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  1. Sorry! I was hoping to give myself more competition, because I don't need a 2nd copy and totally shouldn't be buying any more records this week. ...but I'm also totally going to try
  2. Just got shipping notification for this. The hype is real. The band will be putting up a screenprinted cover version of this /100 sometime tomorrow. Looks like 50 will be God's Eye and the other 50 Cosmic Vein, as far as variants.
  3. Spent 40 minutes trying to check out with Damnation AD on Bull Mouse. It refused to take my card, saying the billing address was wrong (it wasn't). Quadruple checked it, tried several times with no luck so I gave up. I even ordered something from another site just to be extra sure my billing address was correct. Oh well.
  4. If you just smoke to make your shitty boyfriend happy, maybe don't smoke? Also, stop having a shitty boyfriend?
  5. Damn. My RSD spending today consisted of buying Isis - Celestial (damaged jacket) and Oceanic (no jacket) from Robotic Empire. I'm fine having no jacket for Oceanic because $8 is at the bare minimum 3x less than I'd pay for a copy. The music is on the discs, so fuck a jacket. Celestial was half the price it would have been with an undamaged jacket. Description said it was a seam split and, again, fuck it. You risk that with any record.
  6. Was this the 2xLP version? If so, I'm bummed I missed it. I only have the original press single LP version that cuts out two songs.
  7. Maybe if you're a poser/fraud/Nermal
  8. They used to be local to me and I would still double take every time I saw their name on a flyer. Also, my phone spazzed out when I tried to quote this post and I may have accidentally flagged it. Apologies all around.
  9. Please press the sounds of someone playing The Adams Family pinball game at a bar onto some sweet splatter vinylz
  10. "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take" -Brucewillisisdead -Michael Scott -Wayne Gretzky
  11. Well after my copy shipped from down the road it took a little tour of the Northeast states and I finally got it today. Didn't realize it was at 45rpm so I listened at 33 for a little bit thinking "Wait, I don't remember this being so heavy..." High quality gatefold jacket and the splatter looks really good.
  12. Woke up with a hangover and a $170 charge on my card to the NIN web store. Pretty excited for The Fragile and Downward Spiral. Not sure what possessed me to throw in The Fragile Deviations 1 4xLP...
  13. Ooooh, so this is what I got a shipping notice for today. I was wondering what the fuck I ordered that would be shipping from Merch Now. I had just driven by their wharehouse too. My girlfriend was not down for turning around so I could be like "Give me my record"
  14. This is gross. You're gross.