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  1. Came in here to say "Please please please learn how to fucking speak" I've listened to a lot of college radio and I get that it's a learning experience, but I've endured some truly cringe inducing DJs. So like has been said above, be prepared. Also, I'm not knowledgeable about the technical side of things but don't use low quality MP3s. I can't tell you how many Djs I've heard that were clearly playing like 128kbps or worse MP3s off their iPods. I remember one dude in particular played late 90s early 00s rap, but there was no low end and it was tinny as fuck.
  2. I'm not a huge fan of Tropic Rot, but I do regret not grabbing it for like $5 when Virgil was basically giving away all the Suburban Home stuff. Like, I wouldn't buy that one Boys Night Out album at retail price, but I should have grabbed it when it was $2. That statement from the label should clear up whether or not this is getting a US release though. Looks like a "no" on that.
  3. In the entire two times I've ordered something from MerchNow I've zero problems...besides them shipping from my city and having the package tour New England before getting to me, but that's a media mail complaint. Not defending them, just haven't heard anything about them one way or the other outside my very small experience. In Firebrand's defense, shipping out thousands and thousands of orders is probably really hard. Especially if that's literally your only god damn job.
  4. Forgot I ordered this but just got shipping confirmation.
  5. Glad I managed to grab a red. Wish I had grabbed Versions back when Virgil had them crazy discounted. Same with Tropic Rot.
  6. I just hope the store switch isn't some clusterfuck where we get refunded and have to order them again. Not sure I can pull that $200 trigger again, even though I desperately want these records.
  7. Sorry I didn't come in here to explicitly condemn mass murder? I'd be against this shit if Hilary were in charge as well...because it would have happened...just without Trump's family profiting. I just don't feel the need to come in here to say "This is bad" just to have Waxx post a gif of Trump looking smug or some shit. Also, someone using "no no words" is something that anyone can that's why you see more of it. The fuck am I gonna do about a $100billion arms deal?
  8. Sounds like D tried to keep BWM afloat without the steady TWIABP income and couldn't. Sucks for the bands. Sucks that it was handled this way.
  9. Ugh, still got 10 episodes and Fire Walk With Me left in my rewatch, so it'll be at least a week probably 2 before I can start the new season.
  10. This is petty as fuck, bruh
  11. Most of us have given up on this thread. But yeah, it's safe to say most of us think this is fucked.