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  1. Yeah its been a process to acquire conan/bongripper stuff. Id search discogs and places like all that is heavy.
  2. Southern Lord is doing a summer sale. A bunch of LP's as low a $5. A surprising amount of awesome Crust Punk stuff included in the sale. Pretty sure I bought way more of that than stoner/ doom stuff. Stoner/ Doom related grabbed the Today is the day, Black Breath and noothgrush. if you need High On Fire- Art of Self Defense its 10 bucks. and that first nightfall record is 5 bucks and it rules.
  3. so i bought from Kings road and never received an e-mail confirmation, but my CC was charged. never had that happen with them... anyone get confirm from them?
  4. I tried searching for a thread for this and could not find one. What have you all been listening to? What are some cant miss bands that we should all know about? What new releases or lesser known stuff should we know about? Been listening to the newest Windhand record which I have been digging. Neon Warships S/T record has been pretty killer. Kadavar's new record has awesome jams on it, though not strictly stoner or doom per se. Locally in Pittsburgh there has been a band that has been buzzing a lot and putting out some great stuff. You can check out their demo on band camp for free.