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  1. Help me take care of my asshole neighbors.

    Record video of them being shit heads and maybe then the cops can do something? Or slash their tires. Probably the first idea, but YOLO
  2. PO: Explosions In The Sky - The Wilderness

    Got my Texas copy yesterday. Didn't fully pay attention and thought it was just the $10 extra that was going towards charity. Saw the sticker on the front that it was 100% of the purchase price that they donated. That's pretty fucking cool of them.
  3. I replaced my side mirror, so I'm basically a mechanic now.
  4. Season 3 MIGHT be the best thing Lynch has ever done. It's definitely the best part of Twin Peaks. It almost makes up for the fact that FWWM bombed so we didn't get the other two movies Lynch had planned. Bowie's character would have played a huge part in them. I also always enjoyed FWWM
  5. Hurricane Irma vs. VC

    Ugh why is this so fucking hard for people to understand? I'm not in Florida, but this is a universal problem and it's infuriating.
  6. Seriously, one movie ticket here is like $15 for a 2D non-Imax screening. Their limits of "One movie a day. Each movie only once" were more than reasonable when it was $40. It was the best. Now that it's $10 though...I'm hella skeptical. It feels like it's gonna crash and burn. I know AMC sued them literally the same day they announced the $10 price point. There's not a single AMC within like 100 miles of me...but still...I know the service works but at that price now it seems too good to be true for too much longer.
  7. I got an invite years ago when it was invite only, but had to cancel after a month because a bunch of shit happened. Never had any problems with it and I loved it
  8. Finally watched the last 3 episodes and holy shit that was an ordeal. Not in a bad way but it was a lot to take in one sitting, I was pretty shook by the end. Even though there are so many unanswered (and new) questions, I still think it was pretty definitive (and bleak....and confusing) end.
  9. What's the 2nd item? If it's anything other than vinyl they can't ship it media mail. If it's charging you that for 2 records though, that's some bullshit. I mean either way that does seem too high.
  10. Favourite High-Quality Re-Releases?

    Billy Joel does NOT sound fantastic. You take that back.
  11. Hurricane Irma vs. VC

    Put it on a flash drive and throw it outside. If it leaks, it was destiny. (Also, stay safe dude <3)
  12. Hurricane Irma vs. VC

    Maybe if he just frisbees it into the wind it'll get to you? But yeah, be safe everyone. I'll be thinking about you guys, so that's...helpful?
  13. Favourite High-Quality Re-Releases?

    Not sure why but I'm going to actually make an on topic post. I don't typically buy reissues and stuff (usually overpriced and I couldn't give less of a fuck about garbage like DSOTM) but The Cramps reissues on Drastic Plastic (I think) sound amazing. It's actually weird hearing those songs not covered in layers of mud. Simulated stereo is when they take a mono recording and split the signal into 2 channels and do some bullshit to make it sound "stereo." It sounds like garbage but it was popular in the 60s
  14. PO: Mewithoutyou [A->B] Life Repress

    I had an OG copy and while I can't spin the OG to compare, I'd say the newest reissue definitely doesn't sound worse than I remember the old pressing sounding. Definitely stoked I didn't have to spend $100+ to replace my other copy.