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  1. So... I love this record and have it already but... did anyone else think the SL silver pressings sound pretty bad? My copy of the new Eagle Twin is really flat sounding. Wondering if its because it is literally a metallic silver vinyl? Hopefully this sounds like a million bucks!
  2. Yeah, picked up the Deathwish version. Best color for the artwork, IMO. Really digging the new song and the interview is great! Apparently the record is amazing according to Jeremy Bolm. There’s your endorsement right there haha.
  3. Yeah, the former - listening to past records on vinyl and Honeycomb on Apple Music and Spotify. Definitely not an apples to apples comparison but the point stands: it sounds decidedly flatter than all of them, IMO. It’s not like Deafheaven are short of cash to properly record. In that way I’m thinking this is a stylistic recording choice. Maybe they wanted to try something different or maybe we’re hearing an early unmastered bit of the record? Who knows, still amped for rest of it, though.
  4. Right on. Yeah The first thing I did was put on New Bermuda and sunbather to see if I was imagining things. The production is def less crisp on Honeycomb... but it may just be more ‘ethereal’ or something. I’ll have to see when the whole thing drops. I don’t dislike it, but it sounds uneven to me. Studio fuckery most likely.
  5. Yeah I’m excited about this but does anyone else kinda not digging the production? Guitars are so muted... all I’m hearing is thunderous drumming and screaming. Just seems really muffled or something compared to the last few. I guess it’s a stylistic choice but is anyone else hearing the same thing?
  6. 160 for this is an insane deal. They killed it with NTS 1 and I can’t wait for the next 3. Hoping they don’t sell out anytime soon...
  7. Ordered this finally! Amped to finally own it. Missed the special edition. Is the whole cover textured and how is the vinyl on either?
  8. thetrackt


    Thx. Got one. My copy is cracked and warped. But it works. I may replace it if Target is cool with that? Getting serious flak for this one from my boys. I tried 20/20 and Justified and couldnt hang. This one is def just pop but I like this direction. It’s just comforting to listen to somehow.
  9. thetrackt


    I'm in the minority here but this is the only listenable album I've ever heard from this guy. Trying to locate an orange!
  10. Fair questions. But should all be answered soon - just got shipping notification from Hospital! Amped.
  11. Nope it appears on Boomkat to show a vinyl sleeve with Buddhist State and Lazarus Flamethrower included.
  12. I have had A Crow Looked at Me since release...but I have yet to spin it. It's was so heavy when I steamed it. Beyond like Molina-esque 'sad' darkness its like real darkness about finality. It's just super heavy and I look at it all the time but really can't do it just yet. I am however, stoked for this. Hoping that electric guitar makes an appearance on the record.
  13. thetrackt

    PO: Godflesh- Post Self- Nov 17

    Wow, thanks for the tip. Is Bullmoose usually pretty accurate? Can’t tell if these are in stock or not.
  14. thetrackt

    PO: Godflesh- Post Self- Nov 17

    Anyone trying to offload a white copy of this?
  15. Does Hospital send out shipping notifications? Really amped on this one. Preorder says 6-8 weeks and I think I ordered Oct 30 so... its been way less than that.