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  1. Bruh.
  2. Do you slow down when you're driving by a car accident and yell "I AM INTERESTED BY YOUR SUFFERING AND MISFORTUNE"? Get your schadenfreude and move on, dude.
  3. There are other girls who like metal. There are other girls who aren't into metal. Some compatibility with music/movies/books/podcasts?/memes? is important, but not as important as some people seem to think. My girlfriend and I can chill and listen to Metal Machine Music or Merzbow. But if I put on like Converge or These Arms are Snakes she rolls her eyes and makes the jerk off motion. She'll still go to shows and get in the pit with me, because it's what I'm into. But the strength of a relationship has nothing to do with liking the same bands. Honestly, it's more important that you hate a lot of the same bands. I've dated a lot of people who liked bands I thought were garbage...but I know I could never be in a relationship with someone who didn't hate Phish. Who I am as a person would not be compatible with someone into that kinda thing. Maybe when she says she doesn't want to be with you she's just lashing out. Maybe it's how she really feels bubbling to the surface. Either way, it doesn't sound healthy for either of you.
  4. Is it anything like their last few albums? I only heard one or two songs off of each, but they were terrible. I think the last one I listened to all the way through was Crack the Skye. I don't have to work for the next 10 days and I am so excited.
  5. Jesus Christ...who the fuck doesn't help their kid with their first car purchase?
  6. The one bummer is the venue is about a mile down the road rather than the one next door. Like 95% of comedians that come to town play next door to me. I haven't been to the venue he's playing in...Jesus Christ...12 years, when the Pixies were there.
  7. New material. Typically once a comedian releases a special they're done touring with that set. The show in my city is one of the last on the first leg of the tour, so my guess is he'll tour into the fall and the special will drop in the winter. Probably on Netflix.
  8. I saw Gaffigan open a show probably like 16 years ago. Lewis Black went on after him, and there were still 2 other comics on the bill. The headliner was one of the dudes on Whose Line is it Anyways (Not Ryan Stiles, Greg Proops, Colin Mockerie, or Wayne Brady) and I've never been able to remember who the other one was. It's been crazy to see how big Gaffigan got over the years. He's definitely very funny, but a little too "family-friendly" for me. I always check out his new specials and enjoy them. I just don't revisit his stuff the way I do someone like Louis CK or Hannibal Buress. That motherfucker played the arena down the street from me last year. CK only played the theater next door. The only other comics that have done that arena recently were Amy Schumer and Jeff at least Gaffigan deserves that kind of success.
  9. I'm confused by the venue they're playing here. It's the big club where I'm seeing Thursday next month. Where all the Warped Tour -core bands I've never heard play. Like 1000 cap I think. There are like a dozen 100-400 cap dive bar venues I'd expect them to play here.
  10. That's a shitty way to ask. Honestly there's not really a non-shitty way to ask. If some dude gets a penis surprise...that's just how his night goes. It's shitty for the other party to get to the point of a penis surprise without saying something, certainly. But you can't just ask people "do you have a dick?" Trans people aren't trying to trick people (one of his jokes is "Let's go trick some straight dudes!"). It's a dangerous and harmful stereotype. His joke wasn't about the stereotype, it WAS the stereotype. There's a difference and it's important. Chappelle really is on the right side, in a broad sense. That's why I'm saying the material bothered me, rather than "Fuck Dave Chappelle! Don't watch his specials!" It's problematic, not outright bigotry.
  11. Just bought tickets to see John Mulaney in July. Pretty stoked. Also, Thou are playing here this summer too. I'm excited there's cool shit for once.
  12. Well, for one he says "tranny" a couple times. It's mostly just his attitude and how he says what he says, hard to explain without exact quotes (which I don't have). He had a bit about a "dude in a dress" and then someone correcting his pronoun use when he says "he" and the punchline is something like "Live however you want but why do I have to participate in it?" Hes still really funny, but each special had like 20 minutes of stuff where I was like "Eeeehhhh......"
  13. Ugh, I was reaaalllly stoked on the two new Dave Chappelle stand up sets on Netflix. He's transphobic as fuck in both. A little bit misogynist and homophobic too. Most of it is within acceptable "Well he's a stand up comic doing a bit..." standards, but overall it's ~problematic~. Which hurts to say. It's not malicious or anything, but it's just south of ok. He's still fucking hilarious for the most part, but it's just offensive enough (in the wrong way) to bother me. Like...his heart is almost in the right place but he's intelligent enough that it's jarring and upsetting when he crosses the line in the wrong place on several occasions. He's clearly not a monster, but he says some shit that's enough to be a problem. In each special there were a couple things that ruined my enjoyment. And I still think Louis CK is the funniest living comic despite the truly fucked up shit that's come out about him. So this isn't just some "PC police SJW" shit. I put a lot of thought into it from a lot of different angles.
  14. Voice controlling lights is the beeesssssst. I had to stay in a hotel room last week because of the snowstorm and at multiple points I had to stop myself from saying "Echo, turn off the lights"
  15. What about Carissa's Wierd - Songs About Leaving? I can't imagine anyone listening to that album without feeling bummed the fuck out. Anyways, just listened to the new Sorority Noise. Liked it but didn't love it. Definitely the best thing they've done and I'll be revisiting it. I'd rather we get more Old Gray than SN. Slowburn was next level.