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  1. Did anyone get the Lost River box 3LP? It looked sweet but I've been waffling on finallly ordering it. is the box sturdy? What kind of stuff is inside? Any pics?
  2. Bought the hell out of this. New song bangs!
  3. incredible news. been wanting a proper recording of this song since that original youtube video in like the early 2000's. Also, does anyone know if the repeater records version of the self-titled is remastered? the original was pretty muddy and my original LP copy sounds good but...muddy.
  4. The thing I'm most excited about with this one is that my original copy of this record sounds the worst. So regardless of scoring a blue or not I'm pumped to have a decent version of this one.
  5. This album is amazing. Period. Going to net way more listeners than To Pimp. After first listen - Most tracks have the ferocity of The blacker the Berry and some have much more. All hooks get in you and the production is dirty a f. Really hoping this gets a vinyl release.
  6. I dont hate it. I may back it. I'm not a hipster but appreciate convenience these days. The thing that I'm thinking is that I can finally wirelessly stream my records to my bluetooth headphones which is a huge selling point. Or play records ANYWHERE IN MY HOUSE. Definitely interested... kind of between this or maybe an Orbit. ' Thanks for sharing, I don't really pay much attention to Kickstarter anymore so I would have missed it.
  7. Umm Blank Square lp sounds amazing .. ordered
  8. Thank you all! Super helpful for the conversion. wavs sound great too! Thank you all! Super helpful for the conversion. wavs sound great too!
  9. On a Mac everything came out fine for Deviations - now I just need someone to make mp3s (they came as .wav) so I can stream it on the go. Any ideas?
  10. CHICAGO HERE WE COME. Also, could this possibly mean new recorded material in the future? Wow that would be something else.
  11. Did anyone who got their copy from Popmarket have a status that changed from 'Unfulfilled'?
  12. Really liked Pure Reality and the singles - I'm in. Clockcleaner was one of my favorites but its so cool to see Sharkey doing this kind of stuff since I'm old now too.
  13. YES! Also anyone want to sell me a copy of Exai??