were great. Conan was LOUD and crushed. grabbed a shirt as well. had the "nice surprise" of a parking ticket when I got back to my car... put a damper on the evening a bit... where the venue is there are like 100+ bars in a 10 block stretch. i never go there as it is college kid drunken stupor central. apparently they changed the rules where if you park on the main drag for like 7 of the 10 blocks after 10pm you get a ticket as it is "no parking" when i asked a cop outside a bar they said "so it is easier for them to deal with drunk people. so they took an area that was already terrible to find parking and took away like 70-100 spots to "make it easy to arrest drunk people"
  2. Awesome. Many thanks! I am not sure why everything I found was locked out and this worked but I will take it!
  3. forgot mondo was in TX so went to buy now and "item is in archive"
  4. So this is out of the norm for me. I usually go to a show or two a month. Not 4 a week. In high school and college i worked at a record store/school radio station so i woul get free or discounted tickets. To be fair the cost of the three other shows is less than my chris rock ticket. I decided to splurge as i a) have never seen him and b ) probably will not get the chance to again.
  5. Shameless post for local band that i am good friends with a few members of. they have been opening for the likes of earthless, horisont and the well recently to name a few.
  6. Would join you if i was not headed to chris rock. Enjoy the show
  7. They have been doing those huge distro sell offs. Guess that was a way to start this. Im hoping he will do another big one to clear his shelves and make it easier. I have had friends, who ran significantly smaller labels, who closed down and then were burdened with renting storage units or turning their house into hoarder central because they did not just sell a bunch off. The cost of running the label just does not go away. Would a clear out mean i would get some records? Absolutely. But i would gladly do my part to help lower the cost burden for a label that has put out some killer music and i have been supporting for many many years.
  8. Chris rock tonight coheed and cambria tomorrow Conan saturday ty segall sunday busy week...
  9. Enter coupon code TULIP and save an additional 15% on everything site-wide. Some restrictions apply. Discount applies to items only and not to shipping and tax. Coupon expires 5.18.17 at noon CT, and cannot be combined with any other offers. Is there an area that has all of the discounted vinyl like last sale. Looking on mobile and cant navigate for shit on their site...
  10. PMd!
  11. That would be most excellent! i am torn on going to see mastodon tomorrow. Seen them probably 10+ times now and the new album was just fine to me
  12. If you go to conan and they have some cool merch could you let a brother know? I think i have to miss their show next week and dont want to miss out on some sweet garb.
  13. With them having ten plus i feel its not the rsd but worth a shot if you need it
  14. i would assume they are getting only a handful of each so they are not getting much of a deal. and if they are doing the importing for you they are paying that cost. i have used them a few times to grab a few imports and got free shipping. saved me a few bucks and had everything come from one place, not 5, and not have to wait a month to get it from Greece or whatever.