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  1. Wait...was the dude trying to do coke IN the pit? Or was it just a fight that made its way into the pit? Cause like, have some respect. Snort that shit in the bathroom.
  2. I'm still bummed I forgot about the Turnover show a block from my apartment last year. That venue gets almost exclusively shitty fucking jam bands. I wish they'd book better shit, I like being able to get sufficiently fucked up at a show and I can recall only do that if it's walking distance. The punk/hardcore/metal bars are all a few miles away with shit ass parking.
  3. Saw MWY a bunch back when Rez was probably like 5 years old. Also saw Circa on their On Letting Go release tour. Christ I'm old. I wore skate shoes exclusively for like 20 years. Been wearing boots the last few years and that shit is life changing. My work Doc Martins are the fucking best. I usually wear flat shoes when I go to shows though because I don't want to be the asshole moshing/diving in heavy ass boots.
  4. Working a 3am to noon inventory shift. I've gotten too good at the monthly inventory. Finished that AND all the regular opening shit too. A normal open shift starts at 7, so my opener just walked in and was like "Wait...what the fuck are we supposed to do until we open at 9?" I just shrugged and said "Fuck around on our phones?" If it was any other kid I'd have texted and told him he could come in late. I know for a fact he would've come in on time anyways. Homie just loves to work.
  5. I use Plex with my Chromecast and it's been a huge clusterfuck on a couple of occasions. It also hates mkv files.
  6. They're asking for it. Just look at the way they're dressed!
  7. I have a clear No Heroes Of course that one is /500
  8. "Hey I found this in my dad's basement. It's gotta be worth a ton of money, right? *hands you a scratched up copy of Dark Side of the Moon*"
  9. So for the last 2 hours my girlfriend and I have been in the living room periodically complaining about our shitty neighbors listening to music way too loud. At a few points we were like "Are they in the fucking hallway right now?" I went into the bedroom to grab something just now...the music was coming out off our echo dot. We checked the cloud for the audio command that started it. The text was "" but the audio of the cats meowing repeatedly for about 5 seconds. The fucking cat meowed in such a way that the echo activated....and heard "play"
  10. I used "solo" because even when she has a band, OHYO has always been just D writing the songs. Also, if Twitter a few months ago is to be believed we might be getting a vinyl pressing of Poison Smoak. As a shitty person with various mental illnesses who abuses various substances as a crutch and gets into a fight once in a blue moon, OHYO has always hit really close for me. I don't mean that as a slight against D or myself.
  11. Just ordered the 3 Full of Hell 12"s available from A389 yesterday. Pretty stoked for this. Not sure how many pressings and variants of the Merzbow split there are, but they've still got a bunch of variants in stock. Need to track down Sister Fawn though.
  12. Looks like D is recording the OHYO LP so I'm pretty hype on that. I've honestly always thought D's solo stuff was better than TWIABP. The first track on the "It's Not Punk..." tape is sooooo fucking good.
  13. That interview makes No Halo hit even harder, god damn. Even if I don't love this album it'll make a good companion piece to the newest Old Gray LP.