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  1. They're probably the only band that I've enjoyed just as much if not more with every new vocalist. I loved Happiness when it came out and I thought there's no way they could pull off a third vocalist. Not huge on Instant Gratification but Acceptance Speech was solid and I'm pretty confident saying Mothership is my favorite DGD album (DBM being a close second). Saw them in Eindhoven with all 3 vocalists and it was a great show and experience.
  2. PO: Listener - Being Empty : Being Filled

    Apparently the red/blue split sold out in under 10 minutes
  3. No I haven't been able to find any pressing info beyond the 24 hour thing
  4. Sorry, just saw this. Not a bad offer but I think I'm gonna pass
  5. Hey all, so I ordered Flower Boy on impulse and ended up not caring a whole lot for it. It's the gold edition that was only up for 24 hours. I'm looking to trade it for one of the signed copies of Damn. I'd be open to other trades as well but Damn would be preferred. Thanks!
  6. I ordered mine from Bullmoose when they first dropped over the summer and mine was black but idk about now
  7. PO: Listener Discography Represses (GERMANY)

    Don't quote me on this, but I'm pretty sure the album is just gonna be a compilation of the 7 inches. I like the concept of a new 7 inch every month or so with new songs because it gives me something to look forward to every month, but when the album comes out it will be hard to get excited about something we've already heard. Would have been cool if they would have done four 7 inches with one new song and one demo of an old song, then for the actual album we could have the rest of the songs and still have new material.
  8. Buckethead Thread

    Hmmm I'll have to shoot them an email. I got CSS but never heard anything about Shadows.
  9. Buckethead Thread

    Has Shadows Between The Sky been shipped? I haven't even gotten a shipping notification for that yet...
  10. Sold

  11. Shipping is free if it's over $30, so I just bought like 10 poly sleeves for .25 cents a piece to take me over $30. Comes out the same except you'd get 10 "free" poly sleeves
  12. What's up guys, so I'm studying abroad in the Netherlands starting in August and I just lost my job last week. Not a good combination. So I'm trying to sell a couple things while I look for another job so I at least have some money coming in. I'm not too keen on selling my records, so there's only a couple for sale. The Devil Wears Prada - Zombie EP - Black/500 *SOLD* Tyler, The Creator - Wolf - Pink/1000 (All stickers/CD/Etc included) Between The Buried And Me - Colors - Pink/168 La Dispute - Rooms Of The House - Blue/1000 (First press) Chiodos - Devil - Red/1000 (First press) Jason Mraz - We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things. - Black (Second press) Just make me an offer!
  13. Some Cheap Vinyl at Amazon

    Shai Hulud - Reach Beyond The Sun is ~$7.50 on gohastings right now. I'd link but I'm on mobile.
  14. RE: musicinveins11 = rip off artist

    Glad I read this thread recently. Someone with the username "duvalcitylimits" just won my album and I recognized the address from reading this thread. I think the account that won actually outbid another one of his accounts. Dude is outbidding himself.
  15. Title says it all. I have 2 so I'm trying to sell one..hopefully here rather than ebay. I'm down to trade too so send me your list if you're interested. Thanks!