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  1. PO: Godflesh- Post Self- Nov 17

    Yeah, this one is up there for me, too. Really took me by surprise since I'm more on the Jesu side of the spectrum. Ordered a white from Two Headed Dog. Anyone order from there before?
  2. PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    What exactly is happening on the cover of this? I can see whats happening but I mean is there any significant context?
  3. the thing about this one that gets me going is it says it's more hypnotic than abrasive. When Prurient gravitates toward that area I become very interested. How much is this sucker gonna be?
  4. PO: Akira OST / Geinoh Yamashirogumi

    The download card that comes with this is for the PDF booklet which is sweet. But does anyone know where I can download the record anywhere? I've been trying to find it to buy and can't anywhere. Thanks! Sick release btw.
  5. PO: Akira OST / Geinoh Yamashirogumi

    sweet thank you! what gram / quality do Newbury releases usually have? I ordered this but also have a black on order.
  6. I feel like there should have been a blue variant of this!
  7. This actually made me totally fine with missing the golden one. It kills the experience with a 45 speed and like a song on each side. That’s just a chore to listen to these songs. I realize how not picky that is but it’s true.
  8. BLACK HEART?! Wow is this a new release or something reissued? Stoked either way.
  9. Thanks for the heads up on the Best Buy thing. So, I ordered last night and they shipped it today. It says it’s the vinyl so somewhere someone screwed up... that or I’m going to get a cd.
  10. So has anyone gotten the Vietnam soundtrack vinyl? I am thinking that this may be their best OST work yet. Curious about the vinyl edition since it is on Universal - hoping the quality is good and the packaging isn't cheap. Does anyone know?
  11. Yesterday I got an email about Deathwish’s back to school sale and ended up buying the U-Turn Orbit Plus turntable from them. I’ve heard good things but does anyone have this turntable and how does it perform for the price? Also so got a free record - Converge ‘All we Love we Leave Behind’ for it for $325 shipped.
  12. Totally. Box set came yesterday and feels super sturdy and reminds me of the old 70’s Carpenters albums or something. The Atlantic labels and everything are really cool throwback or maybe they never stopped? Either way 40 bones for the set is worth it which is really cool and almost never happens. Ivebeen seeing the set set on Discogs for like 100 already sheesh
  13. Ordered this from src and it looks like it got pushed to October 13. Still pretty pumped though!
  14. Holy crap the Fragile sounds incredible. I'm thoroughly impressed with this one compared to the Deviations package. Glad to finally own this!