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  1. Since there's a small chance J.Bannon might see this: please play Albany, NY. I know it sucks here, but I'm old and would like to mosh again before my back fully gives up on doing its job. All the good venues are gone...but like...please?
  2. Weren't they not allowed in Florida for awhile after the infamous fight with a piece of shit security guard on the Jane Doe tour? The one where Nate hammered the dude in the head with his bass. That's one of my favorite videos ever. I hate seeing security guards be violent shit heads, but I love seeing them fought by bands. Even the dude from Fall Out Boy gets respect for that from me. That's rough. I managed to see them in 05 and 06 playing to less than 200 people. Easily the 2 best shows I've ever been to. Saw them in 08 (barrier with a huge gap between the crowd, sparking the comment I mentioned above) but haven't seen them since I traveled to NYC to see them at House of Vans with Touche Amore, which was 2011 I think. 2 of my friends invited me to go see them in CT next week, but then had to cancel.
  3. *fingers crossed for a fall/winter tour to coincide with the LP* *fingers crossed they actually play my city* Converge hasn't played here since like 2010ish (huge civic center opening for Mastodon/Dethklok). They haven't played a club here since 2008 and they haven't played a club without a barrier since 2006. At the show in 08 Jacob promised they'd be back soon "at a smaller venue where you can kick the shit out of each other" and that never happened
  4. I've vowed to stop buying 7"s. I've done well for the last 2 years. But...Converge. Ordered the red
  5. Coming home to find the mailer with the No Heroes artwork spraypainted on it was one of the best things
  6. Back in my day you preorded a Converge record without knowing which variant you got or what the variants even were. I doubt it'll be a full album pre-order. A full album announcement with the singles, probably. A 7" with those singles to go with the announcement, maybe.
  7. 22 years in the game? Did they even have hot topic exclusives 22 years ago?
  8. Hey so I just saw someone's head explode as he got hit by a bus. Got home from a NIGHTMARE shift at work. Parked outside my apartment. Got out and a bus flew by and hit a dude coming through the intersection on a bike. No more than 30 feet from me.
  9. Anyone subscribe to Shudder? Thoughts? It looks like they've got a pretty good library but I'm gonna hold off on the free trial until October.
  10. Live viewing is low, but Showtime has said that the premiere gave them the biggest surge in subscribers they've had at one time. Most people are streaming it. I'm predicting a lot of canceled subscriptions after the finale.
  11. I'm starting to think we aren't gonna get Coop back. Or it'll be like the last scene of the series. I've got a feeling we'll only get more if Lynch feels like it. I'm sure Showtime will beg him when their subscriptions plummet after September.
  12. My super late reaction to that single: why are people surprised that a pop band made a pop song? It's not a good song, but I've only heard maybe 5 post-Hybrid Theory LP songs and that one is better than most of those. Sucks when anyone dies. Mental illness and addiction are some bullshit. Can we still make fun of headphone guy tho?
  13. He had cameos in both Crank movies. Those movies were dope.
  14. Yeah, but I feel like it's still just weird enough to not be fully accessible. Fire Fight is fast paced enough that I feel like you could recommend it to anyone (that's ok with violence)